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  1. Hello Poo Britches!

  2. Good deal! Looking forward to it!

  3. You tail gating Sunday you sick bastage??

  4. Chicken Plucker!

  5. Are u 9 or 10?

  6. I used to know a guy named Lee!

  7. Last activity 5-20-09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it Landon!!!

  8. Howdy, just a heads up. This is not a place to sell your services.

  9. Back at ya! Hope you have a great one!

  10. They are a negative bunch with a season like we have had (hard to blame them). Hang out, it will improve. Welcome to the Huddle.

  11. If you are here to just be a pain in the ass, save me the trouble and don't log in anymore. Might not be worth the 10 seconds to ban you.

  12. No worries! There are generally good people on here. I'm just here to keep the place clean. Enjoy your visit and if you come down for the game hit the tail gate.

  13. You will stay on here as long as you keep smack in the smack forum.

  14. Tickets inbound! Should get them before Thursday!

  15. Thanks for the Tailgate food! Very good pizza and thanks for hanging out with everybody. You are a damned good fella!

  16. You don't owe me a thing. That is very cool the kid is getting into it. Let me know how they liked it.

  17. u get that PM I sent ya?

  18. Might be this upcoming weekend or the next.

  19. Where have you been hiding?

  20. Happy birthday!

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