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  1. We have paid players like Teddy , CMC , and Shaq . We live with those decisions and fired Hurney for that . We now have to be smart and draft our future players and pay a fair price for future contracts . Adding CMC back this year will give us more wins and possibly put us in the playoffs . Don't give up the farm on a QB from another team . Draft well and our problems will be solved . With a better O-line Teddy will look a lot better .
  2. Stick with the plan . Draft the next Mahomes or Brady . there is always a player that plays much better than his draft pick . You just have to be smart and very lucky . Never give up your future on another teams luck .
  3. Now trade Little to Hurney and the Washington football team .
  4. Keep Teddy next year and draft a QB . If the draft pick beats out Teddy , you have a fair backup QB in Teddy for 2021 and a cheap starting QB . Its a win win .
  5. Marty loved his vets and paid them way more than the market on new contracts when they were past there prime . He made mistakes when he let Bradberry leave . He hurt the fans when he let Steve Smith go . The Cam Newton for Teddy Bridgewater deal wasn't handled well . Teddy got way more than his worth . It was time for new management .
  6. The only QB under contract is Teddy . We will need 2 more or 3 if we trade Teddy . Mimshew could not be worse than Teddy and will be much better than our 2 backups we had this past season . He will be cheap and has more experience .
  7. Jordan Love or Mimshew might be worth a look . They won't command a huge price and they are still on rookie contracts . I went to a Panther game where Mimshew almost beat us and not because he was bad but the rest of the team failed . We could still draft a QB this year , but not be under the gun to reach for a QB .
  8. Teddy will be a good backup QB . We need to restructure his contract because our other 2 QBs are not under contract next year . We will either draft a QB or try and pick up a vet . Either way we will still need a backup QB so why not just keep Teddy . He seems to be a good locker room guy and could mentor a rookie .
  9. Both our backup QBs will be gone . Only Teddy is under contract . We can trade down and get Jones if the top 4 are gone . We could also get Newman later as a backup QB . This will give us extra picks . This could get interesting .
  10. Stick with the plan . We can get at QB at #8 or trade down and get Jones .
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