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  1. Why not alternate Corral and PJ like Baker and Darnald . It would at least give Corral reps . So far Rhule has given him no chance to improve . Must be he was a Fits pick and not Rhule . Seems like Darnald and PJ are his favs .
  2. It makes no sense to draft a QB with potential and not give him reps . We know PJ is not the future QB of this team . He is only here because of Rhule . His lack of reps showed on the field .
  3. Shi Smith looked very good . If he does not make a starting rotation he will make it just on the punt returns alone .
  4. rookie jitters and no 0-line
  5. The big mistake Tepper made was to rely on Hurney influencing his decision to hire Rhule and give him such a huge and long term contract
  6. The Black Cats need a #13 on the team . Good Mojo
  7. If we start out run heavy and lose our first few games Tepper will say I've had enough and fire Rhule. Our new coach will change to a pass first offense and we will start winning . We will have a new sheriff in town .
  8. Trade Sam for a 4th , we pay 10m of his contract, a coke and a happy meal . We net Baker for 15m and get our conditional 4th back . Win win
  9. Fits has done a masterful job . If he can make a trade thats is equal or better than the Baker deal it is a wash at the QB cost . If not we just sit Darnald at the backup spot and let him walk next year .
  10. Now let Fits made a deal to trade Sam . We can eat some of his contract like the Browns and get back a conditional pick. Roll with Baker , Matt, and PJ .
  11. We have a lot of WRs on the team that could pan out . If Marshall is ready , Robbie could be traded . He says no about Baker so make a deal . Darnald and Robbie for Baker and a future pick . What say you
  12. Question ? Is Cam a better option than Darnald . I think the answer is yes . Cam does not see ghosts . All we need is someone to manage the game . Cam can mentor Corral until he is ready to start . Cam can rally the team and with a better O-line we have a chance to win . I know Cam is not the same player he used to be , but he is a veteran and knows what it takes to compete . It would bring back the fans and give us a little more hope.
  13. Bring back Cam for a full training camp and let the chips fall where they may. At worst you have a great locker room QB and mentor for Corral
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