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  1. This was Micks final year as play by play announcer . Who do you want to take his place ?
  2. What about comp pics . Will we be getting a 3rd round pic this next draft ? Also we could sign and trade a player which we really don't won't to keep to a team willing to give us something of value to not let that player enter an open market
  3. why not bring in Culley and Pep together for and interview . One could be DC and one The OC . If Rhule is fired we will have our new coaches in place . Win Win
  4. Move Burns to OLB and put Matos at DE . Matos is bigger and fits the D-line better . Burns is quick and we could use the speed better at OLB . Keep Riddick if the contract looks ok .
  5. Watch Blackburn to be hired by Washington
  6. Cam will not return to this flustercuck
  7. See what offers are made before deciding to let CMC go . Play him in the slot most of the game and maybe at RB in red zone situations . Let Abdullah and our other RBs take the pounding .
  8. Cam will not get an offer anywhere else so he will either take a friendly deal or go back to the couch . Darnold is here because of his contract . A new coach will cut Walker . If we can do a good trade down in the first to around number 15 and get a 2nd or 3rd round pick we could get a QB and an O-line player . We then go O-line again in the 4th . Hopefully we get a good comp pick also .
  9. Take the top LT in the draft or trade down a little for extra pics . Only take a QB if you are certain he is the franchise QB . Trade a CB to a team of need for a pic or vet O-line player . Keep Cam if he gives a team friendly deal . Trade PJ Walker if possible and let Jackson walk . Move CMC to the slot . Move Chinn back to LB or CB . Keep Fits and find a new coach .
  10. catnip


    Allow Rhule to finish the season . If we lose all the games our draft pick moves up . It gives Fits time to do a thorough coach search . A win win
  11. Everyone on this team was calling for Joe Brady's head and now before Nixon's first game is poo pooing him . Rhule and Nixon have been together for years and trust each other . There was no trust with Brady . why don't we give him a chance and see if the team responds . A lot of the players have known Nixon since college days as well and know what to expect.
  12. While not ruling out a QB pick with our first pick , what if Cam plays well for the rest of our season . This could allow Fits to trade down in the first round to a lower first round pick . This would give us an extra pick in perhaps a lower 2nd or higher 3rd round pick . This would give us the choice of a quality player that drops in the first ( a QB or OL player ) and maybe another day one pick . He could also trade down in the first for a lower first round pick and maybe a player of need . 1. Lower first round , a lower 2nd or higher 3rd round pick 2. Lower first round pick , a player of need
  13. The writing was on the wall for Brady . When Rhule stated that we were going to be a run first team and Brady did not get the message , he was in trouble . During the press conference Rhule stated that he would evaluate the players and coaches . Brady was sent packing . We will see if this makes a difference or not . Fitts will be looking for a new OC and perhaps a new head coach if the team does not start to look improved .
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