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  1. What an absolute tool. These ppl are beyond reason. Their arrogance crosses into the plane of ignorance.
  2. https://m.facebook.com/MikeDobsDistrict3/ Her father's campaign page...
  3. Is anyone else afraid they're just gonna try to roll with B-Rob and make Aaron Harrison a PG? *proofreading this made my stomach hurt a little bit*
  4. After some time to reflect, this is why I like the pick: -He can score! What a novel idea for for a basketball team. He can shoot the 3 well and drive to the basket. He will be tough to guard on the perimeter. -He has ridiculous ball handling skills for a 7 footer. He uses a stutter step and spin move to beat his man. He has experience as a PG and can see the floor. -He has gotten better and added body mass every single year in college. There's no reason to think he can't continue towards 245-250 in the big boy gym. -4 yrs of college ball means he should be able to come in and play his fir
  5. Yes, please. Proudiddy had a couple of nice threads over on Hornets Planet and I wanted to request the same level of conversation over here on Teh Huddle, but didn't out of respect to HP. S/O to Omega A's blog entry. Very solid. Any way we could patch-in the HP crew????
  6. Mark was a seriously cool Dude. Couldn't meet a nicer guy. Always willing to have an impromptu Panthers convo anytime of the year. RIP.
  7. Haha. Thanks, Man! I think half the tickets in the raffle jar for this were either me or my GF. I was all in for this item.
  8. Scored this Cam cut out in a raffle this weekend. It's staying in my living room too. I refuse to grow up.
  9. Didn't read the thread. Is this where I sign the soccer petition with my blood? Also, American/German/Anunnaki whatever... Jermaine Jones is a badass.
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