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  1. IMO I'd love to see the panthers sign KJ Wright to a roster friendly deal! That would give the panthers a shot in the arm to have a much improved LB core.
  2. I'm ecstatic about the hire of Morgan, but also would have been happy with Ian Cunningham. Welcome back #55 Dan Morgan!
  3. IMO If judging by star scoring situation I'd give Dan Morgan a slight advantage because of familiarity with the team and GM. Morgan 4¹/² and Cunningham 4 ! So I'd be happy with either one as long as it stays at 2 candidates and not be between 13 candidates like it was with GM!
  4. I know this is more than 5, but I consider these players as the best to fill the team's needs! Sewell/Slater OT Pitts TE Surtain/Horn CB Fields QB (Future) Chase/D. Smith/Waddle WR
  5. IMO I really love TE and Pitts would be great. But the team has a bigger need at OT, but I like Rashawn Slater over Penei Sewell (but I'd be happy to have either)!
  6. I like the first 4 selection, but need to pick up more OL picks and at least a DT. But OT Rashawn Slater and TE Hunter Long are the biggest likes of this mock draft!
  7. IMO I think this trade for Darnold could be a pick-up for the panthers. Your not giving the whole world for a big qb in the draft that may turn up to be a burning trash can which a lot of rookie qb's have been. This allows the team BPA for the other needs of the team. If you draft a long-term LT for years to come, or a CB that can play alongside Donte Jackson that could become the panthers #1 CB! Allowing them to draft players that they can build the team around. People are judging Darnold for his progress with the NYJ, but he hasn't had a coach or play caller that has allowed him to pla
  8. I think the team could pick up Mond in 3rd round! Imo I'd take a LT or a CB in the first 2 round! If the team could pickup a QB without giving up so much capital I'd say draft a QB. But the team has other holes to fill!! 1st Round: CB Patrick Surtain II and 2nd round: Liam Eichenberg, OT or another OT(LT) or Oline!
  9. IMO I'm not sure the way you'd say the progression of the layout of who reports to who. I think it would probably look like this, but I may not be saying just right. Tepper <> Fitterer <> Rhule or Tepper > Fitterer > Rhule It is all discussed with Tepper since he's the owner of the team! Fitterer is using his connections, and Rhule makes the call (yes/no) From what I've seen in other places. Fitt is the GM, Rhule has final say when it comes to the roster, and then I believe it's a combination of (Fitterer/Suleiman) that irons out the contrats
  10. I'd love to see the panthers sign Jurrell Casey!
  11. Depends on the culminated years! 0 660K 1 780K 2 850K 3 920K 4-6 990K 7-10+ 1.075M
  12. IMO I don't like the looks of the new year so far. To free up cap space had to release a lot of veterans or voices in locker room. Still hoping we get in the game, and start signing players to make the team better. But we have more holes to fill than just our free agents that haven't be re-signed! At this time I'm afraid we won't be able to sign the players needed to better the team. IMO We need to fill the front office personnel positions that are open especially a Assistant General Manager. Because it looks like we need another set of eyes to help build the team. Bring in Dan Morgan or someo
  13. IMO I don't really understand the move to release DT Zach Kerr when DT is a team need! I hope Fit makes the moves to warrant this cut. Fit has made a couple moves that's a head scratcher, but have to try to trust it's all has a purpose to make the panthers better this year than last!
  14. IMO I don't really understand this move when DT is a team need! I hope Fit makes the moves to warrant this cut.
  15. This is for Mr. Scot, Josh Klein, or reliable source! Do y'all think the Panthers will fill the front office (Dir. of Football Operations; Dir. of Football Staff; and possibly a Asst. General Manager) openings before the draft or after the draft?
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