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  1. Every one talks about the Rams offering (2) 1st round picks, but Rams didn’t have 1st picks to offer! They won’t have a 1st round pick until 2024. So the first round picks the rams was offering would have been the 2024 1st round pick and 2025 1st round pick.
  2. I can see Carolina giving him a contract with AAV $24-26.5M. IMO probably 5yr/$127.5M with $102M guaranteed! Figured on comp for players in his position and performance.
  3. People keep bringing up the hq/practice facility in rock hill. Rock Hill Neged on their promises. But 2020 and Covid screwed everything up once they was able to go back to work the price of steel had increased 350% from contracted price. They had spent $170 million for the steel already in the project the cost of that same steel after 2020 would have cost $595M. The project was suppose to be a $1B project would have ended up to be between $1.75 to $3.5B!
  4. (1) Bryce Young, QB (Alabama) (39) Will McDonald IV, Edge (Iowa St.) (93) Darius Rush, CB (S. Carolina) (114) Jonathan Mingo, WR (OMiss) (132) Chandler Zavala, OG (NC St.) (145) Zack Kuntz, TE (Old Dominion) or Nick Hampton, Edge/LB (App St.)
  5. (1) Bryce Young, QB (Alabama) (39) Will McDonald IV, Edge (Iowa St.) (93) Darius Rush, CB (S. Carolina) (114) Jonathan Mingo, WR (OMiss) (132) Chandler Zavala, OG (NC St.) (145) Zack Kuntz, TE (Old Dominion) or Nick Hampton, Edge/LB (App St.) * All this is based off NFLDRAFTBUZZ, Players Tape, and other studies including NFL Draft sites used to research prospects* * Then a lot of the 30 personal visits would be good ***UDFA*** (65 active on roster, 6 draft picks, and then 19 FA/UDFA) to fill the 90 man roster
  6. I think we’ll sign bumper pool as a UDFA
  7. This is my favorite mock draft just my opinion! https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/lists/2023-nfl-draft-panthers-espn-seven-round-cj-stroud/
  8. You can’t compare him to Watt, and say he’s going to request that type of money. Burns sack average is 9.5! Watt sack average is 12.6, but he also had a season of 22.5 sacks! Crosby money the most likely contract that Burns will get!
  9. 4yr/100M is a reach because that’s $25M/yr. This is his second contract so it would look more like a 5yr/$110M with probably $60M guaranteed!
  10. Just a thrown out ideal for a extension: 4yr/$76.5M w/$45M guaranteed! Its a little under average contract today, but could be a reasonable contract for both parties!
  11. https://www.panthers.com/news/georgia-defenders-sound-off-on-nfl-draft-s-top-quarterbacks
  12. JMO My Big Board Panther Selections 1st round (1): CJ Stroud, QB 2nd (39): Adetomiwa Adebaware, Edge (dream he won't be available at this pick) 3rd (93): Jonathan Mingo, WR 4th (114): Drew Sanders, LB 4th (132): Roschon Johnson, RB 5th (147): Josh Whyle, TE
  13. PJ Walker is not under contract! Being a RFA doesn't mean they was re-signed. The only RFA that has re1signed is Sam Franklin, S today.
  14. 2016: The trade between Rams and Titans. Tennessee gave up trade value of 3104.2 and received trade value of 3365! From the research I’ve done in 2001: The trade between Chargers and Falcons. Chargers gave up trade value of 3000 and received trade value of 2376! (Chargers must have received something else to match what they gave up in trade value)
  15. If I understand the trade value table correctly from researching it (3) 1st round would be a trade value of 3100!
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