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  1. She’s hot, don’t get me wrong. A number one pick could have his pick of the litter though. Mainly, I think Lawrence looks like the main character in Avatar so he may have careered
  2. I honestly thought he sold himself short. But maybe he out kicked his coverage since he looks like an avatar.
  3. Poor kid just got Munson’d. He’ll be sniffing glue in Houston in no time
  4. Greeny had Moehrig as the best defensive player in the draft
  5. Gonna scoop him on Monday. Just when we hit our REM sleep
  6. I’ve heard that he could be the sleeper QB in this draft....similar to Russell Wilson in his draft. Pat Kirwin was saying that this dude’s got “it” when you see him throw in person. Can anyone add any thoughts on him- good or bad? Always intriguing to get a diamond in the rough at QB.
  7. Yeah. Not arguing that. But there’s irrational/unreasonable options and there are reasonable opinions. Lots of cry baby, irrational opinions on here.
  8. I’d be good with Mills. Kid can sling it. Then watch the board say they’re “done with the panthers”. Man you know your dumb ass is gonna watch next year....
  9. It’s pretty funny watching half of this group jump of a bridge about decisions made by the new regime and they haven’t the slightest clue what they are talking about. Bunch of miserable fugs on here that think they are GM of the year. More like BM of the year
  10. This perfect post is two things: 1. A tribute to beerfacedlegend hammered trying to post coherent things 2. Direct imagery of some blacked out guy shooting beer in his face.....hence beerfacedlegend
  11. What kind of meth are you smoking up there in south Archdale? Some of that Heisenberg? Sad that such a great account name produces such trash takes on here.
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