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  1. This perfect post is two things: 1. A tribute to beerfacedlegend hammered trying to post coherent things 2. Direct imagery of some blacked out guy shooting beer in his face.....hence beerfacedlegend
  2. What kind of meth are you smoking up there in south Archdale? Some of that Heisenberg? Sad that such a great account name produces such trash takes on here.
  3. That sucks. Let’s hope for Peters https://nfltraderumors.co/colts-asst-gm-ed-dodds-withdraws-from-panthers-gm-search/
  4. And most of the beast linebackers have retired early in the last 15 years- Kuechly, Willis, Bowman. The elite guys can only take so much when your getting your head pounded in 130 times a season. It’s likely not worth the long term investment. Maybe in a rookie deal but a trend is developing after that.
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