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  1. very slim chances we get wilson but that would be ideal
  2. i dont remember ever seeing us with this so much money in free agency , its going to be the christmas we all been waiting for , we now shop at sephora no more dollar store
  3. then again we never make risks like this and we have 0 superbowls why not just take it and see if we can pull it off we have nothing to lose if we dont get watson this is a 7-9 team at best
  4. lets put it this way the panthers never did anything like this and we have 0 superbowls , what do we have to lose ? get watson , go all in on free agency bring in will fuller
  5. whatever it takes idc MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!! oportunities dont come around this often , make it happen idc what we give up get watson that solves our biggest hole , free agency and drafts can solve the rest , make it happen! this will be the quickest way back to a superbowl
  6. i dont want to give up mccaffrey taht would be dumb if youre bringing in a qb keep the weapons , id do 3 picks thats it max if not we could wait for a qb , no gaurentee watson becomes a star here its a steep investment which if it goes south could cripple this franchise thats why alot of gms wont do that
  7. hate darnold but deff better than bridgewater and its a low risk for a potential high reward , im not giving more than a 4th for the guy though
  8. its a possibillity lawrence , fields wilson and lance are al;l gone by the time we pick , i say do whatever to get watson
  9. did we trade for him or no i dont see where it says that in the article
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