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  1. Wasn't Mayfield's Browns favorite to win their division? Or had enough talents to do so? How is this apples to apples?
  2. Darnold is David Carr incarnate....maybe you could argue in hindsight that he always had journeyman type skills to begin with... ut what he is now, whatever skills he had have broke! Panther oline is historically bad. Coaching is not far behind.
  3. I was Sam's biggest supporter, but I have to admit he is not salvagable, not as a Panther. With that said, if our goal is to tank, might as well play Sam and hopefully play well in a losing effort. For future trade value or even able to trade period, playing Sam and making him look better is worth attempting, no?
  4. I said he might be qb1, haha...and the board took my post down. I still believe just start Sam until the drafting a new QB and the line.
  5. Teddy + this coaching staff x oline = poop.
  6. One thing I am convinced of is that this coaching staff will make Tom Brady look like poo if they are given a chance...
  7. Some coaches with right players make college game work in the NFL...Rhule-Brady can't...with Sam or Cam ...certainly not with PJ.
  8. This offense ... as a boy band would be the antithesis of Ensync. They are at best the backstreetboys or spice girls....everyone sucks! EveryOne!
  9. Round and round of... Penalty Bad line play Bad call Bad qb play Repeat.
  10. I am sorry Sam is constantly throwing from a phone booth with 5 clowns in it....
  11. That was thw best play on the first down...gaining more than 5 yards ...geesh
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