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  1. Wilson, his first game and he's seeing ghost...lol! That was ugly.
  2. Salah is known for his defense and Jets supposely has better than average defense, which Jets fans believed to be top 10 and top 5 dline...and our line held it fairly well and Sam played great, not perfect but great!
  3. 4100yrds 33tds passing 4td rushing = 37td 62% comp 14ints
  4. I think, it's not about a clean pocket as much as not having to hold the ball as long. Imho, it's about Panthers wrs that can get open in a hurry which mean he can make decision knowing he can trust them to get open, unlike the division II level talents wearing Jets uniforms last year who couldn't get open or catch when they were.
  5. If there is an elephant in the room, slap some back numbers and line em up on the field, He could be a beast! Lol.
  6. We are talking about the same play...he takes a sack, we are out of the fg range. Throwing away is the righr play...hope olthe line can give more than a split second next time...
  7. On the other side of the coin, incomplete pass gives us a field goal try, that is the difference between a win or a loss in the NFL. He had to throw that away...not a sack.
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