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  1. Dalton is better than Young for sure right now. Seattle's defense ranked 31st because they played top 10 offenses in the first 2weeks imho. No matter how talented Young might be, he is not ready.
  2. They all had some good and more bad plays....but AR looked the best for sure against an upper tier team. Young played the worst team and played the worst.
  3. An "A" you say? Serious? You must be on some good sh*t!
  4. 2800 yrds in 14 games 21 td - 9 int 64.5% passing (his senior yr number) He will miss games for little injuries Low td numbers are expected I also belief he is good in terms of ints so 9 is vwry very good number for a rookie. His td number will be conservative...more running tds and grpund game will be more featured, especially in thw first half the season.
  5. Yes, I not comparing to any guy off the street. My comment was as a NFL QB and thw verdict is...he is not special in any way. I knew of him as an athlete from Southern Cal high school football. Nothing in his game is special at NFL level, nothing. ZERO. Hence the comment, what talent?
  6. Whoever we pick...it seems more likely Young than Stroud now...they want to win now mode...
  7. I hoping Texas is in love with either QB, Young or Stroud...and we are trying to get their 2 1sts this year and next year's 1st and the QB of pur choice...let's get it done!!!
  8. Wait and see...this draft is probably the most important one since Cam. I am leading towards CJ but Hooker in the later or 2nd is intriguing.
  9. Problem here is that we don't have NFL"bodies". We have stone hands and blind and clueless rout runners
  10. I was against AR but...I have to admit, that was very impressive. Basically, he has the size and the arm of JAllen and speed of LJackson. We should gamble and move up and Get'em!
  11. If that's the verdict, they would let him walk. Easier thing is to let him walk. But if they sign him, I wpuld have to come to a conclusion that McCown is sticking his neck out for him.
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