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  1. How the hell is Stanford your rival? Shouldn't UCLA be your rival?
  2. So if Sam takes us to and wins a playoff game you wouldn't let him be a backup?
  3. Let me tell you a little something about Sammy Franchise. Not since Eric The Red have we seen a Fire Bearded Conquering Warrior like this!! Sammy Franchise is back and there's going to be a reckoning!!!
  4. If you want to get really picky disrespect should have had an ed on the end for past tense. But that's if you really want to get picky. Auto correct makes mistakes.
  5. MVP doesn't mean elite QB. It doesn't even mean best QB that year. It means the player most valuable to his team that year. His ONE YEAR. Every other year has been pretty average. It's just a fact.
  6. I was willing to take Howell after Corral last year.
  7. Assuming everyone is healthy QBs I take over Lamar if I have a one year rental. So just ability Not in order Mahomes Brady Rogers Allen Burrow Stafford Herbert Carr Hurts probably So when you are the 10th to 15th best QB in the NFL you aren't elite. Elite are the 5 best QBs in the NFL. He has never been top 5.
  8. Lmao he's not elite. He's had one good year and that was still under 4500 yds from Scrimmage. He only has 10 game winning drives and one playoff win. Brady does 4000 all the time and his worst years are 3700.
  9. He's not worth the money. The guy has eclipsed 3k yds one time. Only won a single playoff game.
  10. Time to get on board folks. Next stop Superbowl!!!! We start with punk ass Dallas in the first.
  11. If we beat the Seahawks and Sam does well again I'm thinking about doing a Ked Woodleyesque Sam Darnold Rap Video.
  12. Technically Mountain Lions aren't in the Family of Panthers. Black Panthers are. Black Panthers are what sit outside the stadium. We should be black at home in cool months white at home in hot months period!
  13. Red and Black has been the hurricane flag forever. So red and black makes perfect sense
  14. Yeah but didn't he not really play QB in HS? I can't remember. But that's lots of reps to make up. Maybe just maybe he has caught up?
  15. Well I'm not ready to go back to my depression yet. I get two full weeks to fantasize.
  16. Come on board the Sam train!!! You know you wanna.
  17. And like I said. He picked it up and scored. Unlike others who ran away from their fumble.
  18. Who has said he's the future beyond this year? We are saying he's the only hope this year. The tank is screwed might as well win the whole damn thing!!!
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