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  1. Can fast and the furious die please?
  2. Running the ball and controlling clock will always be smart
  3. Typical of the types of people in power these days. Hypocrites.
  4. I don't think anyone can be our franchise QB until they become our franchise QB. Even with picks unless it's Payton Manning Or Marino coming out (someone that's absolutely can't miss prospect) If Sam can keep this progression up yes he could be the guy. It's worth an 8mil gamble. If he doesn't pay off you didn't lose anything. Vs say Signing Lamar who really hasn't done much losing multiple draft picks and having tons of Cap tied up in one guy is a huge huge gamble. Risk vs reward.
  5. They're not allowed to talk to players before OTAs. If a player was working out in the weight room he wouldn't even be allowed to ask the strength coach questions. It's stupid. Players can't seek out the coaches voluntarily to improve themselves and coaches can't seek out the players.
  6. He sucks no thanks. And by that I mean he's not good enough for the price we'd pay.
  7. First of all he is a better passer than AR15 that's a fact. Second it does take all 11 people doing their job on offense. If he was signed for 8mil like I want and if he improves as much next year as he did this year he'd be great. I've said it a thousand times. Draft someone in the next 2 years. Sign Sam for pennies Have MC9 Let the cream rise to the top. That's a far cry from ZOMG Sign Sam to a 8yr deal 40 mil per.
  8. Nobody on this board has Sam cemented as the future of our franchise.
  9. He is our most talented. Not necessarily our best. Unfulfilled potential is the worst. I don't hate the man. He seems like a good guy.
  10. I thought I read no workouts or flim stuff until April 1 but maybe that's only under contract? I think it's stupid that a guy on his own can't go to a coach and ask for help.
  11. I don't think they are allowed to do QA or any testing due to CBA
  12. If you give away 5 picks the cupboard will be bare so what good will he do us?
  13. Boom baby!! Let's go Capers is in the house!
  14. It's too early to sleep on the young lion!!!!
  15. No we aren't in position to move up.
  16. I can't believe you guys wouldn't resign him for pennies
  17. Cam in my opinion should have been the Greatest QB to ever live with his tools. BTW I consider Bo Jackson the best back I've seen even tho he got hurt so I don't always put longevity into my rankings. Come on be honest Cam was a general vicinity passer and you know it most of the time his placement was just a little off. His big miss was always sky high. He was a great player and even better human though. Lol if you think I think Sam Darnold compares to Cam Newton. But at a minimum he could become DA and on the high side Stevie B?
  18. No I don't think so. I don't think he can make the layered throws especially the deep out Tampa 2 buster. I think Fields throws a good deep ball and has a rocket launcher. He can make some frozen rope dimes. But you can't live on frozen ropes in the NFL they get picked. You have to be able to arc the ball and drop it in.
  19. I'm going to try and explain it to you. Other backups are typically backups because of physical limitations. High floor ultra low ceiling. Sam has the physical tools. He's worth 8mil easily. But like Scarecrow he needs a brain. Frank could be the Wizard he needs
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