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  1. How about top secret military projects? A brand new world changing invention or proprietary intellectual property? All sorts of reasons to have NDAs and if she didn't like the NDA don't take the 1.6 million.
  2. That Minnesota throw was clutch and elite. Imagine if we could just get that most of the time.....
  3. A. He's not my boy. B. The Answer is either on the roster or next April.
  4. They would have to be idiots to sign Baker.
  5. You might not believe in Sam Darnold but he believes in you!!!
  6. You may not believe in Sam. You might not like him but right now he's the starting QB. So you better get down on your knees and respect him.
  7. Well this would suck. As a Panthers fan as long as he's there it's one less team between us and a championship.
  8. I'm going to be in Mooresville Tuesday night. Can anyone recommend a good bank spot around there?
  9. It's our lines job to get him to the second level untouched. They are to blame period. Cmac against nothing but LBs and DBs is another story.
  10. None of these injuries would have kept him out long if we were in contention these last two years. They rightfully shut him down to save milage.
  11. The inevitable? Really?
  12. Lol Cam can't throw the ball anymore. The only QB that can compete right now is Sam. And if the season started today Sam is the best we have. Now maybe by September Matt can win the job but until then it's Sam's team.
  13. Sam Darnold could have 3900 yds 37 pass tds and only 6 interceptions this year.
  14. He needs to clearly win the job. I hope they both play lights out as long as the best player that week starts.
  15. Not really. We had to jump rope during our offseason work in college. It's good for footwork why do you think boxers do it?
  16. @Zod should have used his connections to sneak in and give us updates
  17. Anyone know what day is open to media? Any leaks so far?
  18. He could become a very good cheap backup. He could be an extra good practice squad QB. Worst case scenario He completely bombs and costs us nothing. No real cap. No picks. It was a No Brainer to sign him but this team is run by Mongoloids.
  19. Well I wanted them to sign Strong as an UDFA and have a legit 3 way competition but they weren't smart enough for that. Have a legit competition and let the best guy play. It's pretty simple.
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