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  1. I already made a thread about this OP. We need to do both. Trade back and trade Burns at a minimum. That should give us plenty of picks. Maybe throw in Bouye.
  2. It does not change the fact that Panthers social media and the people who run it are unimportant and not worth a thread.
  3. I don't really consider a fan forum social media. Especially since I was under the impression Igo was a professional journalist. Secondarily I really don't care if people leave their jobs with the Panthers if they have nothing to do with the football going on the field. Coaches players nutrition people S&C people scouts contract people those matter. Social media people can easily be replaced and it matters none if it's good or bad when it comes to a Superbowl.
  4. When you are an NFL Franchise you don't need to build a brand. You just need to build a winner. Everything else takes care of itself.
  5. You are aware that team driven social media is worthless propaganda right? Besides there is no need for a Panthers social media department outside of just a regular website.
  6. This is stupid keeping the starters in.
  7. Sam feels for you Matt. Nothing worse than delivering a strike than having your target flat out drop it.
  8. Well I hate Kingsbury and everything he stands for so there's my reason.
  9. You're one of my favorite posters on all my forums.
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