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  1. This, plus blaming everyone else for HIS failures. Seriously, did he really say he didn't want to be standing by a player on the sideline who could make plays? Who is in charge, Elmer Fudd???
  2. John Miller has adequate size, that must be why he was constantly trotted out there. He literally has nothing else and it showed in his putrid performance week after week. I agree with everyone else that I have even less confidence in Rhule after hear this.
  3. GREAT trade for Henderson, Fitterer. He is such a hard player.
  4. Sam better be gone next year, good Lord, he is bad!
  5. Thanks Rhule for forcing those other OL on us all year. He should be fired just for that.
  6. Oh man, does this mean Nixon is here to stay as OC?
  7. I've said this before and will say it many more times, how is John Miller on this roster, much less starting? He should never be on the field again for anyone.
  8. Seems there might be a common thread here... OL, anyone?
  9. Yes sir! At this rate, no other team would hire Rhule either. He refuses to admit that Miller is awful.
  10. John Miller. Best OL in NFL history. I he is on the team next year, Rhule is finished in the NFL
  11. The process is sucking in the second half is all I can see. Literally nothing is improving.
  12. At this point, do you expect any different?
  13. I guess old Bober just wants to let the Saints face mask all day. That is 3 I count.
  14. Oh look, Marshall can play. Too bad he is not a Temple or Baylor alum, if he was, he'd have played all year.
  15. How stupid is this team? Let's give them a shorter FG why don't we.
  16. HA, love the replay saying the OL for a great job and they show John Miller barely touch the defender. WHY IS HE ON THIS TEAM???
  17. Darnold, how about this- THROW THE BALL AWAY and save your team some yards. Dumbass.
  18. John Miller would like a word with you, he is the worst G on this team. Seriously, what is wrong with Rhule to constantly trot these two out there?
  19. No, he went to the wrong school. He is not a Temple or Baylor player, plain and simple.
  20. What choices do we have? Who do you think chose these bums on the OL? This staff cannot be this stupid, they signed and are playing a bunch of D- level OL and have no excuse that some are hurt. They all looked like complete crap from day 1! Add to that the stupid ass BC arm length comments after they all said he was graded as a 2nd round tackle (passing on other tackles) and you have this mess we are in. Seems the dumbasses at the top can't evaluate talent and double down on it with poor player development.
  21. IF that is the case, then that is a reason for dismissal. You can't keep playing trash players because they kiss your ass at the detriment of the team. It's like the Temple-Baylor thing, you CANNOT select your whole team based on this crap and pass on more talented players or coaches who would make the team better! I am really starting to hate this guy!
  22. How can Rhule not see that Miller is complete trash and try ANYTHING else? I know you cannot find OL under a couch cushion, but Miller is putrid! Rhule trotting him out there week after week makes me lose all confidence in him leading this team.
  23. Yes, at the VERY LEAST, we need a new OL coach, but most of the players on the line need to be gone too. They are quite possibly the worst collection of Olineman on one team ever!
  24. Guys, Matt Rhule has completely destroyed this team. Good thing we have a bunch of Baylor and Temple players that we can trade for other assets.
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