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  1. Smartest post of the thread. Absolute joke they are letting him wear 90.
  2. Greg Olsen is delusional if he thought 88 should be retired. The real issue and the real person who should be complaining, but he won’t, because he was never a me first guy, is Julius Peppers. number 90 should be retired. Scrubs like daquan Jones should not be wearing it. 1-59-89-90 should join 51 and be taken out of circulation. 3 of those players will be enshrined in Canton and the other in my opinion should be as well but it is no guarantee, and even if he isn’t he is the only player in franchise history to win a MVP.
  3. Hilarious how joe went from being one of the worst beat writers in the country to now people care about what he says because he works for the athletic. It’s the same ole terrible joe.
  4. Teddy is a clown. He cannot get out of Charlotte enough. If you put everything together (contract, expectations, replacing cam, etc.) he’s the worst QB in franchise history. I enjoyed the 1-15 season more than watching noodle arm throw the ball 3 yards on 4th and 12. Guy absolutely sucks.
  5. H i mean this is factually wrong since he put up similar numbers without Robby Anderson abs will Grier and Kyle Allen throwing him the ball. But hey we will just agree to disagree. I can only hope the panthers front office agrees with me and not you.
  6. Saying moore had his best season because of Robby Anderson is actually hilarious.
  7. Got it. So Anderson’s numbers are legit and Moore’s is just garbage time. There isn’t a single offensive player on this team that Teddy played to their strengths. Moore absolutely has the capability to be A number 1 in this league. Again he’s the only WR to have over 1,200 the last 2 years in the entire league. Is DJ moore the only player in the league getting garbage time? Let’s bot pretend this past year was moores coming out party. He has 800 his rookie year and 1200 his second year. He didn’t have an increase in numbers because Robby Anderson joined the team. He’s the 3rd most valuable core piece on this team behind burns and chinn.
  8. There is a reason there was no market for Robby Anderson last year. Dj moore only player in last 2 years to go over 1,200 total yards. The guy is explosive and threat to score from anywhere on the field. Anderson faded down the stretch. moore had 9 games of 90 or more yards compared to Anderson’s 5. There were multiple times throughout the season where teddy missed a wide open moore for huge plays. Moore had 3 games under 50 yards and got hurt in one of those games. Anderson had 6 of those games. Dj moore is a number 1 in this league. Robby Anderson is not.
  9. Robby Anderson is not nearly as good as DJ Moore.
  10. DJ moore is hands down the most underrated player on this board. Kenny golladay is not close to the WR dj moore is. Any option that does not include moore on the Carolina panthers is the wrong option.
  11. Brown being very overrated here. Dj moore is 10 times more valuable than brown. I’ll drive brown to Houston from NJ if it means picking between brown and moore.
  12. This roster is hot garbage and Watson would hide the 27 other holes. Would bot be a smart move.
  13. Yeah dude that’s exactly what I’m doing. Woke up this morning and decided I’m gonna jump on a message board and come across as pragmatic to a bunch of people I couldn’t pick out of a lineup and vice versa. I literally woke up with those exact aspirations, but will now stop because you told me to.
  14. You are correct, but still need to put the pieces around them. This mvp caliber QB missed the playoffs this past year. Rodgers and Beees are top 12 at worst QBs of all time and have only won 1 super bowl. Don’t get me wrong, I would take “only” 1 super bowl, but my point is I think people are underestimating how truly god awful this roster is. Like bottom 5 in the league awful.
  15. Team has zero depth. Has holes at LT, G, third WR, TE, DT, LB, CB, and S. Plus will create another hole from one of the 3 players I named. Watson missed the playoffs this past year with a better roster we would put together around him. amazes me how Tepper preached patience after cutting cam, but now we have a pretty awful roster and wants to move heaven and earth to get this guy. Wont complain about getting a top 5 QB in the game, but just don’t think it’s the right move for this team right now.
  16. Get ready to be mediocre if they get Watson. This roster is nothing short of awful. Trading 3 years worth of picks and having someone counting at $40m a year on the cap won’t make it easy to build up the roster. He’s a great QB, but there are way too many holes on this roster. Plus if you need to give up one of moore, brown, and chinn, you are only making it that much harder.
  17. Who is that account? Are they reputable.
  18. Would love for them to re-sign Samuel and bring in Hunter Henry. Shaq Griffin another player I hope they talk to. Believe Ogunjobi will be the next signing.
  19. Lol he sucks. Gonna give Fit more than an hour but not a great start.
  20. Not sure why that post was funny. Cam newton is the greatest panther of all time. No one comes close him in what they meant to a franchise.
  21. Greg proving he’s smarter than a lot of people on these boards. Glad he said this.
  22. Not shocking to see there are still a whole of lot of morons who can’t seem to show respect and appreciate the single most important player in franchise history. Even the biggest cam hater can’t deny that. there have been better players in those 26 season, but there has not been one more important.
  23. There is less than a 0% chance that is teddy. I cannot believe people actually think it is.
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