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  1. I don't expect to win many, if any, games with Rhule as coach no matter who the QB is. I just don't want them to mortgage the future of the team just to have "not Sam Darnold" on the team. I also want Rhule to be fired...so.
  2. So, in essence, there aren't any good options. I think we knew that already.
  3. There is some room in between meddling and invisible. He doesn't have to micro-manage every aspect of the team but, he could show his face once in a while.
  4. Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?
  5. I'm not saying QB isn't important. What I am saying is we haven't made a significant investment in the OL in years. Your very important QB needs to have time to throw. If you think Pickett is a franchise QB worthy of putting off improving the OL for another year, you're delusional.
  6. Fix the OL. I know it's not a sexy as picking a QB but it's like buying new rims when your tires are bald in this situation.
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Brady AND Rodgers going home was the cherry on top.
  8. Yes. Call me when the American Cancer Society wins a Super Bowl.
  9. The concept that football is a team sport continues to be lost on many people. Watson isn't a magical being that makes problems disappear. Where are the Texans SB rings? His record is 28-26.
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