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  1. That good ol team spirit. Wanting to have your own QB fail. I'd really like to see them all move over to the Falcons or the Saints. At least hoping the Panthers will suck will make sense on the other side of the fence.
  2. I swear, some of ya'll need to go root for a team that every pass thrown is perfectly on the money. I don't know who that will be but having aneurysms over a batted ball is just a bit over the top.
  3. Yeah. I wanted to see how practice went. Instead, dad jokes. Sigh....
  4. He wears big gloves?
  5. It's refreshing to know that the Panthers have finally figured out they need to have such a thing as an offensive line.
  6. No. It's just tired. We know he is short. No need to keep going on about it. He's a Panther now. Just give it a rest.
  7. Sounds like they shouldn't even play then. Don't want anybody to die of embarrassment.
  8. The short jokes will never get old. Like fine milk.
  9. Fun? This is deadly serious business. Whoever thought a game was supposed to be fun? /s
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