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  1. Rivera was mediocre. Rhule will need to bust his ass to achieve mediocrity.
  2. I'm afraid they're going to try to trade up to insure they get Pickett. I might blow a gasket if that happens.
  3. Will they give us a case of Bud and 2 packs of Marlboros for him now?
  4. As a coach, absolutely. He might be ok otherwise, but I'm not trying to have him over for beers and BBQ.
  5. Too early to tell. He's on a trainwreck team, obviously. He can always fall back on doing shampoo commercials if it doesn't pan out.
  6. Ekwanu with the 6th. Aqeel Glass later if they can manage to get him at a reasonable pick. Not sold on any of these QB's to be honest. Especially not in the first round.
  7. One thing I have learned these past few years is to never say "no way is ______that stupid."
  8. I'm sure he'll make something up. Ludicrous as it might be.
  9. It also makes sense to me that in this draft class you run the chance of any one of them being boom or bust. If he busts and is a mid draft pick, you still have options to try again next year when the overall class is better.
  10. He does remind me of Cam. I think it would be worth some manipulation of picks to get him at the right spot. It's a low risk situation. He's not untalented. The upside outweighs the downside. Just my opinion. The pragmatist in me coming out.
  11. We dodged a bullet after having jumped in front of the gun. Glad he's somewhere else.
  12. Still like this guy. He might work out, might end up being a solid back up at least. At any rate he would leave our 6 pick open for other options.
  13. I hated the idea of signing him before it was cool. 230 million...gtf outta here.
  14. Somebody has Rhule locked in the basement. Too many good signings.
  15. It's not like football is a team sport or anything.
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