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  1. Momentum, confidence, and poor coaching. Against Dallas the team thought they were the better team although the garbage time "comeback" was just fantasy. Thinking they were the better team they played hard. Then the wheels falling off comes down to just plain character of the players and poor overall coaching. Management has a role to play in both the above. GM and ownership.
  2. Y'all don't need to worry. Carolina wins! I've seen both teams up close and Carolina is a better team (if they don't screw the pooch). And besides, they're not the Cowboys so the refs won't be one sided. You know like when the Cowboys opponents didn't get an offensive holding call against them for 18 games in 2017 and 2018. Or when Dez's catch wasn't a catch and the NFL came back later and said "oops, it was a catch, so sorry". And on and on and on.
  3. Thought y'all might need a good laugh Howie Roseman (Eagles GM) blames Andy Reid for the Jalen Hurts pick !
  4. Wasn't a real dirty hit. It was after the whistle and was more of just a push and then *snap* ! Injury is at about 2:30 so ya'll can skip all the propaganda: video
  5. What happened? Gotta know your NFL. Devastating knee injury in the Fiesta Bowl vs OSU. ACL and LCL tears with nerve damage. Cowboy's team physician did the repair. Cowboys took him in the 2nd round (woulda been a top 10). Didn't play at all in the 2016 season worked into the 2017 season with a foot brace (had foot drop from the nerve) all the while waiting on nerve regrowth (1"/yr). 2018 looked good with LVE (rookie). 2019 OK, good numbers. 2020 looked pretty bad but so did LVE who was a 2018 defensive rookie of the year finalist and all-pro. All the Cowboy defense was bad in 2020 (see:Mike Nolan), historically bad. Jaylon continued to regress in 2021. Probably the knee and most specifically the nerve along with traumatic arthritis are the culprits. Smith has lost burst acceleration and lateral movement. Straight away speed is still good. Can't cover the pass and slow to catch up with the RB. LB's need to be making the plays at the LOS not 10 yards down field. Dallas get's starting LB/Safety Keanu Neal back this week and have a deep stable of LB's. Smith is expendable along with his tackles 10 yards past the LOS. Dallas is responsible for his 2021 $7.7M salary. There you go, all yall need to know.
  6. It is. Kinda like taking the drunk prom queen home after the dance. Philbin is a helluva OL coach!
  7. Connor McGovern didn't start and only played 10 snaps yesterday. Connor Williams started and played most of the game. Left Guard. Beside Tyron Smith. There is also a Connor McGovern that plays guard for the Jets.
  8. For very sure I came on here and talked football several days ago. Had a couple of cool replies but by far 90% of the fans on this site were not interested in talking football but much more interested in being insulting and aggressive. In fact most on here only understand the very basics of the game. I thought Philthy fans were rude pooholes but y'all take the trophy. Hey Glen, if you need something to warm you up just remember the 2015 game. Lord knows I heard about a game 6 years ago dozens and dozens of times like it was going to be an exact replay. (Thanks for the "poo" word, it's so precious) "Refs screwed us" "Cowboys holding" "Our o line sucks" "We have too many of our guys out" are just some of the EXCUSES I saw dozens of times. Takes a weak fan to blame the refs as consistently as I saw. I was accused of making "excuses" before the game when I said we had an almost all rookie DL were missing 7 starters too. Well, I heard all the excuses in the world from y'all . FTR I thought the forward progress / no fumble was a bad call. I think the way the Dallas OLine controlled the LOS and the Cowboy RB's ran on the Carolina run defense (ravaged them like a drunken prom queen) even a turnover Car. would have not won. But, would have, could have. If the Carolina run defense coulda done their job bad calls wouldn't have made a difference. Own it!
  9. Obviously to a football mind like your's this will be obvious but you ran into an elite offense, well coached, and with a very good if not elite QB. Even a good D will get mashed up. Doesn't mean your D won't perform at a high level and with most offenses and be sufficient. I know I'm just telling you stuff you already know because of your football savvy! One year can make a defense. Dallas was the worst in the League last year and made great strides. Our DL had 3 rookies on it and Gregory who spent most of the last 4 years at home with his bong. Any unit can be rebuilt in one year. Olines need a very good coach though. Oline play requires as much effort as talent. Keep your head up. Y'all will have a good year.
  10. Guess we'll see won't we? Their defense is mediocre but their offense stomped quite a mudhole in your defense. What was the final rushing total? 250 yards I think when Car. had been giving up 43/game. That's FAR from mediocre.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised. They are vulnerable. We shoulda beat them in game one. I've seen them up close, this year. No guarantees you win but you can. Yeah, I'll crawfish some. This was a good team we played today. I'm not going to belabor the point though.
  12. I can almost guarantee you guys beat Philthy. Probably N.O. again. Split with Tampon Bay. Good chance with Minniesota. I think Carolina is a 10 win team unless the wheels just flat come off. Dallas is good, very good. No shame in the results for you guys.
  13. Carolina is a 10-7 or 11-6 and should win their division from what I saw in watching film and this game today. Dallas was of known offensive quality and despite Fat Mac the rest of the staff is very good. Nothing to be ashamed of being scored on by this D. I will say this though that without the 2 ints. the outcome of this game in much question.
  14. Cowboy fan here. He played a great game. His running was HUGE! Surprised he didn't keep it up until Dallas' defense showed they could stop it. His arm talent is extraordinary!
  15. Every team loses games every year. TB lost 5 last year and a couple badly
  16. Dallas has 2 All-Pros (LT, RG) and 3 scrubs on the OL. They are playing well but are not elite
  17. Not quite right. I count 15 still out although 2 will be PS players.   Not everyone is listed on the Friday injury reports if on IR And this is not mentioning La'el Collins, pro bowl offensive RT and all-star dumbass I think missing talent tilts toward Dallas especially with Gallup, Lawrence, and Collins out but they've been out since week 1.
  18. Either way it doesn't matter. Carolina will be tough to run on I believe.
  19. I've heard that the Rooney story is a fake story. And if you think it's true then can you explain why NFL Films waited 4 years to use the name "America's Team". Your timeline is 1974 and it wasn't used until 1978. That's a long time to wait to use a marketing ploy. Here's the official story from Bob Ryan the VP of editing for NFL Films and has edited every film for them since 1964. He claims the idea was his from what he witnessed. His story: " Bob Ryan, now Vice President and editor-in-chief of NFL Films, coined this for the Cowboys while preparing and editing the team's 1978 season highlight film.[6] He was quoted as saying: Ryan told the NFL Network for their Top Ten Nicknames show: Bleacher Report , Another link with the same story , Steeler link with the same story, the comments section actually has someone admitting the Rooney story was a troll Believe what you will as in the long run it doesn't matter
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