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  1. This bad boy arrived today as part of a trade, it's my first 1/1 and first printing plate Jason, stay tuned tomorrow as that card I was talking about should be showing up Chris Gamble 1/1 Cyan Printing Plate
  2. If you thought the other one I had would go well with this, you should see the one I picked up in a trade today, oh boy I can't wait for it to show up and post on here Not to mention what I picked up in my ebay shopping spree last night, going to have a fun week next week posting cards as they show up
  3. Ugh, I'm so jealous of you, that card is straight NASTY Saw a Stewart I REALLY want on ebay, not as nice as that one, but still pretty nice. Just a bit out of my price range at the moment, sucks
  4. Grading is really for 2 things, one if you have a card that will grade out well and you're planning on selling it, or two, if you like the way the card looks in the slab if you're keeping it for your PC. Me personally, I don't like the look of them in the slab, prefer just a normal sized case or a magnetic one touch
  5. holy crap that's an awesome card, might be my favorite Stewart I've ever seen.
  6. Have got a lot of nice cards recently, really adding to my Panthers PC Here are a few of my favorite recent pickups, but check everything else I've got here, lots of new cards in there http://s1158.photobu...20PC/?start=all Stewart /25
  7. Just picked up my new favorite card last night on ebay, couldn't even wait for it to show up next week to post about it. Biakabutuka / Hoover / Moose Triple Jersey I actually picked up 2, one with all three mesh jerseys, one with 2 solid, one mesh. There are more of them on ebay too if anyone wants to pick one up, great card. Can check out my current Panthers PC here, also have a Crown Royale Stew /50 die cut jersey, Biakabutuka auto, and another Gettis auto on the way. http://s1158.photobucket.com/albums/p615/ZonaCats8/Panthers%20PC/
  8. I know, that's why I'm selling it, if it was just a Cam, no chance that would be happening. Also makes it easier when I already have a Cam auto on something easier to display than a card. Someone I work with who was at the Super Bowl for work, we're one of GM's marketing agencies and Cam is sponsored by GMC, got it for me and had it on my desk the Tuesday after the Super Bowl. That was a great morning Framed it, got a nameplate, and put a rookie card in there, prolly going to throw another one in there at some point too to balance it out BTW, that's Cortland Finnegan he just made his b!tch
  9. Here is what I have right now, with a Newton Certified Potential and Smitty 3 color patch 25/25 I'm hoping will be here by the end of the week since I had them shipped to my work. Pulled these two myself Bought these and then the big one I pulled myself, that I am willing to move, so let me know if you're interested /25
  10. I'm gonna have to post all my panthers cards on here one of these days, just got back into collecting a few months ago, but have some good ones.
  11. Tried responding to your PM but it said you can't recieve PM's, send me another with a different way to get a hold of you.
  12. Pulled this last night, and as much as I don't want to sell it, I've spent too much on boxes the last few weeks and will sell for the right price, so shoot me a PM with an offer if you're interested. It's /25 I also have the second card below that I was thinking about packaging with the autos, so send me any offers for either or both if you're interested.
  13. Does anyone have any Biakabutuka autographs? I've always wanted to have one
  14. A signed Biakabutuka card? Because if so, let's talk, I'd be very interested in buying it off you if you were open to selling it.
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