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  1. We can only hope The more he wants out of Carolina, the more reasonable he’ll be on his contract demands, and thus the more a team will be willing to give up for him in a tag and trade
  2. Is it bad that I honestly don't remember? 2019 feels like it would be the obvious one, but I think the real answer is 2016, and everything since then has just felt snake bitten and with a grain of salt.
  3. This It's why we won't have a shot with someone like a Mike Evans, a contending team will offer him close to whatever we could offer him, he's not taking a couple extra million to suck with us vs contending for another ring. We can go after guys coming off rookie contracts who want to cash in, or vets around 30 who think they can sign a 1 year deal with a team like us so they can start, and hope to showcase themselves into signing a deal with a contender in 2025. Top 2 WRs on the market should be Higgins and Ridley, who will both be tagged, with Higgins being traded while the Jags will be trying to sign Ridley long term. Next best would probably be Pittman, who will be in the same category as Ridley, tagged to keep, not trade. In my opinion, our top option should be looking at trying to trade for Aiyuk as the Niners won't be able to sign him long term and likely will have to trade him this offseason while they still can.
  4. BPA that is a DL, G, or CB While I'd love a WR, we need to fix that problem through a trade or free agency, can't "waste" another 2nd rounder on someone who isn't going to be able to be an immediate impact player from day 1. Also need a pass catching TE, but not sure I want to use the first pick of the 2nd round there, more likely with our 3rd. Wouldn't hate a LB either, but just doubt the value will be there compared to those other positions where there should be better options than a LB.
  5. I still think Bienemy is the most likely solution since he’s a good offensive mind and he knows nobody else wants to hire him so this might be his only shot at a HC job. He’ll be the most accomplished person Tepper interviews and it will be hard for him to go another direction when nobody decent has interest. It will backfire and before the end of the 2024 season there will already be reports about the entire locker room hating him. he’ll then get fired a month into 2025 and the locker room will celebrate just like the Raiders did when they got rid of McDaniels
  6. Nah, not starting him over Mac There isn't a single week 1 starter in the league that Bryce would start over based on the way he's played so far this year, he's been the worst QB in the league in a season that has had Zach Wilson get benched for some players I can't even name.
  7. I said it's not THE problem, not that it wasn't A problem. The height doesn't help, but if he at least had some physical traits that were even above average, it wouldn't be as big of a problem. Kyler's height isn't a factor because he has a rocket for an arm and is extremely fast/quick, Bryce just doesn't have that to him.
  8. Tuned them out a while ago. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Panthers and always will, but they're just not worth me caring about them right now. Not when my two other teams I follow the most right now are about to be ranked #1 in the nation tomorrow (Arizona Basketball) and sitting in 2nd place in their league (Wrexham AFC). And thank god for those two teams or my sporting fandom would be hell right now, but they give me something to be happy about through hopefully April of next year if things go well.
  9. His height isn't the problem, it's his lack of any even average physical traits for an NFL QB, every physical trait of his is below average to bad. It's clear the game moves too fast for him compared to college, and I don't mean mentally, I mean physically. He doesn't have the arm to get the ball to the spot before the defender, he doesn't have the quickness needed to evade the rush at this level, and he sure as hell doesn't have the strength to break away from defenders when they get a hand on him. Yes, he can be a serviceable starting QB in this league with the right team around him, but that's his max potential. That's the type of guy who bounces around from team to team as an occasional starter or high end backup, not someone you trade away your future to take at #1 overall. It was a mistake, the sooner people realize it, the easier it will be for them to cope with it. Trying to compare it to past bad rookie seasons for great players who had numerous WOW moments in each game, when Bryce hasn't had 1 all season, is just poorly flawed.
  10. More like a franchise killer, especially for anyone who trades a haul to move up to take him, oh wait.......
  11. No you don't, it will just be wasting our time when we could spend it on someone more realistic. Evans is either staying in TB or going somewhere to try and chase another ring, he's not just going to sign with the highest bidder.
  12. You mean the combine Bryce did everything at his pro day, but since he didn't throw back to back with the other QB's at the combine, his lack of an even average arm was kept hidden enough to fool people into thinking he could make it in this league.
  13. WOW Instead of taking the easy pass for the first down, he directs Thielen down the field and then throws up a dead duck. But sure, tell me about how he has an adequate arm
  14. There would be ZERO interest in us for Evans. The guy is a first ballot HOFer who is looking at his last chance at a payday, if he leaves TB, he's getting paid no matter where he goes. At his age, if he leaves the franchise he's played his whole career with, it's to chase another ring, not get paid to lose.
  15. Exactly There is no reason that ball shouldn't have been out further for him to run under it in stride, not like it was THAT deep of a pass, but ole mr noodle arm can only do so much. Even if "good plays" aren't that good. Yes, a lot needs to be fixed around him and he can improve as well, but he's not a franchise QB and he's never going to be.
  16. What world are you living in that you honestly can say it wasn't talked about?!?!?!?! Seriously, talk about living in a made up reality
  17. It was widely talked about but brushed aside because it was "adequate enough to work with his super brain" Not a single scout or analyst ever said he had an even above average arm, I'd doubt many even said "average" as I bet "adequate" was the best adjective ever used to describe his arm, which is just the polite way of saying "not good" when talking about someone many think should be the #1 overall pick.
  18. And that's my point, you can fix a lot of things, you can't fix a noodle arm on someone who is 5'10" and 200 lbs if soaking wet with cans of soup in his pockets. And saying "bottom half" is very generous, even if you want to find others with weak arms to debate who has the weakest, there aren't even 5 starting QB's you could find to put into that discussion with a straight face.
  19. Even with perfect textbook footwork, he doesn't have the arm strength needed to make the throws at this level, that's the problem. Arm strength can overcome poor footwork, great footwork can't overcome an inadequate arm strength. Yes it can help, and yes he has footwork issues, but those are fixable issues, you can't make this kid grow a howitzer out of his right shoulder. Sure he can add muscle, but his frame will only allow so much of it, he will never even have an average NFL arm strength, not in today's NFL. I'll admit there are a lot of fixable things with Bryce and ways he can improve (I don't necessarily think he will, but it's possible). But his arm strength just isn't one of them, it will always be one of the worst in the leagues, it's not really debatable to anyone who has watched him play with an objective eye.
  20. They're still backup QBs, it's like saying any of our guards right now are "starting NFL guards" No, they're not, they're backups who are needing to start because the starers are injured. I also don't think he has a better arm than Jones, sure, maybe there is a debate about Ridder, but if that's the hill you're going to die on, that he MAYBE has the 30th or 31st strongest arm in the league, then I think you're missing the plot. You don't trade everything we did and draft a QB at #1 who MIGHT have a stronger arm than a couple of QB's in the league, it's a joke. There's nothing wrong with flat out saying, "we screwed up the pick, I hope he proves that wrong and finds a way to turn his career around, but he's just not the guy"
  21. Arm strength is maybe his biggest overall problem because it's the root cause of a lot of his issues. When you don't have the arm you need to make the throws you make, it changes everything else. It changes the plays you can call, it changes the throws he can even attempt to make and thus causes him to make poor decisions because he flat out doesn't have the ability to make a throw if he doesn't have a perfect base underneath him. Because of that he always feels the need to pull the ball down and move in the pocket, which he also isn't fast or strong enough to do and it leads to sacks and throwaways. Where in the same situation, 90% of the other QB's in this league can still attempt the throw because they have the arm strength to throw off base. No, maybe they don't complete the passes every time (although they do at times), but they at least can attempt them, he flat out can't and it has a cascading affect on the rest of his play/decisions.
  22. I watch more NFL than 99% of this board What starting QB in this league has a worse arm than Bryce? And again, as I said in my other post, I'm not talking about someone who is a backup who is getting a start because of injury (so whoever is starting for the Bengals doesn't count), but "normal" starting QBs. Closest I could think of is Pickett, but even his arm is stronger (again, not strong, but stronger than Bryce's).
  23. I don't nitpick, I call it like I see it. I spent all of 2015 saying Rivera was an awful coach who was going to cost us big time at some point. That he wasn't a good game day coach, that he can't adjust in game, that we kept winning in spite of him, not because of him, that our future HOF players were carrying the load. Then he went out there and crapped the bed in the SB, in a game we were the better team and should have won. Look, I want Bryce to prove me wrong, I don't want this franchise to keep moving backwards, but he was an awful pick and I'm going to call out high school level throws in the NFL, completed or not. He literally has one of the worst arms of any regularly starting QB I can ever remember (i.e. not career backups who get a start). We traded our future away for that, it makes no sense and I'll call it out every time I see crap throws like that.
  24. Doesn't change that he has the worst arm of any starting QB in the league by a wide margin
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