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  1. Nobody is trading up to 33 to take a QB, if they are going to do that for a WB who falls, they’ll give up a little more to get one of the late first round picks so they get the 5th year option
  2. No chance Falcons should have an elite offense with Kirk, Bijan, London, Pitts TB wasn't a legit contender last year, but they weren't bad, and bring back a solid offense as well. Saints aren't great, but they're still much better than we are. This roster is terrible and we'll have the worst Week 1 starting QB in the league, betting on us to win the division is an awful bet at any odds, because it just flat out isn't happening.
  3. I mean, yea, it might have been "free money" but you still threw it away, could have put it on something that has even a realistic shot at winning, which this doesn't. I'm not even sure I'd bet on us to NOT finish in last place, let alone win the division.
  4. Has nothing to do with the pick, but the mental stability player they got in return. There's a reason the Bills made this move, teams in a legit SB window don't just trade away their best non QB for the heck of it. He's the biggest diva WR in the league right now, not sure that's the best thing for the development of a young QB, especially when they already had a few really good WRs on the team as is. I fully get that they're going for it while on Stroud's rookie deal, which is why I can't blame them for making the move, but I think it's very much a 50/50 coin flip as to if this one backfires on them.
  5. I'm not really sure this was a great move by the Texans With Dell, Collins, and Shultz, they weren't exactly lacking weapons for Stroud in the passing game. Now you go out and give up a 2nd rounder to get the guy who is probably the biggest diva in the league right now, the guy who throws fits when you don't get him the ball enough to his liking. There is a 50/50 shot this backfires on them and ends up stunting Stroud's growth when he feels the need to keep forcing it to Diggs to keep him from going nuts. Which in turn could then stunt Dell's growth as well.
  6. Dead serious, had zero idea there was a college basketball forum/thread on here. I don't venture outside the Panthers forum on this site as that's what I have bookmarked and go directly into when I come here.
  7. Meh It's the offseason anyways, and to be honest, I have the Panthers section as my bookmark and I've literally never ventured into any of the other forums on here. Also, you posted this like an hour after a mod already moved it out of the Panthers forum and into whatever one it's now in? Little odd lol
  8. No, I don't think Deion is going to "force" Shadeur into any decisions in the same way that Lamar did. But I do think that growing up as Deion's son has given him a sense of entitlement that none of the Ball brothers ever had. Just his rolex flex celebration alone is so cringy and gives me bad vibes about him being a head case at the next level. It's very much like the Money celebration that Manziel started to do, gives me the same vibes. Yes, he's better than Johnny Foosball, but I still think he'll end up causing far more problems for a franchise than he'll solve, and end up hurting whoever drafts him in the long run. It's also WAY easier for an NBA team to ignore Lamar's bullshit than it ever would be for an NFL franchise to ignore Deion. One is a HOFer in the sport with a serious megaphone and reach, the other couldn't even hack it at a low level of college hoops and is just an obnoxious loud mouth.
  9. Sure, fair points and it's why you always see conference upsets that technically shouldn't have happened, because of how well they know each other. But still, all things considered, even with Clemson's knowledge of UNC, I can't see how any fans would rather play a more inconsistent team that has a significantly lower ceiling than the more consistent team whose ceiling is literally the best team in the nation. Boswell is the real key to our team, if he plays well, we are on equal footing with the UConn, Houston, and Purdue's of the world. If we didn't over celebrate winning the Pac 12 on our LA road trip after beating UCLA and clearly had a post-celebration hangover for the USC game, we'd have been the 1 seed in the West.
  10. Oh, I never meant to say that they weren't well adjusted or that they were head cases, and I didn't mean that he ruined their lives either. But it's unquestionable that he hurt all 3 of their basketball careers with the decisions he forced on each of them around the ages of 17-19. Yes, he's also likely the reason they were in a position for that to happen anyways, but he still made some massive mistakes regarding each of the 3 that set their careers back. LaMelo seems like he'll still have a solid career, but I think he'd have been even better if he didn't have his development stunted at such a key time. Let him finish high school like a normal elite prospect and send him to a top college for a season, he'd have been an even better player. But I do think he royally screwed over LiAngelo, he could have had a very nice 4 year college career, but he got all butt hurt over UCLA suspending him, despite the fact that he did something that 100% deserved it.
  11. I know we could lose to Clemson, of course, but I also did hear that the UNC boards last night were talking about how they were more afraid of a Clemson matchup than one with Arizona. Which, c'mon now, is just asinine, we've been a Top 10 team all year and have a loaded roster. I'm not looking past Clemson, but UNC fans really shouldn't be hoping for an Arizona matchup over a Clemson one unless they just want to play against Love for the joy of either beating him or being able to root for him in the FF if we were to beat you guys.
  12. I'd love it if we end up playing, for Hubert to get into his own head about Love and get too concerned over how to defend him. We have a deep team of talented players, put too much effort into shutting Love down and not enough focus on the rest of our team and we'll make you pay. Sure, Love is our best player, he was the conference player of the year, but ignore Ballo, Larsson, Boswell, and Bradley at your own peril, as if we didn't have Love, one of them (likely Ballo) would have ended up scoring more this year and won the award themselves.
  13. And this is why I started this thread today instead of waiting to see if we both make it to the E8 I think this one is all in good fun, because as far as I'm aware, there isn't any bad blood between UNC fans and Caleb, especially after all the great memories he gave you guys, particularly against Duke. I'm also pretty sure you guys loved (no pun intended?) him going back into "Caleb Indoor Stadium" early this year and beat them again in HIS house, lol Sure, maybe I'd prefer to play Alabama if we beat Clemson, especially as we already beat them by double digits in a neutral site game this year. But a big part of me would rather play UNC, even though they're the 1 seed, because that game could be a lot of fun (plus it could bring out the dangerous version of Love, which if it happens, I honestly and objectively think we win that game).
  14. Nah, I'm not looking past Clemson and I'm not putting UNC into the Elite 8 over Alabama yet either. Just thought it would be fun to start this thread early in the week to have a good time with it. I have to imagine I'm the only Wildcat on these boards and there are a lot of Tar Heels. The funny thing is that I have a Clemson connection too. I was very close to going to school there and thought I was for about a year, but ended up not of course.
  15. Was talking about this with someone on our Arizona boards who lives in NC, a UNC friend of his said the same thing to him. The funny thing is that I agree, even though Caleb has completely changed his game this year. I know he had the tendency to try to play hero ball in UNC and would become a black hole at times and shoot them out of games, but he really has not done that at all this year. Sure, there's been a few times he's taken bad shots that he shouldn't have, but he hasn't done it for full games and cost us losses. He's done an amazing job at playing within himself and the offense, and it lead to him being a 2nd team All American and Pac 12 Player of the Year. Don't get me wrong, he's had some bad games and bad shooting games (especially of late, the last 5 games his 3 point shot has been woefully off for some reason), but he's never had any games with more than 1 or 2 shots that he shouldn't have even considered to where he was the reason we lost. Having said that... I agree, if Arizona-UNC end up playing Saturday, he's either going off for a monster game or I think he'll struggle to not try and be THAT guy to beat his old team and end up shooting us into a loss for the first time this year.
  16. Sure, they're grown adults now, but they were still "kids" when he was making their decisions for them, it's only so easy for a 19 year old to tell his dad no, even if he's the #2 pick in the NBA draft (in regards to him making Lonzo wear BBB shoes). He pulled an 18 year old LiAngelo out of UCLA after they rightfully suspended him for stealing from a store while in China on a pre-season team trip. And then he pulled a 17 year old Lamelo out of high school and had him play in some weird league for a year and then sent him to Australia for another year. None of the instances are fair to say they were grown men who should have been able to make their own decisions. Yes, they could have, but 99% of kids that age still mostly do what their parents advise them to do.
  17. Have mentioned it before here, but I'm an Arizona alum. Gotta imagine there are quite a bit of UNC fans around these parts. You're really going to miss Caleb Love when he dominates you guys on our way to the Final Four! Bear Down Arizona!
  18. Alex, I'll take, "What are things we heard for 2 years about Burns for $1,000 please"
  19. Lonzo has lost what, 2 full years now and who knows if he'll ever get back to even being a starter. He was a stud in college (I'm an Arizona alum, I know how good he was at UCLA) and was the #2 in the draft. Lamar didn't have time to screw up his career pre-NBA, but forcing him to wear BBB shoes cost him what could have been a much better career than just a journeyman. And yes, while LiAngelo had the lowest NBA ceiling, the kid was a bucket getter and he would have been one of those type of 4 year college kids that goes down as a campus legend because he would be averaging 20 points a game his Junior and Senior seasons. Lamar took that from him (sure, the kid made a mistake early in his UCLA career by shoplifting while on a team trip to China, like an idiot, but he'd have recovered and had a nice college career if not for Lamar making his decisions for him). Sure, I'll give Lamar credit for everything he did for those boys growing up to put them into this position and set them up financially. But that doesn't change the fact that once they were legit prospects, he torpedoed their careers at every chance he got.
  20. The middle one could have been a pretty good college player, which may have lead to an NBA career with proper growth, but he took that from him. And who knows how much better Lamelo could have been, and earlier, if he even was able to finish up his high school career normally. And he likely ruined Lonzo’s career by forcing him to wear knock off walmart quality shoes instead of making a few million bucks to wear professionally engineered shoes to withstand the rigors of NBA play. Lamar’s decisions 100% affected his kids careers for the worse.
  21. He’s not even THAT good, I’m not even convinced he’ll be a great NFL QB He just lead his team to what, a 4 win season? Avoid him like the plague, I’d rather get the #1 pick and stick with Bryce for another season than draft this kid who will destroy and NFL franchise from the inside out.
  22. hmmm, that's interesting, wouldn't have guessed that. The one thing I'd point out is that it does say "during" the football season, which makes sense given how often they have to be there. But it is only 4 months out of the year, maybe they live in NYC the rest of the year, dunno
  23. My "what do you do if you win the lottery" is a super easy one. I move to Tucson into a house on a golf course, and the day I get into town, I walk into the Arizona athletic department and ask how much money I have to donate to get courtside seats for life and I cut them a check.
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