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  1. Do NOT bail out the Browns for screwing this up so badly, the entire league knows they have absolutely ZERO leverage as they owe Baker every penny of that contract even if they cut him, and everyone knows they can't have him at day 1 of training camp given everything that has happened. Plus, there are only a couple potential teams out there that would want him, and even less that will trade for him (such as the Lions, I think if Baker is cut, they'd go after him, but they aren't trading any asset for him as they'd be fine rolling with Goff in what is going to be a lost year anyways). We're basically competing with ourselves for him, no reason to pay a cent of his salary in a trade. To me, there are only 3 acceptable options for Baker to be a Panther this year...... 1. Browns cut him and we sign him for the vet minimum and not a dollar more (he'll get $20 million from the Browns, if he demands more than the vet minimum, no team should be willing to pay it). 2. We send them a 5th round or worse pick (seriously, I wouldn't do it for a 4th rounder) and they pay all but the vet minimum of his contract and not a dollar less. 3. We swap Baker for Darnold straight up (this is also assuming that since they basically have the same contract for next year, there isn't any kind of dead money hits associated with it, but I'm not fully sure how all that works, if we'd have to take a cap hit along with paying Baker's salary, then it's a no go for me) Anything other than one of the 3 scenarios above, and I couldn't say no fast enough. This team isn't competing for a championship this year regardless of who is at QB, and Baker isn't anything of a sure thing for a franchise QB moving forward. We've screwed up the QB position for 2 years now, I'm fine giving Baker a shot to see what he may be outside of the Browns, but not if we're paying above the vet minimum to do so. At that point I'd just rather roll Corral out there and see what he might be, and if we don't like what we see, break the bank next year to trade up in the draft to get a QB we like. Oh, and if we can dump Robby in any trade for Baker, then I'm all in on that too, so sick of that guy and his act, we pay way too much money to have him out there as our #2 but playing like a #4 and dropping passes left and right. I'd prolly increase it to give up a 4th rounder in a trade for Baker if it meant them taking on Robby too.
  2. Vick wasn't terrible after he came back, and you've got to think Watson was able to train better in his 2 years away from the game than Vick could while in jail. Plus Watson was younger and better than Vick was when he missed time, so it seems like a decent comparison.
  3. I'm so sick of this guy and just want him gone, his on field play isn't worth the stupid comments that can do nothing but help team chemistry.
  4. I don't need a long time NFL player to tell me that, common sense can tell me that alone. I could see someone using upwards of 4 or 5 in a given year, a couple who are hired by the team and are in-house and a couple personal ones as well, likely one personal one during the season while living in the city they play in and another one where they make their offseason home. Then possibly a 5th who they use as a backup if their main person isn't available for whatever reason. Anything beyond that and it just wouldn't seem right, these guys are professional athletes who take top notch care of their bodies, they don't just try out a new person each week to see what they're like, this isn't a haircut.
  5. I think the "modest $10k" is actually a telling sign as to what this gofundme is actually about. To me, that says they're not asking for money to help raise the kids, but that they just don't have the immediate cash on hand to pay for the funeral/burial costs. In times like this, I don't care if they're related to an NFL player or Bill Gates (well okay, maybe someone with Bill Gates money wouldn't need it, but you get the point), asking for a little help so they can focus on being with their family at this time as opposed to needing to figure out how to pay for the funeral, i.e. selling stuff to raise the money or cutting other costs, is perfectly acceptable. To be honest, the thing I'm more surprised about, is that it's still sitting at such a low number and still below their goal. I know it's "just his cousin" but I'd like to think one of his new teammates (or boss) who is sitting on boatloads of liquid cash would have jumped in there and gotten them to the goal quickly.
  6. The problem is that ours are both, among the best in the league, but also need to be updated. I love them, but we basically have had the same uniforms for the entire 25+ year existence of our franchise. If we had won a bunch of SB's, then sure, keep them and we can have a longstanding iconic look that never changes. But we haven't, nothing wrong with a shakeup, just don't do anything stupid and too far out there like some of these teams do and then end up looking like an Arena or XFL team.
  7. You do realize Collinsworth played in the NFL for almost a decade and Billick is a SB winning HC who played in college? Not really sure the point you were trying to make with them
  8. I think you're confusing play by play guys and color commentators. There are very few color commentators in any sport that didn't play or coach the sport, most professionally, but almost all of them collegiately for sure.
  9. I loved this pick due to his versatility and think he's all but a lock to make the team if he can really be a backup at all 5 of the OL spots, that's a huge asset to have.
  10. Would never happen as Jerry would never allow it, and he has a significant say in league matters, more than almost any other owner.
  11. Isn't 10 available? Don't know why, but with his frame, 10 seems like it would look good on him to me
  12. I'd rather Have Watson and a Vet LT from a football standpoint I'd rather have anyone other than Watson from a distraction standpoint I'd rather have Ickey and our future picks than Watson and no firsts for years (don't even need Corall to factor into that decision) from a front office standpoint I was always fine with bringing Watson on board if we could get him for cheap because of lack of interest from other teams, but 3 firsts, a third, and two fourths.... HARD PASS on that cost, let alone the fully guaranteed $200+ million when he's about to get suspended for half this season as is and hasn't played in 2 years
  13. After everything that has happened, there is no way they can keep him on the team and keep him separate from the actual team during the season, particularly when/if Watson gets suspended for at least 6 games to start the year. Totally different scenario than to Watson last year, they HAD to have him on their active roster and had no interest in actually playing him given the situation. Baker is a good dude who did nothing wrong, the team just screwed up the situation. They can't keep him around, pay him $20 million, and just keep him away from the rest of the team, it would be a BAD look for the franchise in the eyes of other players around the league, not going to help attract people to want to play for you in the future when that's how you deal with a situation that the team caused. I'd say literally 0% chance he is on their roster come Week 1, they're paying his salary regardless if he plays or not, they won't keep that distraction around come the actual season, if they can't trade him by then, he'll get cut after the last preseason game.
  14. The Rams had to give up multiple first round picks to get the Lions to take on Goff's salary, given the current situation, do the Browns seriously believe anyone is going to take Baker on and pay anything above the minimum salary of that contract? I love how poorly they handled this, very Browns like, in the end I think they have to cut him and get nothing for him after all this.
  15. Love the guy, and yes sometimes the media bends things out of proportion, but he has also done and said a whole bunch of stupid stuff that helps bring it on himself at the same time. The irony of him saying sometimes women don't know when to be quiet and keep their mouth shut? There is no twisting needed from the media on things like that, just stupid to say.
  16. See, this is the problem, because yes, Darnold is absolutely physically talented, extremely so, actually. So in camp with a better line in front of him and knowing the defense can't hit him, he's going to look like a stud out there, but come regular season games, he doesn't process things fast enough, he just doesn't have the mental side of it and makes mistakes. That's why I don't want him around at all, because even if Corral plays, he's going to have the pressure on him after every little mistake because he'll have a physically talented Darnold behind him and making good plays in practice. I think having Darnold over Corral's shoulder, will be a hinderance to him, and that's why I'd rather just cut him and bring in a cheap vet to help mentor Corral this year.
  17. Already like the guy just based off that video, was a good sport and laughed at himself, seems like he'll be a good guy to have in the locker room.
  18. I think they're going to end up having to release him in the end, there just isn't a market for him given his contract and the Browns reluctance to pay the majority of it. We were one of the last options out there for him to have a starting opportunity, now it basically just leaves Seattle, and I'm not convinced they want to win this year after passing on those QB's in the draft, think they might be tanking for a top draft pick this year. After Seattle, maybe Detroit would want him to compete with Goff, but besides that, he's going to have to be a backup somewhere this year or just wait out for a team to have any QB injury issues.
  19. Please find a way to get Foles on this team! I would be ordering a custom authentic Foles jersey within minutes of that being announced (Arizona alum here), so go ahead and make that deal Tepper, you got my $300 right here towards paying off that contract.
  20. He didn't necessarily do anything wrong, and I don't mean off the field in the sense of away from the facility, more about football related things but off the actual playing field. I get it, you had to let Cam be Cam, if you forced him to be something he wasn't, it would have hurt him, but he could have been a little more focused at times, a little less "loose" in the locker room, and probably a little bit better of a film study/self improvement, particularly with his on-field decision making, but that comes in pre-game prep.
  21. Foles would be an outstanding mentor for Corral and an upgrade over Darnold (Full disclosure, I'm an Arizona alum and would be buying a Foles jersey immediately if he ever signed with us, even if he was just the backup haha)
  22. It's not about if he has a bad year or not, Lawrence just had a bad rookie year himself, but it's about showing enough positives that make you believe if he's worth trying to have as the starter or if you need to draft someone new. He's also not Malik Willis, he's a 4 year player and 3 year starter in the SEC. Yes he needs to learn to play a more NFL style offense, but he should be able to step in and play right away, even if he struggles like most rookies do. I'm not expecting him to come in and be ROY and be a Pro Bowler to be okay with not drafting someone new, but just show me enough good things and improvement throughout the year that it looks worth trying to use our picks to build around him for a year or two and see if it works out.
  23. Entirely different conversation and one we can agree on there. But it doesn't mean I don't want to at least make smart personnel decisions until then, or at least as smart as possible with Rhule still having a significant say in the matter. And to me, there should be 1 clear goal of this upcoming season, and that's to see what we have in Corral, I don't think anything else really matters since I don't see us as a contender this year. Until you figure out your QB spot, you have no shot in this league these days. If we go into next year's draft in position to draft a top QB and don't know what we have in Corral yet, it means we've wasted this year's 4th and next year's 3rd or we're wasting next year's first rounder by not taking a QB when we should have. Neither of those options are appealing to me. But if we play Corral and he doesn't pan out, I don't feel like it's wasted draft picks, at least we took the chance and saw what he was (or wasn't), but if he just doesn't get enough of an opportunity to find out, then it's wasted picks, and we don't have a complete enough roster to be wasting multiple draft picks each year trying to find a QB.
  24. Until we get someone we're comfortable saying "this can be our QB for the next decade" then I'm concerned about where we're drafting every year. You can't win in today's NFL without a good QB, could Corral be that guy? Sure, but until we see it on the field we won't know, and if we have a Top 10 pick before we know, then I want that used on an elite QB if there is one available. Really as simple as that for me, so throw out Corral, we'll either know he can be our guy or we'll be in a position to draft the QB of the future because we'll suck, I see zero upside in playing Darnold, we know he sucks.
  25. Hell... perfect example is Davis Mills last year. He started 11 games and played in 13 for them last year, he didn't do anything crazy and they were still bad enough to have the 3rd overall pick in the draft. But he showed them enough that they felt comfortable using their draft picks to build around him as opposed to needing to replace him. If Tyrod was their starter all year and they ended up with the same record, do you really think they're passing on QB as many times as they did because they had an unknown 3rd rounder in Davis Mills on their squad? ZERO CHANCE They're taking Pickett or Willis and Mills becomes a waste of a 3rd round pick for them. And that is in a weak QB class, whereas next year is supposed to have a really strong top end QB class. We need to know what Corral is before the 2023 draft, and we're not going to learn that seeing him in practice or the final few weeks of the season.
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