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  1. I truly believe a lot of folks have PSTD from past teams, and just won't allow themselves to actually believe. Fear of the past can is strong around here.
  2. That's the spirit. Is there any way you can drive the bandwagon? We need someone with your positivity to lead the way.
  3. You can lead a fan to facts. (Preseason was used for evalualtion.) But you can't make em believe it.
  4. It takes less energy to be happy. So you are actually helping save the planet by saving energy. lol
  5. We have some folks that are just not happy right now. And for some reason they want you to be unhappy as well. I guess sharing is caring. lol
  6. I'm not sure there is much the Panthers can do to bring back some of those gloom and doomers. Misery loves company and all that.
  7. My heart says Brian plays today. We win. And Burns shuts his naysayers up. (Wishful thinking I know.) Triple Crown.
  8. I think it is a sitcom situation. Burns is top 10 at this. Yeah, but Tampa. Burns is top 10 in that. Yeah, but Tampa. It's almost a punch line anymore.
  9. Man, I hope this works out okay. I'm a big fan of the kid.
  10. My heart says yes. But my brain says no. I hope my heart wins, we win, and Burns plays well. Fingers Crossed.
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