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  1. I truly believe a lot of folks have PSTD from past teams, and just won't allow themselves to actually believe. Fear of the past can is strong around here.
  2. That's the spirit. Is there any way you can drive the bandwagon? We need someone with your positivity to lead the way.
  3. You can lead a fan to facts. (Preseason was used for evalualtion.) But you can't make em believe it.
  4. It takes less energy to be happy. So you are actually helping save the planet by saving energy. lol
  5. We have some folks that are just not happy right now. And for some reason they want you to be unhappy as well. I guess sharing is caring. lol
  6. I'm not sure there is much the Panthers can do to bring back some of those gloom and doomers. Misery loves company and all that.
  7. My heart says Brian plays today. We win. And Burns shuts his naysayers up. (Wishful thinking I know.) Triple Crown.
  8. I think it is a sitcom situation. Burns is top 10 at this. Yeah, but Tampa. Burns is top 10 in that. Yeah, but Tampa. It's almost a punch line anymore.
  9. Man, I hope this works out okay. I'm a big fan of the kid.
  10. My heart says yes. But my brain says no. I hope my heart wins, we win, and Burns plays well. Fingers Crossed.
  11. That's pretty much my thoughts as well. I mean, if this was his second contract, then yeah, that would make holding out a whole lot easier. That's a lot of money for someone still on their rookie deal.
  12. I can see how someone could be concerned about our depth. But we have talent all over the field with our starters. If it all comes together, and Bryce has a ROY type year. Yeah, I can see us making some serious noise this year.
  13. It's like just because there are no tweets coming out of practice. The time is just wasted, so of course we are going to sux. Too many people still living in the past. They just know that history is going to repeat itself so why not be ready for it? I get it. For far too many. If they ain't happy, they don't want you to be happy either.
  14. People seem to be thinking he isn't going to play without a contract. So, we will have to see how tomorrow goes.
  15. I don't understand why folks are so up in arms over preseason. We were told they were going to put players in no win situations. None of us no what they wanted, or if they got what they were looking for. Evaluation.
  16. So technically still on the team. Man, this is a soap opera.
  17. I get what guaranteed money does. I'm just saying that we have no clue what Burns is asking. So there is no reason for all the vitriol being thrown at Brian this week. It's premature, and uncalled for.
  18. Agree to disagree. Fitt ain't going anywhere. This is the first year of a whole new team. It could go right, and Fitt is lauded. It could go wrong, but no one sees that coming. We'll see.
  19. Could you imagine if we were the one with the running game and a iffy QB? Folks would be up in arms. It's passing league and they went with a RB. That's a bold strategy there Cotton. Let's see how it works out for them. lol
  20. See, that's the thing. You have no clue what Burns is asking for. But that doesn't stop you from taking the negative approach. I can't believe how quickly you go straight to negative. No stopping at reasonable. It's either rosey or gone straight to pot with you. I am not doing it anymore. There is enough negativity. I don't need it, and don't want it. We have thousands of members. Go be negative with them. I'm sure you'll find some kindred spirits.
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