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  1. Turf . When this artificial turf become " turf " and real turf , grass, not be turf anymore ? Before "AstroTurf" , all places that sold grass were and still are, called turf farms. Somewhere along the line , artificial turf took over the name "turf" ,, except for people in the business. My son will argue me till he's blue in the face that real grass isn't turf, just artificial turf is turf. It doesn't matter if I have him google it, or we drive past a turf farm .. lol There are lots of studies to say artificial turf causes more injuries. It's just a lot cheaper to maintain
  2. I hope we don't bring in another QB unless one of the 3 we have now gets hurts.. Like many of you,, we want to see what we have in Corral . No , I don't want him to start week 1. Unless we can get rid of Darnold and HIS CONTRACT, I want him to start behind this simi new O Line, and see what we have. If he succeeds, so be it. If he's mediocre at best, then we get to see an early start with Corral. Get PJ Walker off this team. We've seen him. He's not a Derek Anderson. It's Time to move on from PJ on this roster
  3. 5 wins & 1 of those will be an upset . The Falcons had better be as bad as advertised
  4. An example would be Rory Mcllroy, PGA golfer. Watch him walk up a fairway. He almost bounces. You can tell who he is from 400 yrds out by his walk ( gait )
  5. This draft was like watching grass grow. We drafted Ickey Ekwono is a GREAT pick. Exactly what we need. A potentially long time left tackle. Drafting O Line and D line ( hog mollies ) is not excited. but it's exactly what we need. Great pick ( fingers crossed, franchise left tackle ) Picking the 3-4 QB in a bad QB draft class isn't exciting. I'm hoping he's for the best and that in 2-3 years we raving on how we got the steal of the draft.. We still picked a player from Baylor/Temple .. sighhhhhh. ( were there no long snappers available lol ) Happy with the draft. Hope we don't go after Jimmy G or Baker Mayfield
  6. our draft history. https://www.panthers.com/history/draft
  7. Our Best Draft Ever,, probably 2001 .. real pro bowlers #11 Dan Morgan , #44 Kris Jenkins, #72 Steve Smith,
  8. Thought I'd throw up our 2019 draft. 3 yrs ago, Certainly not an A draft. Probably a C Round 1, Pick 16: EDGE Brian Burns (Florida State) Round 2, Pick 37: OT Greg Little (Ole Miss) Round 3, Pick 100: QB Will Grier (West Virginia) Round 4, Pick 115: EDGE Christian Miller (Alabama) Round 5, Pick 154: RB Jordan Scarlett (Florida)
  9. I wasn’t even certain our front office was watching the draft since we had no picks,, I thought they were all in Vegas walking the strip waiting for tomorrow.. I guess one of the casinos had TV on and they made a impulsive decision…
  10. Panther picks .. have to have commercials. NFL rules
  11. It’s time.. hope this won’t ruin our 2/3 rd round draft grade lol
  12. Just curious,, what do we have to trade ? Future draft picks ? One of our players on a rookie contract that we already like ? I can’t see other teams wanting to help us without us giving up something we don’t want to
  13. We have very little to trade away in the way of personnel or draft picks that would interest other teams . We don’t want to give up starters on rookie contracts ,, we have literally no draft capital. Btw , no one wants Robbie,, we don’t want him,, ( I’d love to eat crow and someone trade for him ) I know many kept saying ‘trade back’ yesterday,, but as we saw,, no one wanted our pick. There are teams who need QB’s , but the class is not good. We can want to trade back,, but other had no interest.
  14. Let's say we use our own pick at 6 .. our next pick will be a week or two later.. So who will continue to watch the draft after the 6th pick. I won't . Too much pontificating by the talking heads, about the pick being a future HOF etc..
  15. There is no way we get 2 First Round Picks for our 6th . Hopefully some team will see a player at 6 that they really want.. give us their first in the 10-20 range.. and a 2nd this season and maybe a 2nd next season. But not two 1st based on "current" knowledge of this draft class. If we use our own 6th pick, I hope we take a left tackle & one of the remaining QB's in the 2-4th round ( by trading away more of our future picks or trading one of our long snappers LOL )
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