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  1. It's not close. Rogers,, The Packers Rule Wisconsin . Many don't care for pro basketball.
  2. Will the Bears name be Sirr Growwl ? A depth cart would be nice. I have no clue as to Darnolds back up etc
  3. Maybe she is just visiting and live along our beautiful Carolina coast and is making fun of those wearing "khakis" and those who have lost their khakis ( = southern translation = car keys ) I choose to believe she lives on Emerald Isle NC , or Isle of Palms SC ..
  4. I like not changing uniforms or helmets. I like the NY of the Giants, the C on Chicago’s, the bolts on San Diego , Miami’s etc. Traditional looks aren’t bad.
  5. I’ll be at Wrightsville Beach, where my club has a day full of activities for children, to Pulled pork BBQ, hamburgers, hotdogs, BLT. Children are the focus. Parade on the beach. There’s cake walks, fishing pond ( line over the sheet ) they pull back squirt guns to shoot the adults lol, tug of war, 3 legged sack raced,greased watermelon in the sound etc. current pics posting July 5 th
  6. What U G L Y Uniforms .. I'm sure those wearing them look 10 times better in what ever that wore in to have pics made.. gawd. awful
  7. Any timeline on when he'll be able to participate in workouts ?
  8. Age, Covid fog,, I'll take all the excuses. Right now I'm hoping to know the starting 22 plus K , P , and long snapper I have 88 more days till Sept 12 .. Sun is out, golf is special, and the beach is calling. I have to make tough decisions every day
  9. Shaq was a first round draft pick, 25th over all pick. Maybe we've been spoiled by our linebacker play over the years, but we expected Shaq to dominate. He consistently has played in the shadow of Luke and TD, not breaking out unto his own as a starter. Last year I didn't see him playing better than when Luke and TD were here. Lets hope we see a newer more dominate player in Shaq and all the linebackers this coming season. Shaq hasn't made it as a pro bowl player. Yeah, ya kinda expect somewhere along the line , your first round draft pick to be one of the best. Oh, we've had first round bust. And Shaq is NOT a first round bust by any means. Right or wrong , some have expected more from him.
  10. Does anyone else have concerns with the talent level at starting linebackers. ?? S Thompson has never been as advertised for a first round draft pick D Perryman, I just think he's average at best. Not very big and gets lost in the scrums H Reddick , had 12 sacks last season. Seems like our weakest corp
  11. I live on the coast. I see a lot more Hurricane gear on the beach , usually in the form or hats or tees,, but almost no Hornet gear. With the Canes success this season, I'm seeing more Hurricane flags on homes, bumper stickers, etc. Never a Hornet. Maybe you're right,, the NBA teams are city teams.. but don't tell New England that when it comes to the Celtics . I have diretv .. and we get BallyCarolina.. and the Hornets aren't included. Evidently they are as Jayboogieman mentioned on the BallySoutheast. Either way, we can't see them for free in eastern NC, and I think that is a big problem. Maybe the Hornet/ NBA doesn't care about anything east of I 95 lol. It is a lowly populated area. But it doesn't cost them to allow me to watch LOL
  12. I'm right there with you. I'd add a personal fav,, the very first game the Panthers played.. On the road in Atlanta .. We lose in overtime, but it was obvious, we were not going to be the tampa bay new franchise . We had as many fans in Atlanta as they did and when we tied it.. Panther fans were rockin the place
  13. Agreed.. Let's hope the Panthers are knocking on their door soon. Caines are rockin . LETS GO CANES
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