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  1. Yeah, he did say " when you're in Charlotte " . What that means is,, he'll be drafted by Texas or Indy and they both play on Charlotte this coming season.. We're going to convince Bo Nix , Oregon , to come out early and draft him #1 . Or Draft Drake Maye and get him to sigh in late Dec when his time at college will have run it's course . ( I bet Josh tells Bryce Young the same thing today hahaha )
  2. We're picking Drake Maye with the 1st over all pick. Yes, we pick some one who isn't currently eligible . But we will own his rights in January 2024 and sign him then.. This is sorta like the Boston Celtics signing Larry Bird the year before and no one else could draft him after his Sr year. So we won't have a QB from this class. Per my source we moved up to first because 5 other teams were going to do the same thing. ( Texans and Colts ) This is 3 D chess. Per " my " sources , I have made all this up like all the others tweeting out personal opinions who just want to see their own name retweeted. NO ONE KNOWS WHO WE'LL PICK
  3. You need a ginger ( redhead) on your team to carry the luck . Dalton is excellent for this
  4. As we get closer... and the Panther front office doesn't leak who we're taking.. there will be more " I KNOW BEST " post. I'm going with who this coaching staff recommends to Fitterer and Tepper. Somebody posted a ,, I won't call it a highlight video, but a video of Richardson at Fla. After watching it, I thought to myself, he didn't look good at all. Lots of poor decisions, bad passes, as well as good ones. It was like watching Brian Baldinger breaking down the film . So if our coaching staff pick Richardson, I'll trust they can fix his bad. The first 4 min are praise of Richardson.. At the 4 min mark you'll see the bad.
  5. We take pi day seriously in my neighborhood . There was Strawberry, Pee-can , Cherry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Chocolate chip pie , Apple crisp, Keylime , Banana Pudding pie , Triple Berry
  6. Not directed at you personally,, but because guys on The Huddle don’t know him makes everyone shake their head …. Come on,, Let’s let this coaching staff ( it’s not Matt Rhule ) do it’s job at evaluating talent,, not the Huddle
  7. Just curious, what do you think over paying him is. Nick Chubb $12m Tony Pollard $10m Leonard Fournette $7 m Najee Harris $3m There are numerous RB getting paid $1m range He didn’t get to play much when CMC was here, He did rush for 900+ yards.
  8. Yeah, I'm hoping we have a plan at WR. Maybe free agent.. draft one in the 2nd or 3rd. But WR room needs to be shored up.. and I think the new Panther brain trust will address this
  9. As we know, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED WHEN MAKING A DRAFT PICK. We have been treading water for 5 years. Signing a veteran QB could work, but that's not guaranteed any more than picking number one overall. Tepper is taking a swing.. trying. Not sitting still and having a mediocre future . I don't think we're through either. I think we'll have a new WR via free agency , maybe draft, or both
  10. From what I'm reading here.. most of us think we are going to pick C J Stroud at QB .. great . But what if we don't ,, what if the Panther brain trust picks, Bryce Young, or Levis, or Richardson .. Will you have a melt down ?? We don't want a Trey Lance .. We all have been reading that Anthony Richardson has MOVED UP THE DRAFT BOARD,, MAYBE EVEN, NUMBER 1 OVERALL.. I was shaking my head, but what do I know versus our coaches and general manager .. They make all the Cam comparisons , but they leave out how Cam senior year, he was a winner in college. Richardson at a major college, Florida , wasn't a winner there. I still vote for C J Stroud
  11. DJ Moore was OUR number 1 WR.. But I don't think he's top 32 WR. We love him because he's ours. There are many teams with 2 WR that are better than DJ . DJ hasn't has a good QB or coaching . So he can get better. I never liked his ability to separate from defenders. I LOVED his ability to get yards after the catch. This can be a good trade for us. At least we are taking a swing. We're trying. No guarantees that the QB we want will be a HOF or even good. But we have been barely treading water for 5 yrs . Tepper IS MAKING EFFORTS .. Coaches and a NEW NUMBER ONE QB .. Nothing is guaranteed. BUT HE'S TRYING
  12. It’s on Bleacher Rrport. DJ Moore, our 1st , 61st pick 2024 1st and 2nd inn 2025
  13. this is how it really works https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpjDax3g2x4/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
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