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  1. If I were the Texans, I'd trade him for Trevor Lawrence and more draft picks.. Get him on the rookie contract, ( " generational quarterback " ) and Let the new coach start with Trevor. He'd still be in the AFC though... So he's coming to C A R O L I N A .. ( fingers crossed )
  2. I approve this thread and source ( ESPNUPSTATE, Greenville SC ) .. They probably listened to the Peter King interview .. Needless to say, I believe in positive vibes. Good Karma. Tepper wants this to happen. Should it not happen for the Panthers.. then the Jets, or the Dolphins could likely get Watson, and then not draft a QB.. Maybe freeing up a top QB at #8. Also Tepper would be driving up the price for Watson. Personally I think he lands in Charlotte. And 25% of this message board will hate what we gave up to get him and whine for 3 years ,, but then Watson le
  3. We probably won't get Watson.. But I wouldn't put my faith in a John McClain or any other media person just giving his opinion .. He's not in the front office. And front offices change with the situations.. The Jets may have the most to offer, but no one knows how much we or another team will offer.
  4. Living on the coast I use the RADIO app to listen in the morning. Other parts of the state cover the CLT teams but not well. I’m ok with their homerism. Why would I care to listen to “the northeast media “ on ESPN . The Raleigh ( the buzz ) station covers the ACC better in the afternoon. What I don’t understand is the WFNZ programming on Saturday & Sunday morning.. The biggest sports days in the week and I get home improvement or financial advise .. WTF ?? Is that what sells in CLT ??
  5. For those complaining about the Refs.. every reply I saw, KC WAS HOLDING.. Lined up offsides when TB was punting, etc etc.. Then I watched the TB defensive backs , " just in time defense " knocking down pass after pass without holding. Had KC been allowed to hold against our Panthers in a Super Bowl, we'd have been screaming. KC's defense lost it mentally.. they made mental mistake after mental mistake. We have also seen that bringing in a franchise QB.. a truly top 5 QB.. can change a team from the out house to the penthouse . We have plenty of Offensive tal
  6. I don't think we're looking at Wentz,, but if we were.. I'd rather try that than to sit with Teddy another season.. staying with Teddy is not moving forward.... It'll be another year of 4- 7 wins and we won't be in better shape in doing this. I would not take Jimmy Clausen for a number 8 pick.. I don't think Wentz will even get a number one pick.
  7. The best comment in the article was : The bigger risk , is not taking one at all " Not addressing the QB situation this off season just puts us another year in waiting.
  8. It's still business. Miami. Decent team. ( a rising tide raises all ships ) Watson improves all. NO STATE INCOME TAX IN FLORDIA !!!!
  9. They’re only the story for those rooting for GB .. Dayum, he grabbed the jersey.. it’s a penalty.. If he’d have grabbed a Panther we’d say the same thing,, it’s a penalty
  10. I don’t get it .. we’d be screaming if that hold, jersey pull had not been called, if we were on offense in the NFL Championship Game . What we’re seeing is people rooting for GB upset .. sorry ,, the penalty was legit
  11. I hate prime time games. 1PM Sundays are when football is to be played lol.. 4:25 PM is acceptable. I could care less if the rest of the country gets to see us play at midnight LOL
  12. We need to be careful.. double negatives = a positive (0 0 ) or -0 .. SO ONE BIG ZERO .
  13. Au Revoir Auf Wiedersehen Arrividerci Adios SeeeeeeYa
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