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  1. Short Story : A brief narrative, whos all constituent parts, unite, to make one complete thought. Hoping to read more during this next successful campaign on the B of A turf 2021
  2. Panther 12-5 Bucs 12-5 . Panthers win tie breaker with the 10th tie breaking rule. " Best Net Points In ALL Games " We didn't take a knee at the end of 4 games to score touchdowns in the last minutes. Nu awlens 7-10 Addlana 2- 15
  3. Sooooooooo, we won't run 74 WR end arounds ?? lol
  4. I think we get an A for the draft . It appears those who are( were ) in love with Fields will not like our draft. Those who might agree with the talking heads , who say the CB and DE are the second most important positions on the field. ( behind QB ) Bleacher Report gave us the most improved team overall draft . https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2942352-nfl-teams-that-improved-the-most-through-the-2021-nfl-draft
  5. Agent Blue,, you have some real problems lol.. Your glass is really half empty with your thought process of things that haven't happened.. While others glasses , seeing the same players , are half full , not knowing what will happen.. You are what is referred to as a " debbie downer " because you didn't get your way. Personally my glass is not only half full but refillable .. We are getting rave reviews on our draft.. ( unlike the justin fields fans here who didn't get their way )
  6. Someone has to offer us something. Just because we want to trade back doesn’t mean there are takers
  7. I don't see us trading back ,,, until we know who's off the board already. Say something weird happens and Pitts is available at 8.. we'd be killing ourselves if he was available and we'd traded out of that spot.
  8. Ok.. what's going to make you want to blow up the boards if we draft a ?? Quarterback Left Tackle Cornerback Tight End For me ,, it's QB .. we have more pressing needs at other positions. ( lets face it.. we're picking a QB with that 6th pick from Denver. )
  9. This question is sorta like .. Do you call them purse pants or Cargo Shorts
  10. BBQ sauce is cooked into the meat,, not for dipping .. shrug.. Cole slaw is never eaten along lol.. Now server him some Low Country Boil ( Frogmore Stew ) .. Find it along the Carolina Coast from Beaufort NC to Beaufort SC
  11. No way we pick a QB at 8 after picking up Darnold .. Should Kyle Trask , Kellen Mond, or Davis Mills be available in later rounds, I could see us taking one. But at 8 we're taking the best player available. Not best QB available. Trading back.. Some one has to want our pick at 8 and be willing to give up a lot. We can get a really good starter for US at 8... so for us to trade back , they're going to have to give me a lot. There are numerous teams picking late in the first round in need of Wide Receivers. This is a loaded draft for WR.. But these teams would have to give
  12. So this is what a Teddy Burner account looks like on a message board lol
  13. My problem with taking an O lineman in the top 10 picks is ,, their legs/knees ( health ) are going to fail more often than someone like a PItts. I'm not sure who the " best player available " will be at 8 , but with a first round pick, I think we should go in that direction. For those who might say , trade back and get another 2 .. I ask, what teams are required to do that with us ??
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