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  1. Although you are supposed to take pressure off and help out your QB, your #1 overall QB that you traded so much for is also supposed to be a feature.
  2. Quite a few things that dont inspire confidence. Why is Morgan making decisions on who is playing where? Why not even entertain the idea of Icky moving to guard? Bryce doesnt need a big fix? loll "Master plan"? /me cringe
  3. Doesnt matter. We will have to suffer with him for another year until everyone else in the panthers organization realizes he is no good.
  4. He has the same number of All-pro selections as Jack Lambert at 7. He has more than Willis, who has 6. He has the stats to back it up too. He most certainly is a first ballot HOFer.
  5. yep, going soft when the moments are critical.
  6. pulled a Rivera at the end. Typical.
  7. When will people realize being a DC is way different from being a HC? We never needed a beta-Rivera clone.
  8. The huddle was making comparisons to Drew Brees, but this guy does it and he is a genius!
  9. Its funny that it lists all the reasons why he was fired as evidence of why he was supposedly great at his job.
  10. Yeah Luke was right there with him statistically. Very good chance that Luke is first ballot HOF and would be our first drafted player to have played his whole career here going to the HOF.
  11. Honestly, even if we still had the #1 and also made the Young trade, Id still take a QB and trade Young for anything.
  12. yeah he wanted to draft him yet instead took Barnes out of Baylor.
  13. Cant dodge a bullet when the person didnt want to come here in the first place.
  14. and a whole power blocking scheme will only get you but so far either. Teams will stack the box and force Bryce to make throws he has never been able to and will never be able to make.
  15. Tired of all the talk. We have gotten nothing but talk for the past 5 years. Show me something.
  16. A defense doesnt own an offense when the offense scores 30+ points.
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