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  1. A players dont suck dick in the playoffs. You are delusional.
  2. panthers fans: We need another DE opposite of Burns! Also panthers fans: Burns can gtfo!
  3. Tremble should be the new TE/FB and get rid of Ricci for an extra spot.
  4. o yeah forgot he already signed, fug! Glad he is waivers exempt though. We are going to have to keep him in the AHL for another year. He just isnt ready yet.
  5. Id like to resign Anderson and try to pick up Jarry too and Kuch has to sign a 2 way contract. He is nowhere near to starting or backing up in the NHL yet. Anderson/Jarry can be the goalies this year with Jarry/Kuch the following year. Then hopefully Kuch and whoever the year after that.
  6. Anyone know if Staal was injured these playoffs? I hope so. If that is how he will be in the future, he needs to be 4th center.
  7. I think since the coaches seem to want to keep a WR as a punt returner, if we landed Hopkins, then Chark and Laviska would be battling it out for a spot.
  8. Just saw that Barbashev has had 29 points in 37 games. He was one of the ones I wanted.
  9. Yeah we need to adjust our philosophy a little. Im tired of this pussified hockey where we take it but dont dish it. Other teams are not afraid of dishing it either because we arent hurting them with our powerplay. Fix the powerplay and get more physicality on this team.
  10. Nah Im not happy about the season. We didnt exceed expectations. We were supposed to win the Cup. We all knew this for over a year. Waddell not helping the team out at the TDL sunk us. Bottom line. We have had 4 years of prior evidence of what happens to us in the playoffs. We run into a series where we cant score and the other team is more physical than us and not afraid to be because we cant score on the powerplay and we may lose 1 or 2 more guys because of it. Then we exit. Yet we did nothing to help the team and it happened again.
  11. Yes Rod has to fire Daniels. We are also at the point of Rod`s career where he cant be clingy to certain players and realize where we have to make moves at.
  12. All year we knew we needed someone to help on the powerplay at least. Not doing anything, I knew our chances of winning it all had plummeted.
  13. Im tired of watching pussified hockey. We always run into a team that is more gritty, more physical than us with a good to great goalie and then exit out of the playoffs. Teams are like that with us because we will take it with no retaliation and will do nothing on the powerplay anyway.
  14. that was a great opportunity to run right into Bob and hurt him
  15. Matthew is down on the ice!!! We should get a power play now!!!!
  16. Rules committee needs to change that. Its so fuging dumb.
  17. Ok so you can knock a teams player out behind the net and hurt him and make them get a delay of game for the player laying on the ice hurt. What a fuging dumbass rule.
  18. I dont understand how you can take a player out like that and then that team gets penalized for it.
  19. I want to kick that kid with the sign across the ice.
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