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  1. NFL won't do anything until the public complains about it more.
  2. We have a QB that isn't only looking out for his completion percentage and is the real deal.
  3. Calling things you never hear of on the regular. Something needs to be done as punishment for horrible officiating.
  4. That was no pass lolll These refs are stupid AF.
  5. I want Darnold to throw a zip into my bum bum
  6. That's on Moore. Sam did what he was supposed to. Just get in the way. The outside was open and Moore went inside.
  7. These refs are calling penalties we never hear of all the time now. Checks need to start being taken away from refs for terrible calling of games.
  8. So what happened after Earl Campbell's jersey got torn? Did they have another ready for him right away?
  9. Cut Ricci. Make Tremble the FB/TE. Make Freeman the #2 RB.
  10. Holy poo, nice call and nice run by Tremble.
  11. Move it to Saturday or just do away with it completely.
  12. It's pretty sus that we never see the replays of these offsides calls.
  13. Never understand how a receiver running into the DB is pass interference on the D
  14. Can you read? The reason there was is because the playcall left no one in the backfield and defense didnt even have to worry about a run.
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