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  1. We're going to have to. As long as the price isn't too high, we need a QB.
  2. Wish Tepper would just reverse his decision and fire Rhule. We wouldn't care if it happened later than it should as long as it happens.
  3. I'm so happy the Cowboys are eliminated. That's my stepdad's team and he annoys the hell out of me, avid Cam Newton hater for no reason just straight up lies about him, so I'm happy. fug 'em.
  4. Yep. Jerry is never going to hire a good head coach that instills discipline throughout the team. That's why they'll never win another SB. The last one they had that fit that mold was Bill Parcells, but that was at the end of his career.
  5. Just shows his low football IQ. No team is allowed to spot their own ball. What a dumbass.
  6. Cowboys QBs go dumb in the playoffs. It's tradition.
  7. lol Dak. Just another Cowboy QB that crumbles in the playoffs.
  8. Tepper should fire him based on his interviews this week alone. Rhule is dumb AF and it's straight up embarrassing. Something Tepper said he didn't like feeling. Everyone is dogging on Rhule now.
  9. Many here are like "no retread QB!" or "no 1st round QB!". Reality is you need a QB to do anything in the NFL. I'd go after Wilson, Jimmy G, Mayfield, or Derek Carr. Face it, they are all way better than Darnold. Then I would trade back in the 1st and possibly draft QB with the first pick and OL the rest of the draft. Also bring in OL help through FA and/or trade.
  10. Don't see how anyone can get excited about anything as long as Rhule is here running the show.
  11. I'm hoping for Steve Vai.
  12. Another big problem with a slow rebuild is once you think you're close to completion, you're back to rebuilding an area you thought you fixed and so you're just constantly rebuilding to no end.
  13. Also none of you MFers better purchase a single ticket to a game next season. We all need to do a collective boycott. No merchandise, no watching games if you have other things to do, no ticket purchasing.
  14. I'm not wasting my time next season on this team when I have better things to do.
  15. Chinn, Gilmore, Reddick, Burns, Moton, Moore.
  16. Perhaps he's not ready because you're a POS coach. Rookie guards start all the time around the NFL.
  17. We thought Rivera played favorites. Damn Rhule doesn't even try to hide that he does.
  18. Now Darnold with an INT and fumble loss. There is absolutely nothing for Rhule to hang his hat on.
  19. A 40 burger put on us while the offense still sucks should get him fired. He can't hold on to that "well the defense is good" excuse.
  20. So how's that working out for ya Rhule?
  21. That 2 QB system went away pretty quick once Rhule got his Great White Hope back.
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