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  1. Best thing to do, since I dont think we can get the top 2 QBs, is signing Carr and drafting Richardson, let him develop into a franchise QB, then let him take over when ready.
  2. Would be awesome to package Turbo in a deal for O`Reilly.
  3. Congrats on being gifted 3-4 Super Bowls because you knew the defense`s signals and playbook that no one talks about anymore.
  4. This could explain why Tepper retained him going into the season to avoid all of this but then midway Tepper was like fug It.
  5. Its the same every year. We are in cap hell, the Saints are in cap hell and wont be able to sign anyone. Turns out to not be true once the season gets closer and then repeat the cycle next offseason.
  6. Really, all the Chiefs have to do is head hunt Hurts and scramble his brains. The refs wont do anything about it.
  7. This is what made me be done with giving NFL more views and only stick to panther games. I had a suspicion refs rig games for a while and after all that, it was blatantly obvious to me.
  8. Ive thought its been rigged for a long time. Refs certainly dictate the outcome of games. Its the reason why I havent watched another game besides panthers for the past 8 years.
  9. I hate having to repair my property every month during hurricane season though.
  10. why would he have to hand it over? He hasnt won a Super Bowl yet.
  11. You have absolutely no evidence of this. Why would we waste time with all the interviews if we already knew who we wanted? Why is it Teppers fault Wilks isnt going to interviews?
  12. He was in no way screwed over. We interviewed many and Wilks had the free will to interview with whatever team he wanted. Being interviewed doesnt mean he will be hired, he couldve just gotten his name out there. There are still teams needing a head coach, has he been interviewed yet?
  13. It gets pooed on because its supporting an argument for those that arent looking at the whole history of each coach or have been watching our games.
  14. Its not just there, but locally as well as I stated here: But also another ridiculous thing that was said on The OG by one of their regular journalist that they talk to is that he was angry the panthers immediately posted about how Reich was our first QB to try to appeal to the fans. Trying to say that the panthers media never tried to appeal to the fans with Wilks, which is complete and utter bullshit. Everyone is making up their own reality.
  15. sorry to burst your bubble, but outside of the top 2 QBs it is best to have a bridge QB and I dont think we are getting one of the 2.
  16. Im tired of hearing on 99.9 that Wilks did an incredible job. Ron Pitts even said He goes 6-6 and does an incredible job, what more does he have to do to win the job? Hey how about win the most important game of your career and dont be a reason if they lose. That didnt happen. Also, 6-6 is not an incredible job. Thats mediocre. We beat bad teams, but lost to Mitch Trubisky. He also said if Moore doesnt get penalized and if Jackson and Horn werent out, he could be 8-4. Like wtf is this dumbass logic? You can nitpick many moments of every coach in the league that if it went one way, the outcome would be different. The only thing that matters is what actually happened. People have lost all sense of logic.
  17. Lots of people dont want him because of us getting retreads every year under Rhule. However, Carr would be the best QB we would bring in out of all of them.
  18. Its pretty simple really. If he won against Tampa and wasnt actually part of the reason why we lost and the defense didnt suck, which he is supposed to be defensive minded, also all of this with playoffs on the line, then he would still have the job. However, all of that happened and so he is not.
  19. You also dont want to ruin who you draft. Its best to have rookie and vet and if the rookie isnt ready, have the vet play until he is.
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