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  1. Yeah the 2003 playoff game against the Rams is the best and its not even close.
  2. Would you guys think Semyon Varlamov would be an upgrade over Raanta?
  3. Any trade rumors? Been looking at NHL trade rumors, seems there were rumors of Vancouver moving Miller or Bouser back in late June. Not sure if thats still going on.
  4. So is Burns going back to #8 or is he just waiting for Necas to be traded somewhere else?
  5. If this whole thing blows up in our face, I see Rhule fired by midseason.
  6. When it comes to coaching, there is no need to go back and forth with p55. He has always defended coaching for almost 20 years now.
  7. Every coach should put in the kill order.
  8. So I see he is able to play in the preseason. I hope the Browns realize that may not be the best choice. Watson will have a target on his head.
  9. I would fuging be so happy. My favorite player on my favorite team.
  10. Mills was who I idolized when I played little league at MLB, middle school and my only year of HS football. I am glad I was able to see him play in person. I went every year from 95-04 even when they were in S.Carolina. No other person in football has impacted me more than Sam Mills.
  11. Yeah a lot of people called for him. It was the obvious choice.
  12. Also this should be one of the huge reasons to fire Rhule.
  13. It is quite obvious that we let Rhule make the decisions in the late rounds and UDFAs. Its no coincidence we have the most head scratchers and lots of Baylor/Temple guys there. This was so dumb. I wish we just over-Rhuled him and selected Trey Smith.
  14. I want Rhule fired and executed.
  15. It would be pretty sick if they say he is suspended for 2 seasons and any new accusations adds 4 games each.
  16. So since when did the speculation come from definite at least 1 year suspension, probably indefinite to just 8 games?
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