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  1. Pulled out my work schedule the other night comparing to Panthers schedule and it's the best it has ever looked. I have 13 of the 16 games off. Have to work during the Vikings game, the Rams game, but I am on night shift, so still be able to watch most of it before work, and the Seahawks game. I seriously only had 2 home games off last season. I had to use up so much vacation, it was ridiculous. Will be out of town on vacation during the TB Monday Nighter though. That sucks, but other than that and trying to work during the Seahawks game I couldn't be happier with where the games fell.
  2. Been a Panthers fan sense Oct 26th 1993. I live breathe and eat Panthers Football.
  3. I do like White Thai and One Claw, they are really good beers. Outside of those 2 i cant think of anything brewed there thst i would drink again, unless it was free. Haha I think Mexican Cake is SO overrated. Its not a good beer. Not a big fan of Evil Twin either. Gose is the worst thing I have ever drank. The only beer I can recall actually spitting out. Not a fan at all of the style, so my judgment doesn't really count on that one. To me it tastes like drinking vomit.
  4. Not a fan of River Rat. They filter their beers. I feel like filtering is stealing and I don't like it when people steal from me. They do have a very nice establishment but I just don't care for their beers. They are a little too plain for me. Their beers are nothing outside the box really. Conquest seems to be a little more creative with their beers. In my opinion anyway.
  5. I have only had a couple beers from Brewery 85. I was not overly impressed with what I had but they were far from bad.
  6. SC is not really known for their breweries but there are a few hidden gems. Holy City in Charleston, SC is by far the best in the state. Its not even close. They brew amazing beers and always have a lot to choose from at the brewery. Coast Brewing also in Charleston is pretty good as well. I enjoy just about everything they put out. They just don't have a lot to choose from usually. Conquest Brewing in Columbia, SC is another that is pretty good. Medusa Stout is their best flagship beer and their Coffee IPA is a sleeper hit in my opinion. My state also has 2 of the most over rated bre
  7. While I agree with you on that, I just really look forward to someone, anyone making it to the destination that they were trying to get to and actually fight. The sides are always so far apart and can never make it to each other. Other than the fight at kings landing at the end of season 2 no one can seem to reach their destination. And to be honest I really didn't care about that fight. It wasn't built up as a big show down in my opinion. I am still a fan and really enjoy it, I just wish for a little more action.
  8. Question for you guys who have read the books. I am not really looking for spoilers but does anyone ever get revenge in this story? I mean the Starks seem to be fan favorites and they just can't catch a break. I really like the unpredictable story telling but I am starting to get frustrated because I feel like a lot of big show downs that I have been looking forward to will never happen.
  9. Yeah, just look up Stirling Bridge (celtic rock www.stirlingbridgeband.com) and The Trip Rogers Band (classic rock covers www.triprogers.com). Both are on FB too, can't get the URL while at work, enjoy!

  10. Does your band have a facebook page? If so send me a link.

  11. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  12. Thanks for all your help today. I ended up getting into the game, but I had to pay a little more than I wanted. I guess I will see you guys again soon. Looks like we might be in for a long season, but I am still holding on to a little hope.

  13. Man that pic of hayden in your avitar is smokin'. I got to admit, I never really liked her, but your pics are changing my mind. Where did you find that one?

  14. You into paintball? We play woodsball just about every weekend down in Columbia. How many people do you play with? We are looking for some friendly compation.

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