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  1. I hate it when the visitor messages don't save! Now I can't remember what I typed!

  2. hahahahaha....you got that right...on both counts!

  3. Nah. You're usually pretty nice. Not much to look at though. :)

  4. and an asshole!!!!

  5. You cannot give Hawk any more reputation because he is a flaming homosexual.

    1. Hawk


      You say this like its a bad thing!!!


      Just popped in to say hello.  Sad day for any old huddle members and im thinking of y'all

  6. lol.. anyhow, how about them ESPYs?

  7. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Bleys again. ;)

  8. Get @ me on FB, yo.

  9. lol. Committing any felonies right now or just sticking to misdemeanors?

  10. Hey, I remember you... You're that guy. The guy with the nice avatar.

  11. Hey I remember you... You're that guy. The guy with the thing that does that stuff.

  12. Must be nice... -_-

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