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  1. Either you don’t have kids - or you have a wonderful relationship with yours if that’s the mentality
  2. You trade for rodgers if you are win now mode and have all the pieces to win we aren’t close to that and still are a year or two away
  3. You didn’t acknowledge anything I mentioned other than someone’s thoughts. It’s over 100 years ago, we have technology that is leaps and bounds over what they had, we can spread the word in a blink of an eye, have millions of folks get knowledge with a notification on their phone, have proper schooling, education, etc. Not to mention the health care system is so much better than it was then as well. All of those things should have made us better prepared to respond to something than they did in 1918.
  4. You shouldn’t be able to compare our response and approach on this virus to how we did in 1918. They got information by mail, telegraph, or newspapers. It would take days at times to spread word. The population density was much less, and science and knowledge and schooling isn’t what it is today. We should have, and have the expectation that we would respond better than in 1918 when it comes to knowledge, masks etc
  5. In that same episode the reason why that “war” started was because Mr Garrison had a sex change and “wanted to get fuged like a monkey” by the atheist. He then found out that he was actually a dude and poo went down hill. I love South Park, and it’s a really well done show, but don’t use it (especially an episode from 10-15 years ago) to win an argument that science isn’t correct here with Covid
  6. So post the info on facts on masks? I’m interested to know honestly
  7. So trump and the WH want to get all numbers and cases directed to them first, before sharing with the cdc, is that not a red flag to anyone? also, how will that affect tracking and results on google etc now
  8. Which is funny because I’m pretty sure Trump was praising how well SC was doing and was applauding their reopen.... now after everyone from Ga, NC, NY and NJ went there for Memorial Day, and 4th of July it’s a poo show
  9. You obviously do as you compared brought it up from former presidents? Because it’s on *tax payer dime* if he’s played twice as much in half the time at his own resort you don’t see that as a problem?
  10. How does that compare to current President?
  11. Wtf are you rambling about?
  12. How are they able to link all those problems and ongoing risk if they’ve only started to learn about its ya 60-90 days ago? Wouldn’t that be premature to say it has lasting affects or that many people won’t recover when we’ve only been studying it for 3 months?
  13. I’m open to it, but doubt it happens now. The genie has left the bottle the last 30 days or so and no way it’s going back
  14. Yeah I went to Hendrick Honda of Concord about two weeks ago and not a single employee was wearing a mask, no sanitizer out for us to use, and maybe 1 out of 10 customers were wearing a mask. I was the odd ball in a mask and ended up sitting outside just because I didn’t want to sit in their waiting room with no care to distancing or masks
  15. So they originally had 171 confirmed cases before?
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