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  1. Eh, inflation adjusted, this is a price decrease for the entirety of the upper level. Sucks for the lower level folks, but if you were paying what they charged before, you can't be hurting for money that bad.
  2. Have you watched Tepper and any of the decisions he's made? If Young isn't a pro-bowl type player this year, he will be gone next off-season. Tepper has shown no patience at all and won't give him a third year. It's too early to say whether that would be the right or wrong move, but I think it's pretty safe to say Young playing just OK next year will not be enough to save his job. So we will not be making picks in 2025 to cover up Young's weaknesses. He will either be a guy we consider to be a SB caliber QB or he will be gone. More likely the latter but who knows? Also re: Stroud. He was my third choice and I'm sticking to that even now. First choice was staying at 9 and actually developing a team before dropping a QB in. Second choice was Richardson who I still think will have a more successful career than Stroud. But those 3 choices are all relatively close and all 3 are a mile ahead of what we got.
  3. I don't even know how this is a discussion. He has always been a complete liability against the run and like others have said, essentially took the entirety of last season off. We should've shipped him off years ago but take what we can get for him this offseason and move on. The "trading talent away for picks just to use those picks to try and replace them" argument is a good one generally, and certainly would've made sense for Moore or McCaffrey. But Burns is not worth anything approaching or even close to what he thinks he is and likely isn't worth close to what someone would give up in a trade. I wouldn't give him more than $20M and even that is pretty generous. There are so many games where he completely disappears and that's with an elite DT taking a lot of OL attention. Put him on the next plane out.
  4. If you think needing 3 future HOFers (as in he had 2 and couldn't do anything) to score more than 10 ppg isn't a bust, then I don't know what to say.
  5. We can wrap this up as we're talking in circles now, but the key difference to our opinions is this: I don't believe 2 games (and especially not practice) is enough to evaluate a player, you clearly do. We'll just have to disagree to agree on that. Purdy has also shown himself to be a bust. Look what he did when he only had 2 future HOFers when Samuel was out. And Baker is a starter on a playoff team while we had him as our third string behind Sam Darnold and PJ Walker. So that "known quantity" sure wasn't known by us.
  6. From start to finish, the 3 of them have played 7 games combined in the last three seasons. I'm not counting games where they came in for one play due to an injury and then came back out. QBs in the NFL play the entire game when healthy. So that's what I am counting. The entire game. Of those, there are 7 between those 3 players in the last 3 seasons. Seeing that to be the case, you (nor anyone else) do not know any of these things for a fact. You are just guessing that over literally any sample size something that happened in one game would hold true. If you think 7 games between them is enough of a sample size to accurately judge 3 NFL players, I don't know what to tell you.
  7. No, watching him in practice is not good enough evaluation when you gave up 3 first round picks to get him. I don't have the 49ers in the Super Bowl, although I admittedly stopped watching the NFL when Flacco was signed over Cam. But the 3 game stretch without Deebo showed exactly who Purdy is - someone who needs his skill position players to be 3x-4x more talented than those defending them. That will simply not happen 3 consecutive times in the playoffs. No one is certain Lance is a bust... unless you can travel to a dimension in which he actually played in the NFL. It's just likely he would've been a HOFer as a bust. I get why they wouldn't want Lance as a backup but not why they wouldn't want him as a starter, especially considering the other options on the roster. Malik Willis, Trey Lance, and even present-day Cam Newton are more talented than half the QBs starting in the NFL this year, yet it only took 7 games played in the last 3 seasons BETWEEN THEM to determine that all 3 are done and cannot play in the NFL. Remember when Baker was done after his 5 games here?
  8. I actually don't believe in what the 49ers did at all. They gave up everything for Lance only to trade him for peanuts after THREE games played. I don't care who you are, you are not a bust after 3 games. For pespective, Bryce Young has played over 5x as many games for the Panthers as Lance did for the 49ers. Sure, sunk cost fallacy and all that but you don't know what you have after 3 games, especially with someone with such raw talent as Lance. The dumbest part is that they cut him for someone who is undebatably 100x less talented. Purdy has shown exactly who he is when he doesn't have all three of his future HOFers.
  9. Los Angeles and New York are the top 2 media markets in the US. Charlotte is not. LA is exactly the kind of "glitzy" location I was referring to that an owner would pay for his own stadium in. Maybe Tepper would try and put a team in Manhattan? In Chicago if the Bears go to the suburbs? If those don't work and he can't find another glitzy location, he will go somewhere where he'll get a free stadium. But that is the only scenario in which he would pay for his own stadium.
  10. This is not true. Remember how they used to share on the jumbotron their consecutive sellout streak every game? Those have been suspiciously absent for years. As someone from Raleigh, I'd love to see the Panthers move there. I don't think it would be the right move though. Raleigh is just mini Charlotte from a population standpoint. Lots of growth, but that isn't always a good thing in this specific case. People coming from elsewhere usually don't become fans of the teams where they move. Raleigh also has one of the smallest proportional urban cores in the country while Charlotte's is booming. I'd much rather see the Panthers play where they do now than in the parking lot of PNC Arena. It is true that the Hurricanes are much better supported than the Hornets, but that's not apples-to-apples because the Canes have been one of the best teams in the league for the last several years. Before that, the support was similar to that of the Hornets in Charlotte. That discussion is complete fantasy though because there is a literal 0% chance the Panthers even entertain the idea of moving to Raleigh. The very real discussion is whether or not the Panthers would leave NC. The answer couldn't be simpler. In the few years, Tepper will try and get a taxpayer funded stadium (or heavy, heavy renovations to the current) in Charlotte. If Charlotte obliges, the team will be there for at least 25-30 more years. If not, the team will be gone. There is no chance Tepper will fully finance a stadium here. He will either find a city that will pay for it or pay for a stadium in a glitzier location (maybe even somewhere that already has a team). Any other discussion points (market size, fanbase, etc.) are completely irrelevant. If Charlotte wants the Panthers, they will have to pay for them.
  11. I think people oversimplify the issue, saying that turf = bad, grass = good. Sometimes turf fields are better than grass. Especially in colder environments. Ask RG3.
  12. I was hoping this season would force him to have an awakening as well but everything he has said to the media suggests the exact opposite. It truly seems like he believes the issue is that the team hasn't had enough of his input. The book is already written on where we go from here. We will hire a new coach to "fix" Bryce and then abandon that plan midway through next season. He will get benched and we will fire a coach mid season for the 3rd straight year. From there, we'll take another QB in the top 5, trading up if we need to (but let's be honest, we won't). We'll continue to squander mid round picks on trade ups for players no one else wanted. The very few decent pieces we have will be long gone and we'll rinse and repeat throwing shiny new QBs to the wolves with nothing around them. I don't mean that last sentence as a defense of Bryce btw. He isn't in a great situation but there have been many worse situations in the last 20 years that QBs have been drafted into and almost all of them have played better. He is a large part of the problem and doubling down on the pick will be a huge mistake but really will only cost us one year and whatever tiny amount of good will we have with the coaching community when we fire another one next year.
  13. It's not as big a problem in football as it is an in MLB or NBA, but some owners just don't care about winning at all if it's going to cost them extra money. The best example in the NFL is probably the Chargers who have kept one of the worst coaches in the NFL years longer than they should've and most likely squandered the rookie contract QB window that they had because the owner didn't want to pay two coaches at once.
  14. I actually don't have as much of a problem with Tepper's "meddling" as many do. I would much prefer an owner that will do whatever he thinks is necessary to win to one who doesn't care at all and just cashes a check. The problem is that he has absolutely no clue how to run a football organization and no respect for what was here before he got here. When he got here, the team was coming off 4 playoff appearances in 5 years and while not perfect, was in an enviable position by over half the league. That was not a team that needed to be dismantled as quickly as possible and rebuilt. If he had made the right decisions, we would see his "meddling" a lot differently. Look at Tom Dundon in Raleigh. He manages the team in a very similar way and no one has an issue with it. Why? Because he's not a moron. My overall point is this: You can meddle or you can be a moron. But you CAN'T do both.
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