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  1. The price is the price, divide the cost over 8 home games in your mind. I paid my invoice, same as it was getting paid when my old man got those seats in 1995. And my ass will be in my seat. Sounds like the issue is you cant turn a profit on your “premier” tickets.
  2. Young Pete Carol vibes. I can dig it, but he gonna have to show everyone he can deliver on the goods.
  3. 8 wins would have a lot of fans feeling optimistic. its a team sport after all. honestly, its the only stat that matters. idgaf if ur QB slings it for 5,000 yrds and a bucket of touchdowns. At the end of the day its about who wins the football game.
  4. prob fill up ur pants halfway through the second tire
  5. already know the salty ass, cheatin’ blue rams gonna come out for this one but
  7. Awesome breakdown! I think you’re on it with TE being a much large issue than is currently being discussed. The Payton Wilson fans (of which I am one, gopack!) will be disappointed but I really think LB is way down on the priority list for the team. Seems clear this regime has a clear plan and that is beef up the offense side of the ball. Thanks for taking time to put that together!
  8. I agree, now is now. Something better may have been coming over the horizon, I think its a fair point. Hopefully the FO has an idea of the market, it definitely wasn't two 1st per OP. Bird in the hand and all that aside, I think moving him was necessary for the cap implications and I’m really not sure he wanted to be here, and that is vital to the culture.
  9. A couple thoughts.. Implied value is not value, value is what someone is willing to pay for something. Now is not then. No one was offering us more than what we got for Burns, including the Rams. We could not afford Burns (who didnt want to be here) with out hamstringing our rebuild.
  10. Seems like mixed opinions. But this is an overall good move for the future of the franchise. 1. The Rams trade was once in a lifetime, that is the past. 2. We couldn’t afford him. 3. He didn't want to be here. Outcome: He would ultimately half ass it to not get injured, break the bank and cripple our rebuild in the process. The truth hurts but this had to happen.
  11. Agree with this 100%. Set the tone as an organization, let the chips fall where they may. Morgans wants dogs..if the puppies start whining show them the door. All this empower the players ish got us a bunch of whiney entitled softserve drama queens.
  12. Love hearing Smitty monologue but who is this dude always with him in these clips??? I feel like even smitty is looking at this dude like STFU when he tries to say more than a handful of words
  13. I feel like the urge for a stud WR or offensive playmaker is at its core just a way to prove Bryce wasn't a bust. Thats a trap we need to avoid at all cost. If those two things are not mutually exclusive (BPA & WR) great, we have a swisscheesey roster. Got to go BPA * also not saying bryce IS a bust, and we DO need better help at WR/OL… take away is the good teams let the draft develop ahead of them and work within that.
  14. Soooo no, no word on training plans. Was kind of hoping him and Mingo were bunkered down doing some sort of extra gravity hyperbolic chamber DBZ training retreat. (shrugs)
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