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  1. The fact that a 2x Coach of the Year here, barely has one positive comment in this entire thread says a lot about this fan base to me.
  2. There needs to be something, it was the worst getting rid of my tickets here without it. Plus there just becomes too much commentary about "That price isn't fair, too high!" even when I'd post them for less than the going rate while winning. (Those same people would never want to offer retail when the team was losing of course lol)
  3. Exactly to the second quote. I know people want to look at these guys as super heroes lol, but they're people. I don't truthfully know anyone that gives 100% at their job year in and year out every single day....especially when you relate it to sports where it was pretty clear we weren't going to reach our ultimate goal of a Super Bowl let alone the playoffs. Is it right? No. Is it human? Yes. The only difference between him and 75% of those guys is he actually said it.
  4. I don't think anything could really happen and I've thought the same if a guy wanted to leave bad enough I'd just threaten to play badly. BUT there are teammates that will fight you and cause a scene on the sidelines over you wasting their opportunities...yes, even in Houston.
  5. Yeah; Carolina is clearly not 'rebuilding'. The pieces are falling into place, the rebuild was last off-season. Now it's players being comfortable in the system, rookies being developed, and adding more star potential. This is a 2-3 year rebuild. Year 2 is here, they don't want to have yet another bad year for the sake of the future.
  6. I definitely remember McClover ; people were calling him The Predator, bc his locs with his frame made him look pretty damn intimidating.... never exactly translated as a pro though.
  7. 1. He's a fan at this point. Unless he starts posting opinions stating they'refrom Burns' perspective whatever.
  8. Wait did Ohio State do one of these? Link anyone?
  9. I LOVE IT, It's always beautiful to see unity! Especially when it surrounds Panther Football!
  10. Inbox me if you still need tickets!

  11. Ha I used to feel the same way but as my guys in the league joke "this is a business." I hate Ryan as a player and hope to see him fail just as the next guy, but when he's the best guy on the board and I've got money tied into it...Well Also it does help at least ease the pain of his TD's somewhat. (I'd still rather him throw an INT though)
  12. You know what thank you for reminding me (not sarcasm), because watching these guys move the ball like they are today (and have been this preseason) it's not looking like the same squad as last year.
  13. I was just telling someone today, you can't name anyone besides Muhsin that has been a valid #2. *That's not a tight end.
  14. Honestly, people can laugh about the pick. If this were the Panthers yesterday people would be screaming Super Bowl, they are moving and stopping them with ease. *Granted I hope they get stomped into the ground obviously.
  15. If this is their team, we have a long season ahead of us.
  16. lol which is why I never understood the huge petition of change, and people getting so offended over people calling him Philly. It was clear as day that what he stated in the media was being blown out of proportion.
  17. Jeez....I forgot about the guy lol, and before the game I wanted to see big things. Shows you how good performance can cause short term memory.
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