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  1. Right definitely, I just wonder what cog in the machine was the worst that messed it up. Tepper that bad/meddling of an owner, Fitterer that bad of a GM, Reich that bad of a coach? I guess it's not an either/or answer, and we got the lucky combination of all 3 'stars' aligning lol. Either way, I'm definitely excited about what I've seen from the team this offseason. I just hope it translates to one thing in the end..
  2. Man, you bring up an amazing talking point. I remember thinking that though we didn't have the players we definitely had one of the best coaching staffs on paper. I figured that would translate to a great system where we could finally cycle in players year in and year out with sustained success. I was wrong after Year 1.
  3. lol this thread may be going into Week 2 at this rate; but if he's healthy and on a friendly contract I'm all for having him. We don't have much reason to be picky at DB as far as I can tell
  4. At this point it's just a running joke amongst most fans for me. Nothing too serious. I didn't hate him, I thought he was serviceable. I also don't think he needed to be on the team as long as he was.
  5. Exactly how I feel lol; any chance at a weapon for Bryce I'm for it.
  6. Seems like he has hands I'm cool with it. I didn't realize he tore his ACL in Nov though, don't love that at all.
  7. I can be convinced though; if it's a great move to build long term success, I won't complain.
  8. Fair but we also need great players now; we had a horrible product. My fear is if Bryce has another less than average year that will be the beginning of rebuilding at QB in a lot of eyes. So I'm for getting great value now whether on Offense or Defense; this year.
  10. I had a lot of hope for him coming out of LSU. He was an amazing #2 at a place known recently to have amazing WR talent. I think he has potential, so I think they should look to maximize that, but based on his history he can't be depended on as a priority.
  11. (I did the wait a minute for the tweet to load thing but it wouldn't)
  12. https://x.com/NFL/status/1773805534493249814?s=20
  13. seems lofty for him right now but i'd be happy to see it
  14. just making sure we're on the same page here. I think it's valid too, I'm saying it's not even a matter of how long, bc they've been doing it relentlessly for the past 4 years. lol If Bryce/this team doesn't show progress those first 2-3 games it will get ugly in here and fast.
  15. I'd watched the game a few weeks ago. It's crazy to see some of the details I missed being younger on a live broadcast. Towards the end, the pressure that Rams defense was getting on Jake was sickening. Amazing that we pulled that out and went on to the Super Bowl. Crazy to think how few of those chances we've had since, but I have hope!
  16. Well I'm surprised nobody is mentioning the fact that Canales may be able to get the best out of him. Hopefully Bryce will have progressed next year and Mitch can be a solid backup.
  17. Exactly this point. As I watched this I kind of laughed to myself thinking "When the 49ers have bad seasons those same owners are being called to sell the team, not genius world-class owners." This is the sports world we live in. lol
  18. Sometimes I wish that he would've went away from what the coaches were asking him to do (like chuck it up there on 3rd and long instead of screens.) With that said, Bryce absolutely has it in him, he's a pretty polite one. But the way he mentally stayed even keel, and took hits each week. He's earned that if nothing else.
  19. Some of the Ron hate around here is nuts.
  20. This just made me nervous that it was about Canales, I was like not another year of that!?
  21. And Baker throws a GW TD today just to add some irrelevant salt lol
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