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  1. Oh so I’m definitely not included in that since I have tons of posts and he for sure is not the majority of comments or posts. But who you are you to determine how much of one’s thoughts should be allocated to whatever they are thinking about? Like for instance, I’m actually obsessed with Baseball but I don’t post about it here. So how would you judge when it becomes my obsession here on this message board? It’s all your own personal opinion that can be backed or validated by anything else but your own opinion. Again, anyone here posting in Stroud threads over and over like you is in no position to point fingers at others. You could leave those threads alone but you contribute by bumping them back up to the top and then you get upset when folks are talking about him. It’s like the meme where you throw a stick in your bicycle wheels, cause yourself to fall over and then lay on the ground blaming somebody else that you got hurt lol.
  2. If we were doing good things there would be other things to talk about. And “obsessed” is an opinion gauge. There’s no meter for showing how far you are on one side or the other. I don’t think anyone here can point fingers at others while also not only opening threads about Stroud but also commenting in those threads multiple times.
  3. Tell you if CJ and Bryce were switched that Bryce would have lead them to an undefeated season. Or somehow won the Super Bowl before it even started. Cope, basically.
  4. It’s so weird to see folks tell people who have been around for a long time to go root for another team because they are impressed with a player. It’s like a last resort when you have nothing else to say.
  5. I think Sanders is back for one more year of college ball. He also needs to add a little bulk to his frame.
  6. To be fair in a more recent video where he was trying to defend Bryce he did admit he doesn’t know the ins and outs of QBs because he’s never been in the QB room and never played it at any level. So he acknowledged he doesnt have a super informed take. I think his wanting Carolina to succeed influenced his comments.
  7. Fields put up 8 passing TDs in four days earlier this season. Our offense has truly been atrocious.
  8. Mike Tomlin would somehow have this team above .500 regardless of circumstance.
  9. Stroud has 196 yards in the first half. That’s more than what Young averages per game this season.
  10. Stroud is way more mobile than folks were expecting if they didn’t watch the OSU games.
  11. Why isn’t Nico Collins playing?
  12. I wouldn’t have liked the pick. He was my 4th QB. He’s looked good so far though you can’t deny that.
  13. The one to Dell or the 30 yarder to Schultz who had no separation?
  14. Maye has to be #1 on the big board right now for QBs however if I’m Chicago I would still go for Williams over Maye. Williams has shown he can play playground ball for a few seasons now. If you have a bad pass protecting line, and Chicago does, you will need a decent amount of that. However, I think if Maye continues this to seasons end you have to just announce him as the #1 pick regardless of who has the pick. I guess I’m just saying I need to see a little more of it and look at who has the top pick. For the record, I’m not a fan of Caleb Williams but it’s hard to ignore the talent there and the body of work he’s put up over three seasons.
  15. Correct. I was simply giving a “what he is on pace for”. Take. The stats, divide by 8 for his 8 games played and then multiply by 17 to show what he’s on pace for if he were to play a full 17 game season. Also, you know what’s sad? If Bryce does get to 16 touchdown passes he’ll have the most any of our starters have passed for in a single season since Cam. It’s been that bad here.
  16. Those free agents would need to choose us over others. We had Foreman leave to pick the Bears despite knowing they had a deeper RB room than us. We are currently 13th in cap space going into next year and we still haven’t paid Burns. We have 40 million available as of now to spend. He’s looking for top DE money. What will that leave us with? So who are the free agents we can target at that point?
  17. I saw folks mentioning Wilks. Pretty sure you did too.
  18. Riley shouldn’t be a head coach. He should coach offense and that’s it. I mean that’s what he does anyway but if he didn’t have to help recruit defense or spend time talking to defensive coaches his offense would be even better. Dan Mullen was like that too.
  19. I’d agree but what can they even do? If we are being realistic and look at who could be available via free agency we need to understand that most of the “top” guys aren’t going to actually hit the market. And those that do aren’t going to come here unless it’s some massive overpay because why come here with a newer coach, a young QB who is struggling, no real run game and the line looks like one of the worst in the NFL. We would need to make a trade and I feel like the only piece worth a good offensive player we have is Burns and it seems the trade Burns ship has sailed as well.
  20. Security? Nobody was going to stop 25 people in black and blue face paint with plush cat hands from walking around a Stadium making growling noises for an hour until they realize it’s hot and they aren’t accomplishing anything so they go home.
  21. 62.8% Completions 17 Passing Touchdowns 15 Interceptions 3315 Passing Yards ( 195 per game ) 287 Rushing Yards ( 17 per game ) We don’t have a first round pick next year, we aren’t bringing in a big WR free agent and we aren’t making a trade for a top tier one. We have already switched playcallers and the offense has gotten worse. If Frank gets fired Bryce will be another rookie QB who gets a year wasted and then basically be a rookie again in year 2 with a new coach and a new system. The hell do we do to get better next year and support him?
  22. Why are folks still bringing up Wilks? He’s struggling with the 49ers defense and are asking him to come to the sidelines down from the booth to see if that will help. A defense that’s elite and he’s dropping the ball with them. He’s better than Frank? Possibly. But he’s not good. He’s not great. If we are going to go for a coach why settle for meh? Swing for the fences.
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