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  1. Letting Coach McD go to another organization was a stupid move.
  2. I think they mean if you separate Fields into two halves for what he did play. His second half is much better than his first half.
  3. The Henderson trade was always pitched as a move that helps us in the future. He was washing himself of Urban Meyer and when we got him he was injured. I’m glad he’s gotten reps and shown the talent he’s always had looking forward to seeing him out there next season with Horn.
  4. How often do we go 8-8 or better? Edit just looked up Tomlin: in these 15 seasons he went 8-8 three times.
  5. What’s he up to? 15 seasons? In that same time we have had back to back winning seasons…. 0 times.
  6. This was me last year after the Gators had like 16 people sit out last years game and Oklahoma had all their starters play and they killed us. At first I was upset but then it clicked that it’s a glorified exhibition game now.
  7. This is who Matt Rhule has always been. Him and Snow can fix the defenses up and then they pray for league average offense and it usually takes until the third year to make it to league average. Joe Brady is going to get a job next year and look great and it’ll become clear that Rhule hurts his offenses.
  8. Maybe we can grab him with one of our few picks and let him sit for a year.
  9. Brother, I’m not a Tarheel fan and do not pull for the local teams in any sport except the Carolina Panthers.
  10. I worry Pickett is just an older dude finally playing good in college ball because he’s older than the majority of kids he’s against. His fifth year of college ball finally got him over 15 touchdown passes in a season and that concerns me.
  11. Rhule will be here next season. But it would make this coaching job more attractive to already have a young QB in place.
  12. Become a decent starting QB in the NFL.
  13. I don’t trust KP or MC and, to me, Willis was never a true top pick.
  14. That’s what I’m thinking as well. Hoping it’s just a sprain. I don’t think this will hurt his stock for the draft. Anyone picking high enough to get him shouldn’t be thinking he’s going to be some Andrew Luck savior and go from bad to playoffs in a year. He should sit for a bit and that would give him time to fully heal.
  15. I will watch because I’ve always believed he was getting three years no matter what. If we don’t show improvement this season he will be gone. If we show improvement then we are a borderline playoff team and Tepper gets applauded for sticking with his guy and not reacting out of emotion. If he sucks again then we better not miss on the next one.
  16. He is the only QB in this class I trust.
  17. I agree. Initial results for him came back negative per Lane Kiffin.
  18. Honestly seems like he’d be right up Rhules alley and could save his job.
  19. Rhule has bad poor offenses everywhere. This was never a Brady issue. It’s part of the reason I hope that the Gators can recruit him to be our OC.
  20. Two years is a lot of time for young quarterbacks.
  21. Fields is two years younger. Born on March 5, 1999. Darnold was born on June 5, 1997.
  22. When he got here he was hurt and recovering from having been around Urban Meyer. Give him the offseason to wash himself of that filth and let’s see what we have next year with him and Horn.
  23. I’m still happy with the Henderson trade. Darnold not so much.
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