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  1. We have beat really bad teams. We have lucked out to start with an easy schedule. All we can do is beat who is on the scheduled. He wasn’t lying but the truth is it doesn’t matter. We are 3-0. We beat whoever the league asked us to play so far.
  2. I wasn’t referring to you friend. Your username makes sense to me.
  3. Lots of people here love talking about people that aren’t here. And they constantly spell #1 picks name wrong as their username.
  4. You are being misleading. His first completion alone was an 11 yard catch with no yards after the catch.
  5. Bears just need to let Nagy NOT call the players. Even former Bear players are on Twitter about "Nagy gonna Nagy".
  6. What I wrote was a fact. Stop being dramatic.
  7. Draft is a crapshoot. Our first rounder is going to have contributed to 3 games this season. Does that means its a bad pick? Not if he is good long term.
  8. This is how it's clear you're lying. Even Greg Olsen said you'd love to be able to say make this read or that read but the guys aren't getting open and he's getting killed within 2 seconds. Greg pointed out two missed reads the entire game. If he was throwing the ball to avoid each of those sacks he would have wound up for 5-6 interceptions.
  9. Right. Like in his Super Bowl losses its usually from his offensive line getting bullied and making him look overrated.
  10. You're just trolling. I don't think you watched the game.
  11. I think he’s up there for sure.
  12. Part of it? Sure. No denying that. But watch the game and you’ll see it was only a little part of it.
  13. Baltimore just won on a record kick?
  14. He got sacked 9 times. And on most of those sacks he had nobody open. When he wasn’t getting sacked the WRs just weren’t getting any separation and the playcalling obviously needs to be removed from Nagys hands.
  15. If you watched the game it had little to do with Fields.
  16. And? Does that change the point of what was written or were you just replying to reply?
  17. While I have been pleased with Darnold so far he isn't elite yet and if I don't have elite at the most important position in sports it means I am not done looking at upgrading if an option presents itself.
  18. Most running backs get hurt throughout their careers. Pitch count is just more chances to get hurt but he can get hurt on carry number 21 on the year just the same as getting hurt on carry number 400. We either admit he’s injury prone and make sure we always have a good second running back on the roster or we keep using him as needed and hope he doesn’t get hurt frequently. Fred Taylor used to get hurt a lot and earned the name Fragile Freddy and then went on a run where he missed like 5 games in 7 years after missing 24 games in his first 4 years.
  19. Only two of his touchdowns last year were goal line touchdowns. There’s a reason he was unsigned. Do you think he’s looking for vet minimum? Why would the Falcons choose Davis over Gurley?
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