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  1. Folks, most other teams in the league have far better 3-6th stringers than us. Half our starters wouldn’t start on most other teams. I wouldn’t judge too early our rookie qb vs the others. Some teams also played their first string defenses yesterday while others were mostly backups. It’s game one of preseason.
  2. When we got him he was coming over from an absolute poo-show AND he was hurt. Then we threw him out there and told him what to do from the sideline while he was covering guys in games. It was always going to be night and day this year compared to last year.
  3. It was just a joke. Pulling for my ( current ) QB.
  4. I SAID WHAT I SAID!!! *while ducking*
  5. The general consensus seems to be that book readers are less appreciative of the series on Prime but the viewership was terrific so non-readers must have enjoyed it enough.
  6. I just haven't felt like I have seen it enough from him. I haven't looked at the stats but I often feel when he has been in that side of the line can be targeted and abused.
  7. Didn't Arch Manning just go 7-3 and not win his HS Conference with like 5 other D-1 players on his offense?
  8. I have hope he can have a jump. If he doesn't then he's going to be done in the NFL quick.
  9. Been a lifelong Aves fan. Its been a while since I could get my hopes up about our team. I don't feel good being stuck 2-2 and not having held a lead at all during this game. Was really hoping for another blowout so I could just enjoy the countdown. And now as I type this Makar is hurting.
  10. Im going with the thought that the owner didn't just come out and tell people he is safe for this year, he is stating he knows this was going to take at least five seasons. I think he is safe for this year no matter what. If I had to guess who would get fired first I would guess Reich or Rivera if they got off to awful starts.
  11. Is there a way to bet that he won't be? Because he absolutely won't be the first coach fired. That is easy money.
  12. I never hopped off the CJ bandwagon. I think he is going to be just fine this year not coming after after dealing with the shitshow JAX is especially with UM as his head coach. This season is a fresh start and he should be healthy.
  13. Happy Fathers Day to you as well my brother.
  14. Is he an upgrade at the most important position in football? Yes. Then I’d take him. We shouldn’t have to give up much at all.
  15. Do people often trade for undrafted QBs with no NFL stats? Minshew has actually played well in the NFL and was drafted late and he’s only ever been traded for late round picks. What’s an undrafted Carson Strong worth if he doesn’t win the starting job in camp?
  16. They love him so much hes not even competing for QB2. He is stuck this year as QB3 if Brady doesn't get hurt. And who is this guy they won't move out of the way for him? https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/G/GabbBl00.htm A guy who threw for 12 touchdowns as a rookie, and thats the most he ever got in a season. 50 Touchdowns and 47 Interceptions for his career and completes 56% of his passes. Don't go off of what they tell you, go off of what they show you. And what they are showing you is, if he is QB3 for the second year in a row and can't beat out Gabbert, he isn't the future. On a 4 year deal he will likely finish year 2 as QB3. So on year 3 he is going to compete for the starting job and go from 3 to 1? Or will he compete with somebody else for QB2? Its not a great look.
  17. I am really really excited to see what this group of three can do if they are all healthy.
  18. This is what I wanted to see as well. Show me those better organizations.
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