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  1. What a good boy! He can tie his own shoes. Let's give him a big participation trophy.
  2. For reference, this is one game worth of highlights from a certain QB we passed over for Bryce.
  3. Now we are in the off season, I want some 'leaks' from the coaches and FO personnel on what transpired at training camp and during the season. Specifically, I want to know just how bad Bryce really was during camp and the precise reasons why coaches wanted to bench him in favor of Dalton. How did Young's limitations impact play calling and scheme? How much of the play book was thrown out because he couldn't make the throws or play under center? On a different but twisted note, maybe Tepper will be proven right. Bryce might actually be the piece we need to win "multiple super bowls", because he's on track to tank the franchise so much that we could end up in the position of landing a truly transformative QB who will take us to multiple super bowls. One can dream.
  4. In terms of the roster, we are urgently missing a starter caliber QB. Get a decent QB first and then evaluate the rest of the positions. You'd be surprised how much a historically bad QB can make the rest of the roster look bad.
  5. Yep, even a prime Jerry Rice would look like a bust if paired with a historically bad QB like Bryce. Good receivers will go to waste because Bryce has horrible timing due to his atrocious footwork. This, coupled with his indecision, slow processing, lack of accuracy, terrible ball placement, and weak arm, will reduce any receiver we draft to running slants and hitch routes until kingdom come. Unless Bryce miraculously improves by leaps and bounds overnight or is replaced by a QB who belongs in the NFL, the playbook will remain very limited no matter how much talent we have at receivers.
  6. Now hear me out. If they could fix his U12 Pop Warner footwork and poor throwing mechanics in the offseason, Bryce would no doubt improve considerably. As of right now, his lack of fundamentals is what's contributing to his indecision and his lack of zip and accuracy. That said, whether he could fix them remains a very big. For some astonishing and mysterious reasons unknown, he never learned proper footwork in all the years he's played the position. It's unprecedented for an NFL quarterback, much less one drafted at no. 1, to lack the most basic of fundamentals, so it's really difficult to predict how long it would take to teach him something that normally takes years of practice. This is like giving someone a crash course in dribbling and passing before he is thrusted into the NBA as a point guard. Let's say he miraculously fixes his fundamentals in a few short months and shows improvement next season, the Panthers organization might decide to keep him. This is the scenario I fear the most. Because his ceiling is likely very low, keeping him around will mean purgatory for the team. Miring in mediocrity is not something I'm looking forward to.
  7. Yes, he'll know how to maximize the limited ceiling of our crawl space of a quarterback. We will be the most formidably supine team next year. No one will crawl better than us.
  8. They first need to get 10 yards of separation, which is what Bryce needs to hit them accurately, assuming he can see them to begin with.
  9. They are promising players, but I hope they find better homes than the Panthers. Their talent would be wasted here with Bryce at QB.
  10. We get it, you're gay for Bryce, but does he even know you exist? I doubt he reads his forum, so shouldn't you try to slide into his DM instead?
  11. Who are they? Do they pay the bills? Will they hire the new HC and GM?
  12. Pickings on Grindr must be slim for you. Go slide into Bryce's DM and stop thirsting for him in public.
  13. We get it. You're gay for Bryce. You want to marry him, but does he even know you exist?
  14. Might as well change it to a plastic cup.
  15. I forgot to mention that both Montana and Brady won MVP the year they led the league in Pass YPG and Pass TD/INT ratio. MVP is out of Stroud's reach because he's a rookie, but what a way to start a career. Kurt Warner and Drew Brees were both raving about Stroud in their tape breakdowns, while Warner sounded almost exacerbated with Bryce.
  16. Oh yeah, except Jamarcus never watched tapes and was on purple drank. He was not only not trying, he was drunk half of the time, yet he was still on par with Bryce during his only full season as a starter.
  17. They're probably browsing Grindr. That's the only explanation.
  18. What do you mean? Montana won it all in the 1989 season (Super Bowl XXIV).
  19. Russell Wilson? He's not a bust, just a systems QB who was lucky to have played for Pete Carroll alongside Legion of Boom and Beast Mode. Bryce right now is probably capable of playing like an average third stringer, provided that he's surrounded by future first ballot hall of famers at every position.
  20. It's not impossible. Joe Montana won the Super Bowl in 1989, and Brady went to the Super Bowl in 2007. Meanwhile, according to Sports Illustrated, Bryce is ranked 5th worst in Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt (ANY/A) in the history of the NFL. Good job, Tepper!
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