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  1. Who warned him? It certainly wasn't Hurney, the greatest evaluator of talent in the galaxy and GM at the time.
  2. His stat is nitpicking to try to prove his over exaggerated premise.
  3. Everyone clamoring for Watson hasn't factored in the cost or lack therof in signing all of our core young guy's when their contract comes up.
  4. This is where I currently am. I do not want to trade up either because we need the picks to continue to build.
  5. Also, all you Clemson fans need to take a breather on selling the farm for DeShaun. I love him too but please chill.
  6. One thing to factor in to the equation in your qb hunt is where you will be drafting next year. I'm not one to predict an undefeated season but I do think our record will be much better than this past one just on the experience gained this season alone. So I hope our scouts are doing their homework.
  7. I've been trying to tell these kids that this would not be a bad idea to consider. It's the long game approach and would fit into what Rhule has been preaching. Him becoming available changes things considerably with the Watson fantasy.
  8. Hypothetically, if this fantasy were to happen it does not prevent the team from drafting his replacement every year until they find him. It's not like it's one or the other.
  9. Or he could possibly be putting out misinformation. He does work for the team after all. You guys are terrible poker players.
  10. I would not trade back too far in this draft myself. We may not be this high next year and we need a rookie QB for the future. I still would take a qb with my first pick if Sewell is gone. Use the 2 second round picks on bpa with one or both on an offensive lineman. Profit.
  11. I'm not so sure that he is to be honest. And he's paid a lot of money to be a could be.
  12. He also failed to mention that it was also with some of the worst coaching in the league over that span.
  13. Spot on. New England is the clear odds on favorite in the pack.
  14. If they are able to convince the Lions to do a player for playing swap and some picks or some variation there of it could work. They always find a way.
  15. New England and New Orleans are salavating about this news right now.
  16. If it's next year's 1st I might listen.
  17. Would you trade Teddy and a 5th for Darnold? I would be tempted just to dump that contract.
  18. Why can't they do both? Everyone looks at it like it's one or the other. If it were me I would target Stafford if the price is right, meaning I don't have to give up this year's first. Use that pick to either take a LT or trade down a few spots and take Jones and a LT in the second. Profit. And I would give up next year's 4th for someone to take Teddy.
  19. The good news is we wouldn't have to give up a butt load of 1st round picks and a top player or two of our own. Makes it easier to build the lines. If we could keep this years first in the deal I could get behind it.
  20. I think you have convinced yourself that everything will go exactly as you think it will. I think you guys are ok with losing as long as we have one flashy player than win with a bunch of no-name players. It seems to be about flash and style in the short term and the future be damned.
  21. Well if this does happen and we give up what you guys are willing to give up I do not want to hear the same bitching and moaning when this team continues it's up and down seasons. Because that star QB will have to win with a handful of good players and the majority of the team being taped together with a bunch of scrubs. Sound familiar?
  22. I remember that game as well. I don't remember how old I was but I know I loved watching him play. RIP to a legend.
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