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  1. They did. But he doesn't get to play. He's a damn good left guard too.
  2. Close my eyes and think of someone else.
  3. If he can play LT I don't care if he has T-Rex arms. The kid played LT all through college and played pretty damn well. Play him there and don't look back.
  4. I certainly will be. He should go back to coaching in college. Hes not cut out for this level at all.
  5. Tepper has already decided to fire Rhule. There is no way this team wins out. I'm not sure they win another game. Rhule is a dead man walking.
  6. One could argue the same for Rhule. Just saying.
  7. Whether Rhule is here or not this team is not competing without an oline and a competent qb.
  8. Whatever was behind the breakup it cost both parties. The reunion will not end much better I fear. He will play out the string if he can survive this oline and both will most likely go their separate was once again. What a mess this has become
  9. I keep hearing this but have you any proof he would have done that? From what I remember at that time the belief was he wasn't going to. It doesn't matter at this point but the theories are all over the place with that story.
  10. Rhule has been fighting an uphill battle here from the day he arrived. He was set up to fail with covid wrecking his first offseason and a massive roster turnover, and Hurney. With all that he managed to put a respectable team on the field. I don't care who you are that was a tremendous accomplishment. Then comes season 2 where expectations were getting high as the draft and offseason played out. Even as the qb carousel continued with another gamble behind center. Then they started out winning and looking like things may just work out despite all the holes in the team and the gambling on roster positions. Then comes the realization that the inexperience on the team starts at the top. Those gambles that looked worth the risk caused a ripple effect when all fails at once with no realistic backup plan. The choice to go with a young potential OC, not a young experienced OC mind you, but a guy that had not called a game at any level. Well...you now see why Rhule brought his old play caller along just in case. Probably should have thought that one though a little more. So 3/4s of the way through his second season things have gone sideways because he chose to put his offense in the hands of a guy who had no experience at it. He's royally screwed up at qb and basically has no offense. What happens from here on will determine his fate. The odds are not in his favor.
  11. It's the same in life. Hostility has replaced civility with everything, not just sports.
  12. I'm willing to bet the playbook stays the same. I hope the route combinations change at least but the same plays will have to be ran. There's no way they can come up with an entirely new offense for everyone to learn. Its not just Cam who has to learn whatever is thrown at them.
  13. Was there anyone else on staff that had called plays before? It appears he was the only choice at this point.
  14. I'm not impressed with hype. It was destined to fail from the beginning. Experience counts a lot.
  15. I noticed it right away and was puzzled beyond belief. It appears that decision was not a wise one.
  16. It won't matter at this point. The offense is what it is. You are bringing in a play caller cold late in the season with no knowledge of this offense. What could possibly go wrong?
  17. So he based his choice to go with Sam on an old job interview on Zoom? That's some first class scouting right there.
  18. Are suggesting the we go find the evidence to convict ourselves? Dude, I'm not doing your homework for you.
  19. I wouldn't get my hopes up. I doubt you notice a difference in results. This line is that bad. If the qb (whoever that is) starts throwing picks then the defense will ultimately fold. You can literally predict it as the game unfolds.
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