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  1. I thought I heard him say "they said he stood over him". He did say it was a legal hit so he must have saw that. I'll have to listen again.
  2. I only made it up to 4 before I determined the odds were less than 0 if you round it to 4 decimal places. Thank you for verifying my rough estimate by carrying it out to 12.
  3. Too many "if's" have to go our way to have a winning season much less make a playoff push. Not going to happen.
  4. My guess is that it was Rhule that pushed for Mayfield. Well pushed may be the wrong word. I would say he was the first and final vote on the matter.
  5. It was a good play by the defenders. Sometimes the defense wins.
  6. I thought Kirkwood help his stock yesterday until he got hurt.
  7. Neither are really a good backup at the moment. But they(Rhule) seem to think PJ has a good shot at #2. I however do not believe it. Sam is the backup this season whether anyone wants to hear it or not. His salary and Bakers play will keep him here one more season. Corral should be #3 going forward.
  8. The crucial decision that should have been made weeks ago is who is going to be the backup. Should have picked Sam or PJ and moved on. The moment they drafted Matt PJ should have been cut, or at least when Baker was traded for.
  9. I hate to tell you this but PJ looked the best out of our 4 qb's today. Let that sink in for a minute.
  10. We are thin on the interior and edges. The linebackers are thin as well. I'm still concerned about the run defense.
  11. I think until Sam beats out PJ or vice versa Corral will be a redshirt throughout the preseason.
  12. I think he is not ready to start yet. He needs more reps with the ones.
  13. Have not read any of this thread because I know how it's gotten to 20 pages. My take is he may be pretty good. Looked good today anyway. You could make an argument that he was the best out there considering the situations they all were put in.
  14. Smitty just said this about Mayfield, " Damn you just gonna let a guy come off the bench and take your job like that?".
  15. I've got Smitty and some other guy doing the Panthers network broadcast.
  16. I get the same game on nfl network. Luckily our game is on NBC in Spartanburg.
  17. Thanks for that little bit of info. I would have missed this one. Planning in doing some yard work today since the weather is so nice. Guess I will have to delay that till later unless we look like ass,as usual.
  18. It will turn into a bitchfest before the game even starts.
  19. I get it free with my YouTube TV subscription. There's about. 3 or 4 nfl network channels included with my subscription. Oddly, I could only watch the Packers-Niners game on the main channel. It was blacked out on the other. I hope the Panthers game is not blacked out tonight.
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