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  1. The Bears will live to regret trading out of the number 1 spot. That's all I have to say about that.
  2. Side note. Have you seen the series Altered Carbon? If not, you should.
  3. He will go to a contender. The Jets will go hard after him. If the Eagles have cap room they might get him. He's not coming here folks. You best believe that.
  4. That was awesome! I watched every minute.
  5. Teams will figure out a way to exploit this.
  6. This is what it's like having an experienced nfl head coach. The Panthers that you come to know over the past 5 years is gone. This is a completely new team under a very competent coaching staff. There may be some leftovers but make no mistake, this team will be nothing like the teams in the past. You will be proud to be a fan again.
  7. RIP to great football player and an even greater man.
  8. The smell still lingers. It will take awhile for the stinch to leave the room.
  9. I second this! I never want to see that turds name ever again.
  10. Frank getting a new gig was expected. I doubt very seriously the rest get poached but if they do Frank's got this.
  11. Joe just had to ask a question that relates to Youngs size. He's such an ass.
  12. Unless we make the nfc championship game at minimum this season I do not think we will have to worry about losing staff. Until we actually win something its not a problem. With Teppers approach at filling coaching staff I do not think we will have trouble filling the positions even if we do get poached.
  13. Could also be just for special teams. Or it could just be camp bodies.
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