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  1. I wouldn't count Prescott. He's has never been elite in my eyes. This list is very short.
  2. Exactly, there's only so many "elite" qbs in the league at any one time. It's usually 4 or 5 at most. Sometimes less.
  3. They don't call them generational for nothing. You can't wait another 2 decades for one to fall in your lap. You have to dance with the one that brung ya. All I can say is nut up buttercups.
  4. I get the impression that Teppers the sling poo against the wall until something works kinda guy. That seems to have been his approach so far.
  5. I stopped getting upset about a week after our last SB appearance. I've just been an indifferent fan ever since. I'm just along for the ride.
  6. Someone has to bare witness to what happens. It's hard to complain if you don't sit through it all.
  7. That will work until the loses start to pile up. I'm curious to see this offense he's going to create and whether is will be successful at all.
  8. You definitely will after training camp. I'm just hoping some of the regular hangers on get replaced. Looking at you Ian.
  9. They are always entertaining to me. I cheer for success and laugh at the failures because it's entertainment. That's all it is, millionaires playing a kids game.
  10. I have a feeling that he's not the only player who has to prove something this season. There will be more purging after the season.
  11. I'm rather enjoying his lamenting. I find it hilarious that it's the same rant in every thread.
  12. I'm watching every game no matter what. Good, bad or indifferent I'm watching. Nut up you babies, you cannot handle adversity at all.
  13. Before the season starts I'm like... As the season plays out it feels like this... When it's over I'm like...
  14. Which can be interpreted as whatever creative way they can find to spend it.
  15. Just keep the fat big legged kid and move on. He can be our next Sourbum or however you spell his name.
  16. The only realistic hope for this season is for them to be the best of the bad teams and win the war of attrition. They do not have enough talent to compete with the top 15 teams. Finishing somewhere in the low 20's in rankings would take a miracle. It's going to take another offseason to build a more complete team. And that's if the qb and coaches work out. Expecting a Huston type turned around is a waste of time.
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