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  1. Fans expectations never align with reality. He didn't get home because Sam got rid of the ball to Christian. They were pushing the Elf and Paradis right back into his face on his drop backs. Luckily he kept his cool and went to CMC, as he should.
  2. This^ I live here in WNC. Most folks don't even know we have a pro team. It's Clemson and USC with some Western Carolina and App State if you're in the foothills. Nobody gives a sh*t about the Panthers besides me and @LinvilleGorgeand we don't even like each other.
  3. Gano should have been traded the minute they drafted Butker. This entire fiasco would never have happened.
  4. We haven't had it much better so...fug the Saints.
  5. Speaking only for myself here but I'm focusing on Elflein because that is the topic of this thread. He's not the only problem on the line. I'm looking at you Paradis and Delay. Erving is spared for now but he's on borrowed time.
  6. The Jets didn't keep them out of the end zone, the Panthers took care of that all by themselves.
  7. Take your funky ass back to whatever hole you crawled out of.
  8. If not there should be. It would look more like diarrhea though.
  9. You need to add smoke and some flies to the second one from the left.
  10. I'm going against my better judgment and say the cats pull this one out in a nail biter.
  11. Speaking of long season, I want to believe that the plan was to burn through these FA vets like cord wood before the rookies were expected to start. Build through the draft and develop your own Yada Yada. At first glance these FA vets appear to be soaked in gasoline. Big boy better get his big ass in shape and ready to go soon.
  12. I love the enthusiasm but this team missed it's most likely only chance to blow the doors off anyone this season. I think you may have too high of expectations with this young team for this season. They are still growing and not quite deep enough to do more than ruin some seasons for other teams by knocking them out of the playoffs. But they're getting there little by little.
  13. He can? I must've missed that. Excellent news!
  14. How can he take it away when it's the fans that chant it. Do they hand you a card when you enter the stadium that says you will be kicked out if you chant "Keep Pounding"?Do you have to have a digital screen tell you when to cheer?
  15. Marty was behind the scenes trying to cover up JR's dirty laundry and weasel his way back in.
  16. That's ok it's just a 8.5×11 sketch that all teams have. You are here. Kick the ball through there.
  17. That's easy to say in game one. It's a long season and you want to win the war of attrition by the end as well. In principle I agree with you. I just think that you have to take any opportunity you get during a game to rest as many players as you can. Having said that, I would much prefer the comfortable lead be a bit wider at the half before going into prevent mode.
  18. It probably does, but these geeks care more about stats than what the final score is. I just watch the game without trying to figure out why so and so's "numbers" are not what I predicted. Because all I care about is whether we win or not. Sorry, had to rant for a minute. Carry on.
  19. If I'm not mistaken didn't he interview with some team the year prior to signing with us? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  20. They better come with a Brinks truck full on money if they think he's leaving here anytime soon.
  21. The first half was a complete ass kicking, minus the points. The second half was just about holding the lead on a hot field. The heat advantage turned out to have no effect. The lack of capitalizing on golden opportunities to put another 7 points on the board in the first half and not being able put them away in the second half is concerning.
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