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  1. Rhule and Snow go together like peas and carrots.
  2. Maybe he means it feels like family. The people he's met and interacted with make it feel like home. Just a nice warm comfortable feeling that he's not felt since he was home.
  3. It's like Snow said yesterday, this is like PE classes right now. They are not going to know anything until the pads go on.
  4. Everyone should watch that interview. I'm more impressed with Snow's knowledge of defensive football than I am with Ron "ample breast" Rivera. There's nothing that old fart hasn't seen or tried in football. He knows how to use the players he has to maximize their talent. If you listen closely at the way he discusses his players you will notice that he knows them very well, even what they weigh now and last year. You will also notice he feels zero pressure going into this season. That's a man that knows something. Never underestimate a man named Snow.
  5. I have 2 already. The dog has one occupied and the other is for when I get off work. I work from the couch.
  6. Buy a piece of sh*t to drive around in and no one will steal it.
  7. Bueller? Bueller?......
  8. I'm curious as to what Jacksonville does with Minshew. I wouldn't mind taking a shot at him also as depth. Granted I've only seen his highlights, what few there have been.
  9. I would think that is a foregone conclusion at this point. I am extremely interested in how they address that situation.
  10. His mama? That's all I got.
  11. I gave up on expecting anything from Thomas. He's been a waste of a roster spot up to this point so I don't care whether he makes it or not. As far as I'm concerned it's next man up.
  12. It was a line from blazing saddles. Just substitute the word badges for backup's. Oh nevermind.
  13. He's never had a great game since he's been here.
  14. On that subject, if you are a fantasy football nerd I would draft CMC first overall. He's about to have a career year running behind Tommy "hit your so hard your mama" Tremble. I can't wait to see how many TDs he gets. It's about to be lit up in here. Poor Sam may only have to throw 20 passes all game and 5 will be to CMC who will take it to the house. Hell we will be sitting starters after the half because we are up be 7 touchdowns.
  15. James Carville didn't come up with that saying by the way. It predates my old ass.
  16. Yeah I've heard of such technology. But be careful of letting such new fangled gadgets do the thinking for you. Now pull your damn pants up!
  17. I'm not against turning over every stone. I just think there's a limit to how many stones you can turn over before you lose track of which stones you've turned over.
  18. I kinda can understand the strategy but am skeptical of it. Too much churn and nothing settles out.
  19. I thought I covered that one? Oh well, I will get another chance to add to the list later.
  20. It would be nice if they revisited that groups current depth situation at least once more before camp. Certainly hope it's addressed before the season starts, surely they will, right?
  21. Ah yes, that guy. I was begining to think I imagined that. Do we have enough camp arms on the roster?
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