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  1. Well we have 2 first rounders on the roster right now so we should be on our way.
  2. Sounds like an angel to get a raise.
  3. Rhule finally found someone willing to take the job. He found someone that is willing to be a yes man and wouldn't be a threat to take his job. There's still a couple more deck chairs to fill on this sinking ship. Better get to work Rhule time is running out.
  4. He could at least pay someone competent enough to do hard. I'm not sure who he's listening to behind the scenes but whomever it is they should gtfo.
  5. This has me baffled. It's as if he's trolling Rhule and the fans. I want to believe that Tepper is working behind the scenes to secure someone competent to help clean this mess up before he pulls the trigger on Rhule. Although that would be a crappy thing to do to Rhule if he's ultimately going to fire him anyway. It's either that or as you say he simply doesn't give a flying f#%k.
  6. Oh look, they are adding yet another vet QB to a room full of vet QB's. None of which are going to get it done. Throwing sh#t at the wall is in full effect.
  7. "You are a dumbass for hiring Rhule and an even bigger dumbass for keeping him." - Jon Snow
  8. Would rather have Garopallo(sp?) if we go with another vet. But I'd prefer they roll with the scrubs already on the roster if they want to throw more money at a vet qb.
  9. ...and the Panthers managed to find a way to do even worse in selecting a college coach.
  10. You don't build a defense around an undersized defensive end. He's good but not that good.
  11. He's terrible against the run and is too small to be a 3 down defensive end.
  12. I would flip Burns for draft picks myself. But that's just me.
  13. Neither. Take the comp picks and find real DE's and not hybrid LB's.
  14. People are stupid and mean. His family doesn't deserve any of it. That's crossing the line in my book.
  15. Maybe going to let the OC have input on the OL coach? Who's to say what the hold up on the DL coach is. Probably because Rhule has to micromanage the entire process. I'm starting to really not like that guy.
  16. Did Tepper not do any research on this guy? My guess is he relied on Marty's vast successful experience in finding great coaches. Dumbass.
  17. They've been building this team for nearly 30 years. They still can't build a consistent winner after all that time. It looks like the current iteration hasn't figured it out either.
  18. Money talks. If the money is good and guaranteed its easy money to whoever takes it. Ask yourself this, would you take a few million of guaranteed money to work half a year and then be right back where you are now which is unemployed? I know I would.
  19. How's those meatballs tasting now Tep?
  20. You need to add a few more $$$'s to that for it to really matter.
  21. This^ Get someone in there that knows what the hell they are doing asap.
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