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  1. I seriously doubt they traded up for the next Doug Flutie. Please tell me this is a joke.
  2. It was? I do not hear his name mentioned in any discussion other than fake testosterone commercials. I was old enough to watch the guy play. If he's the measuring stick for Young then hard pass on Young.
  3. Yeah, I'm sure the guy had to toughen up at an early age with a handle like that.
  4. Bumper Pool is not billiards. That's like saying putt putt is golf.
  5. I want to know his father's name and the mother's who allowed it. Had to be hippies.
  6. I just watched his interview on nfl network. Came in half way through I guess. Must have been a recording.
  7. Had it been Rhule making the selection it would be a quarantined miss, 100% guaranteed.
  8. The draft is deep with good edge rushers and DT's. LB is deep as well. We should be able to get a good defensive player in the 2nd or 3rd round if there's not a WR or TE they like. I'm really curious to see what direction they go in the draft. It's setting up to go bpa.
  9. There's a good chance of that happening no matter which guy they select. There's a good chance that only 1 of the 4 qb's they are looking at will be worth what we gave up. Let's hope that's the one we pick. There's an equally good chance that the best qb in the draft may not be either of these 4 qb's.
  10. I'm really enjoying this offseason. There's another month of this hysteria to go. I'm not some of you will survive.
  11. Comparing him to Jimmy is an extreme exaggeration. His comparison is Josh Allen by everyone evaluating him. Will he be? I do not know. But those who talk about him rave about his talent. I'm keeping an open mind.
  12. I'm not sure. It just depends on the prospect and his attitude towards competition. It tends to show insecurities they have about themselves not wanting to look inferior when compared to his peers. It's not the about 40 time. It's about their attitude or insecurities.
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