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  1. I really wonder what will happen to him when he enivtiably gets injured multiple times for the 3rd season in a row. Would the panthers cut him? Is it cap feasible to do that after next year? Bc his trade value would be 0 after that
  2. We were pretty bad by the time last season was wrapping up I don't blame them. What have the panthers shown in the last 3 years to say otherwise? No respect until they earn it which they haven't even come close to doing
  3. That's not bad. Assuming we actually hold on to next year's 1st and 2nd and don't spend it on a cb or some poo mid season I'm giving the panthers staff big props for not continuing to kick the poo can with shitty vet qb pick ups. They're trying something different to find the qb of the future!
  4. Don't even need to trade up the way this is going. Just wait until the 4th and leave the 2023 picks alone
  5. Not worth it imo. They should just lay in the bed they made for themselves this year and not touch any more assets or players.
  6. I'm basically working 12am to 2PM so I won't even get to watch it anyway. It's going to be impossible to avoid spoilers before I can watch a draft video lol everyone's going to have our pick in the thumbnails and titles of the videos before I even click on one or search for one when I get up for work tomorrow
  7. That is crazy, way way too young. I see people on the sides of the roads with broken down cars and trucks all the time as a truck driver people usually go way wide of any sign of pedestrians, that's extremely unfortunate.
  8. I really want to know who was the most responsible for signing Darnold. Who looked at a QB with Darnolds level of ineptitude and thought they can make him into a good QB??
  9. Tbh I did go to grad school after but I ended up not enjoying it and also wasn't too enthused about the job prospects. I'm probably making at least double what I'd be making in the field my degree was in. And I would've needed a masters at minimum to be a professional in that field ... I would've been better off going to com college and probably would've been a trucker or diesel mechanic or something else several years prior. But then again I was terrible at managing money that young so I don't know how that really would have gone. I didn't pay a single cent for my college so that was the silver lining. I had some pissed off relatives when I dropped out of Grad school/ couldn't find a job that wasn't low level retail or food service (I was convinced from age 10 to 19 or so I'd become some genius scientist lol ). But it's in the past now I'm in a much better place on my own on the road that I probably would've been slaving away in a office for relative peanuts
  10. Hmmm oh well then. It's funny I still wear a ton of unc clothes and people assume I'm a hard core fan and I just wear them bc I went to school there and like the colors . Also somewhat bizzarly I became a truck driver several years after graduation (long story) but that always throws people for a loop and they're like why tf are you driving trucks lol
  11. Unc alumni class of 2013.. I followed the basketball team closely all 4 years I was there but not so much after I graduated. They won the championship literally 2 months before I started school there. They absolutely sucked my freshman year but iirc were good 2010 to 12 or 13 but didn't make it anywhere near the championship game. Been keeping tabs this season didn't watch any of the games. But it's unfortunate they lost. I did watch the national championship they lost few years ago on the last second shot. Then they won the next year iirc. Kinda glad I didn't stay invested bc it looks like they Choked this one away badly.
  12. What could you possibly be talking about for over 100+ pages daily
  13. Hope this isn't going to be 100 or more pages with nothing happening again How do yo guys have time to post on here all day long on a weekday
  14. I was wondering what happened to that dude 6'1" 236 and 25 yrs old ain't too shabby.
  15. Didn't expect 2 full business days to pass with no decision... must really be weighing his options
  16. So what are your brilliant solutions for the o line if Watson gets signed? Wouldn't we be cap strapped and not able to sign any decent ones in free agency? And I'm assuming we wouldn't be picking until round 4. That's quite the God damn conundrum.
  17. Have the panthers ever traded down in R1 in franchise history?
  18. Definitely can't assume that we're going to be able to trade down when there's teams with multiple high 1st that would be better trade partners and just a general lack of desperation to trade up due to a mediocre qb class.
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