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  1. This is our record vs the saints since 2015. It's absolutely abysmal. We need a win in a bad way. They've owned us since 2015.
  2. Nfl game pass is expensive one year only option that I could see but very reliable radio broadcasts I listen to last game while I was driving (truck driver here) . I'm actually on hometime this weekend so I'll be watching the game. When I'm on the road I almost always am driving in the middle of the day Sunday unless I'm already at my delivery city early and waiting to deliver Monday.
  3. If he really commits to being a backup and makes that well known to teams he could easily play for several more years
  4. He's still pretty young in the grand scheme of things and healthy I think. If he still wants to play he just has to wait for the right opportunity imo. Might take a while or even until next season but I believe someone will sign him eventually (assuming cam doesn't retire).
  5. Like they have been for how many years now lol. Things the panthers can't ever seem to figure out... kick returns and o line
  6. This thread will be 100 pages long and will be like the 1000 other Watson threads
  7. After the endless speculation and team naming this off-season, this is just pure click bait at this point. Not news worthy unless a trade actually fuging happens .
  8. I would say we need to go heavy o line next draft but I say that every draft and it never happens
  9. I need to see the starters for an extended period of time next week. Because by now we all know the backups can't do jack poo.
  10. I'm genuinely afraid of losing any defensive starters. This team's depth is absolutely abysmal.
  11. This is a perfect example of why Grier was struggling so bad in the first pre season game. PJ is getting a taste of that same ineptitude with the bench warmers
  12. That means they chose robby and terrace and Smith basically. dJ will get a huge payday elsewhere
  13. Our defense depth is practically non existent. Starters are phenomenal but we have nothing after that...
  14. Sly needs to be gone by the time the actual season starts. His kicks are like coin flips at this point .
  15. And that's why they wear helmets.. that's a knockout headbutt without a helmet
  16. My mind is just boggled as to why they don't even try Christensen at LT when that's what he played in college. Like not even trying to play him at the position he's the most familiar with ?
  17. If it Means we have two good OTs then Start Moton at LT and Christensen at RT. Why the fug not. If it doesn't work regular season it's not like we ever have a stable online anyway. Just reshuffle and try again ....
  18. This team is loaded with offensive skill position players . I really hope Darnold is good enough to take advantage of the weapons
  19. We need a real kicker that can make fgs and extras reliably. No excuse
  20. Kalabrya Gondrezick ... what a name
  21. There's pretty much no excuse by now. He's the only great Olineman we have. The Panthers have been notorious for not being able to field a continuous good oline for a long time . What not re signing moton and not prioritizing oline in a draft that was absolutely stacked with talent , tells me the current staff thinks they can just cobble together a bunch of poorly performing or oft injured cast aways from numerous different teams and somehow make it work while relying more on their skill position players and coaching. If we have a predictable poo show at oline next year ? Wouldn't be surprised but it's 100% the staffs fault for not putting enough effort into fixing it.
  22. Dudes going to be 34 by the time the season gets going and he's going to be playing a position he's never played before ? I'm just curious if he gets any playtime or he's just there to be some sort of cheerleader
  23. The problem is when people adopt the mindset that if you aren't optimistic then you aren't a fan . People obliterated me about being negative on teddy early and I see how that turned out lol
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