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  1. Thank You & the Same to you!!

  2. Sorry my Cell phone died. No power in my hotel room all night killed it. Wish we had been able to meet up. It was a great time my wife & son had a great time. Got your text this morning once I got home (able to plug in my cell to charge my phone LOL)

  3. Glad to see we have some people like you on this site.....thanks!

  4. How long you been in El Paso??

  5. Where have you been hiding?

  6. So have you thawed out yet from winter?

  7. I thought that was what you meant by that, but with all the crazy stuff going on tonight I was not sure.... I got it from a writer for the Washington Times (Washington Redskins Beat reporter) Rich Campbell. I to thought we could have matched that if he was our #1 person to sign...but?

  8. Was that "LOL" at me or the price that was (rumored)?

  9. People sure like to beat on your posts (which I think is just stupid).....Regardless if you have an inside source or not, you do bring out lots of good info. Being that I work like a crazy person your info helps catch me up on some of the things going on that I would not have time to look up or think to look up. Just wanted to say this as I'm sure all the negative post against you must get crazy. Thanks Mike

  10. LOL...that's my wonderful wife. She has been a Carolina Panthers fan for a long time and when I was on here she was like "OMG, I want to join too!" So I've been giving her a hand.... Friend her if you want to, as I told her you was one of the nice guys on here.

  11. Hawaii would be a PCS but I still have to wait for transfer season. The good news is that only one other person wants it too.....Let's hope he finds another place that he wants more than HI...lol. But I still have a job in VA or GA that is open too, and those are close enough to get to a Panthers Home game or two.

  12. I like your new avatar!

  13. So did that girl win? (the one everyone was voting for)

  14. Hey Bud!! How's it been going? I sure hope they get this CBA stuff done soon, I need some football bad!!

  15. I did not do so good in LV this time.....But had lots of fun.

  16. Hey Bud! I'm out in San Diego, CA for vacation. Sea World, Universal Studios and the last two days in LegoLand. My son had been asking for three years to go there. Next stop is Las Vegas!! Time to win some $$$$$$$$....LOL

  17. Hey Bud! How's it going?

  18. Hey bud! I had to make a new profile b/c the old one "Carolina Mike" got locked out.

  19. Things are going to change soon with the way this country is going. 2012 can't come soon enough!

  20. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  21. I agree with your post! I have been trying to collect some of those books you are talking about, as I never know when they might come in handy. Thanks for the info on the water purifying stuff. That is my only weakness area right now that I know of. I have the pellets to drop in gallon water jugs right now, but I really want to get the supplies for the other one too. I like your fire starting ideas! I did not even think or remember a few of those. People like us will be ready and if it never happens I'm still good for those bad weather days (hurricanes / earthquakes) :)

  22. Nice "Jugs" in your Avatar...lol

  23. Vacation in two weeks? Now that is good news!! I have to wait until March before I can take some time off. I was going to go to LA & San Diego, but I might be going to Las Vegas now. I have a relative that works for MGM Grand so it makes for a great trip. Only issue I have when taking a vacation is that when I get back to work I always have more work than normal to catch up....lol. I always joke with the guys asking "Did you guys take a vacation too?"

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