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  1. My dad bought me a panthers bio about the teams inaugural season and it was autographed by one of the authors. It's a personal autograph though but good enough I guess.
  2. i just requested the bears 49ers windbowl on tyt they put it up immediately check it out if you like legendary nfl games.

  3. Hey bud! I had to make a new profile b/c the old one "Carolina Mike" got locked out.

  4. ah ok I think you mean the torrent website I told you about. It's 100% free as long as you upload .300 of what you download. It's not that hard, I'm sitting at .25 right now while I've downloaded 16GB with about 8 GB being panther games. The rest are new popular games to keep my ratio up. I ended up donating 34 bucks just because I don't feel like messing around with that. I'm very passionate about trying to keep archive of our old games since the NFL doesn't release the tapes themselves. I was taping all the games myself and storing them on a 1TB hardrive but it died so I whined about it on here, a poster told me about the site. Unfortunately as busy as people are torrents are the best way to do things and it's free as long as you help them out. The few hundred dollars I spent on TV capture card and hardrive is far more than the little donation I gave to their website. I'm not a spammer, promise.

  5. Search ten yard torrents into google

  6. whats the torrent site?

  7. Time to grab your helmet and hit someone! It is GAMEDAY!! 98642182.jpg

  8. ah I see I think I was talking about the username on the Giants Forum. I joined that forum a week or two ago and Mr. Panther was my username. It's the first time I've joined a different forum I just have been going nuts for some football conversation.

  9. Sorry I was making dinner....It is from the Huddle called out thread (The guy in the dark with a Panthers hat on) You said it was you on the 2nd page. I'm on youtube too and was wanting to know if that was you in the video or was you joking. :)

  10. ah the link is broken is that from a thread on here somewhere?

  11. So is that real you on youtube?

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