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  1. I miss Cam and Luke every day. But they aren't Panthers anymore so I don't care what is going on in NE.
  2. The Sandman is going to be putting people to sleep with some of his vicious blocks he displayed in college. Excited about this guy
  3. Cant wait till we beat the poo out of these guys
  4. I hope at the end we are the most overrated Super Bowl champs in league history too
  5. If there is one thing the Saints are good for it is a boost to fans confidence about their team's offense. If there is one thing we are good for it is destroying that confidence. Panthers win 24-13
  6. They are better than their record (Mariota missed two games) and this reeks of a let down gane after 4 big games. If we slip or dont take them seriously, they will beat us
  7. This just makes the victory more sweet.
  8. This is the "politician" we are dealing with. Make of it what you will Dobs wants to be sure his message gets out. "I probably won't win this race, because it's race related," he said. Colvin said he thinks being able to relate to people in the district is more important than race. http://m.fayobserver.com/news/local/district-candidates-ready-to-help-lead-the-city/article_45953290-5aab-5a5b-9b7e-1737d2996bb7.html?mode=jqm
  9. Cam started his press conference by remembering a fallen soldier, this lady uses a soldier to garner sympathy points over a stupid sign. Who is the real asshole?
  10. I hope her experience was so bad she never comes back to BOA Stadium. Seeing her reaction I am even more glad Cam tore that sh*t up. Couldn't have happened to a better person.
  11. This is the dumbest sh*t i have ever heard
  12. That felt like reading a Dan Brown novel. Well done (as always)
  13. There is no such thing as away from Kuechly. He is everywhere all at once
  14. The way Gettleman generally drafts I wouldn't give up any pick for just a 1 year rental
  15. Their defense has looked really good, but they have also faced 6 traditional drop back statue passers and have been able to pin their ears back and blitz while playing man on the back side. If they do that against us they better tackle Cam or else he is going to break off huge runs on scrambles. They also haven't faced any read option looks so it will be interesting to see if they can maintain their discipline against us. I expect us to try and pound the ball and run clock (much like every week), to keep the defense rested for Eagles tempo. The only game they have been halfway impressive on offense is the Saints game, and the Saints gift wrapped that with numerous defensive penalties and offensive turnovers. Take care of the ball, finish drives, and make them drive the length of the field and not short fields and we win.
  16. There was a play against the Cardinals where the Saints secondary got 3 penalties on one play. Defensive holding, illegal contact, and pass interference. All on one play lol
  17. Not sure if Falcons are improved or Eagles are trash because they got rid of all their playmakers
  18. Hmmmm.... interesting read. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/55dcbb45e4b04ae49704bcf3
  19. Im sure it has been said, but usually you can tell on the spot whether there is a completely torn ligament. So I am holding out hope that it is indeed just a minor sprain
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