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  1. Pmuch. He seemingly keeps meddling with football side, with some reports saying he intervened for Bryce over CJ.
  2. I need to see flashes of greatness even if it is struggle overall but so far just....not confident. I'm hoping and rooting for him. Just not feeling him so far
  3. I miss Cam and Luke every day. But they aren't Panthers anymore so I don't care what is going on in NE.
  4. The Sandman is going to be putting people to sleep with some of his vicious blocks he displayed in college. Excited about this guy
  5. Cant wait till we beat the poo out of these guys
  6. I hope at the end we are the most overrated Super Bowl champs in league history too
  7. If there is one thing the Saints are good for it is a boost to fans confidence about their team's offense. If there is one thing we are good for it is destroying that confidence. Panthers win 24-13
  8. They are better than their record (Mariota missed two games) and this reeks of a let down gane after 4 big games. If we slip or dont take them seriously, they will beat us
  9. This just makes the victory more sweet.
  10. This is the "politician" we are dealing with. Make of it what you will Dobs wants to be sure his message gets out. "I probably won't win this race, because it's race related," he said. Colvin said he thinks being able to relate to people in the district is more important than race. http://m.fayobserver.com/news/local/district-candidates-ready-to-help-lead-the-city/article_45953290-5aab-5a5b-9b7e-1737d2996bb7.html?mode=jqm
  11. Cam started his press conference by remembering a fallen soldier, this lady uses a soldier to garner sympathy points over a stupid sign. Who is the real asshole?
  12. I hope her experience was so bad she never comes back to BOA Stadium. Seeing her reaction I am even more glad Cam tore that sh*t up. Couldn't have happened to a better person.
  13. This is the dumbest sh*t i have ever heard
  14. That felt like reading a Dan Brown novel. Well done (as always)
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