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  1. We still have 5 picks left in this draft. Is this what having a real gm feels like?
  2. Why dwan and love and no kk and star in that last play?
  3. No one loves the panthers as much as me. I converted my wife from a dolphins fan. I spend every Sunday watching the game with my 14 year old son going crazy. I called out of work for three days after the 2003 superb owl loss. I switched from direct tv to twc just for the panthers channel. I'm on the huddle everyday all day. I've supported cam from day one I supported jake til the end. I almost voluntarily slept in the couch whecouldn't get playoff tickets on the pos ticketmaster. I made my boss switch my schedule to make sure I never Sundays. I wear my panther gear 365 days a year. I bleed it i live it i stand on defense and stay silent in offense until we make a play. I'm also pondering a lifetime all pro subscription wink wink IdI'd also like to add that we never lose when attend a panther game 2007 panther vs atl w cam 1st pre season game vs giants W Vs saints at BOA 2013 w This year vs hou W Send me and I guarantee victory even if I have run out on the field and tackle Wilson or catch a bullet from cam my damn self I also listen Rivera every Tuesday on sirius. I tell everyone I meet that's a panther fan to check out the huddle over panthers.com I have a Panthers mancave under construction. I only talk panther and only talk to panther fans at work. I may need help
  4. He looked unconscious to me. Clear as day on my tv. Invest in 1080p. It's 2016 for crying out loud
  5. My favorites are the finnegan reactions and the cam pic at the end.
  6. Didn't realize it was his 1st one. Damn good time to do it
  7. A rod, wilson, luck, Mariota and Winston are 5 guys I'd take over Romotional without thinking twice. Idk where all this tony ohno is elite is coming from all of a sudden. Weren't they just considering johnny football in the draft after all of rono's eliteness ?
  8. Sam Branford should come out a play for that sack. It looked like that hurt
  9. now log off for 20 minutes so we can get an elite wr!
  10. the 500s on the sideline felt like sitting in a oven on 450°. half the stadium was standing under the mist blowers. People had to go in several times. Especially the ones kids and older people. Vendors we're passing out handfuls of left over ice and people would dump it on top of themselves. I cheered as much as I could but it was rough. Especially after liquor and bluemoon
  11. Rhonde 's still crying. He gon cry in the car
  12. if you're the 5th or 6th wr every season and you can't contribute to special teams, yes you are a waste of a roster. I hope he does surprise and can contribute consistently. If not, this has to be his last year. Jerry fairy or not
  13. ​he's been sucking up good receiver's air since cam got there. he should have some chemistry with him. If we have no other option, then I guess we have no other choice. I'd give one of the youger guys a chance to produce. he'll barely see the field anyway
  14. Armanti Edwards with actual opportunity? hate hate hate!
  15. I wonder how long Bersin would last on a team not owned by his neighbor
  16. http://www.auburntigers.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/cameron_artis_payne_841750.html I like it
  17. they all can't be starters guys. He was the best defensive player in his conference..so there's that. 154 tackles last year. Luke light
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