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  1. Everything hinges on how Tepper handles this next head coaching search. All the dirty laundry is fully available and people now know exactly how much of a meddler he is. This is going to be interesting.
  2. This is an interesting bit. "Young’s difficulty understanding Reich’s offense," If Young was so smart and had such a superior grasp on football, what does this say for Reichs offense? Is Young not as capable in that area as we were led to believe?
  3. Man this looks like a fuging catastrophe. What a disaster. If this doesn't humble him nothing will.
  4. Just never put him on mike evans and well be good
  5. Is this mfer (Tepper) making all of our draft picks too?
  6. With him being so involved its almost impossible for the coach to have any real authority. He is taking control of the teams even if he isnt intending to. its really bad. thats why I think we need Harbaugh. The only kind of person that can thrive in a situation like this is one where no one knows what he will do.
  7. We need someone like Harbaugh. A hard ass crazy-person that will scare the everliving poo out of these guys and get them working again.
  8. The bucs aren't that good. If we can keep Evans from going off on us, Horn?, then we have a chance.
  9. Kinda seems to me like that is exactly what happened. Why not use power and RPOs? Why is his scheme more important than helping Bryce?
  10. So let me get this straight. Reich McCown and Staley want Stroud. Fitt and scouts want young. Reich makes an offense for Stroud and doesn't adjust it for Young. Horrific failure ensues. Did Reich sabotage Young?
  11. Or isnt fired at all and he doesnt want to take more heat.
  12. You aint wrong here. Fitts problem isnt necessarily that hes a bad scout. Its that his personal philosophy on what makes a player a good prospect is atrocious. He values RAS scores way too highly, and doesnt draft enough football players. I can understand why Tepper may be fooled by this approach though, so we need to brace ourselves for him sticking around a bit. I dont think he will be fired this year.
  13. We absolutely need to keep Brown over Burns if we are forced to choose. I also agree that Luvu needs to be brought back as well. We need to start drafting actual 1 Tech DL now that have some pass rushing ability. The secondary seems very difficult to determine. After this season no one should expect Horn to ever be healthy which makes DJax our CB1 which he just isnt quite good enough to do. I think hes a fine CB2. We need to prioritize IOL, IDL, CB and WR next draft. Probably WR and IOL first id say.
  14. I see this as a good thing. Young has been regressing, badly, so of course McCown gets the axe. Im more concerned with Reich in that he didnt see as big of an issue with this as they did. Staley is most likely just to get some chefs out of the kitchen.
  15. I'm betting Fitterer stays then. He seems to be Teppers Yes man.
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