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  1. Figure we won't see Horn nor CMC until November
  2. Yeah, Rhule pulled him just to pressure the rest of the offense. We wish
  3. First half on coaching. Team just not ready to play
  4. Hmmm. Somehow I see the Panthers ranking going South
  5. Just take a knee and get out of this half
  6. National TV and the Panthers historically has not been great
  7. LT, RT and C, all to blame on the last sack Darnold had nowhere to go
  8. We will say that after our loss, when we drop back to 25th
  9. The respect will come if we beat Dallas and go 4-0
  10. Football is football. Take away what they are trying to do and make sure they cannot stop what you are trying to do. Schemes, packages, etc. All part of planning and coaching. And finally, we have some athletes to make it work
  11. As @MHS831 said yesterday, many of our sacks are coverage sacks. Panthers have not been able to say that in forever
  12. Lots of time on his hands. Gets up saying, "what do we do today?"
  13. Nobody else wants to lick his ball sack either
  14. Thought about that first, but figured is something was gonna stick, the blizzard would do it. Too gimicky to go the other route. If they became known as Phil Snows defense, or playing against the blizzard in Carolina, not sure. someone on Twitter will probably do something and it will stick.
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