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  1. Maybe he should also write that the Panthers are expected to start the season in September. Ground breaking stuff
  2. The world is soooo dramatic these days. These practices pretty much ALWAYS have fights, but the media and Huddle act like they just discovered electricity or something. I agree with earlier comment about DB's possibly being good, just hope they are not always tacking guys that have gashed the middle and into the secondary. Oline, who knows. Already better than last season, and should get better as they play together. CMC being back will be a must to pull pressure off the passing game and open up some 1 on 1's. If we are 3-3 to start the season, I think we will be much better in the last 10 games or so. 11-6 barring major injuries to key players
  3. Seems like both teams are pissing away a couple days.
  4. This place has sooooo little football and so much childish bit ching
  5. 3 weeks of "would not mind bringing him in" threads
  6. Released this early? No need to bring here
  7. Only if loaded and not within city limits
  8. Hoping they are working Mays w some C reps at practice
  9. Lots of estrogen in todays thread. No more than normal however
  10. If the Panthers start out 3-0, most of you guys will want to extend Rhule
  11. I stand corrected. All the talking heads stuff I listen to should be taken with a grain of salt. Sewell taking over during Decker hand injury had many saying that he belongs on left side where he was drafted to be and why he was drafted so high. But yeah, Decker seems much better suited for left side and with his contract, the LIons look to be good to go. Actually, I am pulling for the Lions a bit. Like their coach
  12. But not drafted to be a RT I am sure, that was the point.
  13. He is not ready to start at LT at this point. Not sure how long it will take. He is just not recognizing where to be and who to pick up at this point. Many more reps needed and films to watch. Sewell is now a RT, or at least that is where they played him in their preseason game
  14. Icky looked a bit lost in pass coverage
  15. Best thing that has been on this website in months. Great job
  16. I expect Detroit to make big strides this year. Their coach as them headed in right direction
  17. Hope they both look fantastic and someone comes calling. Nothing wrong with both doing great
  18. Having 3 QB's play somewhat well is good. Sam is the candidate to trade, so hope looks very good.
  19. Your phone has the Panthers filter and Ass has been correct for a long time.
  20. No need whatsoever to try to bring Corral in front of the other guys. No real upside for him nor the Panthers. Bring him along, but give him reps so we know what we have. Will make things much easier at year end when Baker and Sam need new contracts.
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