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  1. LaMelo just throwing up crap every time down the court, and quickly. No time off the clock Really bad night for Ball
  2. Panthers are good at snatching mediocrity from the jaws of greatness
  3. Detroits coach had them believing by the end of the season. A couple playmakers and they will make some noise up there
  4. Used to think ole Bill was incredible, but then looked back at all the drafts and the misses he made. Giving up the points he did on defense the other night, to me, says he has offense and defense problems. I think in the end Brady made him more than he made Brady. But it is fun to figure these things out. His persona of the mad scientist type guy helps his legend
  5. Another Ryan Mallet? Throw it through a brick wall, but where?
  6. Hitting on the right QB is a coaches best friend. NE coach not the same without Brady NO coach not the same without Brees Great coaches have success with multiple QB's Some think Arians is a good coach and that the OC in Tampa is head coach material. Wrong Andy Reid has done it with multiple QB's. I would count him as a good coach. Tomlin will now face the same scrutiny without Big Ben. And then you have Rhule, that can lose with any QB put in front of him, but I digress
  7. Those same refs seem to have given Dallas an extra 4 seconds at every turn, so maybe the game should have ended the play before? Anyway, Dallas played loser football all night in their house. Fitting play call and ending
  8. If you are gonna run a 43 D, then get rid of both of the 34 OLB's
  9. We have no identity on defense. We have a mix of 34 and 43 guys and sometimes look great, other times look horrible. We probably need to decide who we are on defense before signing guys to long term deals because 50% of the time, they look good If we run a 34, then Burns and Reddick will be great as OLB's, if not.....
  10. Accuweather says 4-8 now for Burke Weather Channel still says 8-12
  11. Out west skiing is much much better, runs are longer, lifts faster, weather better. Only reason to ski here is because you are not there, haha. Going up Saturday evening and staying till Monday would give you a pretty good Sunday, but you would miss 3 games, haha
  12. NC slopes are more icy than snowy, so this could be a good time to try them out.
  13. Will probably depend on SOS for Jets With NE, Buffalo losing, it might drop them under ours
  14. Kalil was 295 if I remember correctly. Linderbaum would be great to get out in front and block on screens and such, just not sure his game is for every offense. This might make him drop into mid teens
  15. Broncos just letting Lock walk in. Weird
  16. Is Linderbaum a little light to dominate at the next level? 290 is what I have been seeing on several sites
  17. Davis has been a nice surprise in Houston, so they might keep him AND trade Watson. That is 2 teams not needing a QB all of a sudden. But further, I don't think Corral will go in the top half, Pickett, yes. From 9, I might drop again, to mid teens, picking up another 2nd. But your logic is good if we only drop back 3 spots
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