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  1. Fairweather fans. Ill never bail. Go jump on the Dallas bandwagon.
  2. Lol, this thread shows how day to day this forum really is. I think give him 1 more year. We definitely have more talent on this roster since he's been here. I like our defense, overall. Honestly we just have a garbage o line and bad QB play. Maybe fire Brady and make him a scape goat? This team is leagues better with mediocre line+QB play. I think its that simple.
  3. To be decided. If we make the playoffs probably top 5. Getting a franchise, OT against the Rams in 2004, and steamrolling the Cards in 2016 are top 3 for me no matter what at this point. If we don't make the playoffs its probably top 15 for me?
  4. what ever gets people talking i guess
  5. You're getting poops, but you're right. Im not sure why you are getting so much poop.
  6. couldn't get past the first paragraph
  7. Sounds like this guy would argue that the Bears got massive value for trading up for Mitch Biscuit.
  8. Not keeping who you bring in is wasted resources. You could, say, use that resource to move up in the draft and choose someone you actually really want. He is content at DE and didn't think the rookies available would have any more impact than someone we already have. It wasn't valuable.
  9. I don't really like clicking for each sentence I have to read, reminds me of some clickbait crap. I like the content though.
  10. Not like anyone was waiting to read a post of yours. If you don't like a thread it is best to just stop reading and don't post.
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