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  1. Hornets will make a move today. 1 trade and draft Bronny James in 2nd round.... Mystic Mack
  2. Dude with all due respect please find another team. Thanks.
  3. Bo nix is terrible what are we even talking about
  4. If you lead in scoring and turnovers that doesn't help the team playboy.
  5. False Cam has accomplished more. JOSH is leading the league in turnovers. Josh will never see a super bowl.
  6. Sell the team to a prince in Dubai
  7. Hey 49ers your QB is the issue. He's making so many mistakes costing you games.
  8. This message board has become so damn toxic and negative. I'm glad you actually spoke life over the team and give props to Bryce for dealing with the struggling team. We had a top 10 pick for a reason. We are going to be much better each game. Let's get it!!
  9. Lol MFers really think Dalton was all world yesterday?? This message board is hilarious bad at watching football.
  10. Even Junior recognized Matt Rhule is a POS human
  11. Panthers 28 Falcons 17 Bryce 280 Yards Passing 40 Yards rushing 3TDs
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