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  1. Could you imagine Luke as DC putting together schemes and game plans against other teams. He would have that D ready to go every week. If he wanted back in ... would be great to give him that shot.
  2. July 5th should be a holiday too. We'll call it 'Recovery Day'. Getting on a plane tomorrow and I feel handcuffed tonight.
  3. You studied that pic a bit too much. Seriously, CMC hasn't been the same since sweetie entered the picture.
  4. Heat index of 107' again. Smoking ribs. Otherwise, moving between pool an AC. May watch fireworks tonight if it drops below 90' by then.
  5. So did most of this huddle after the first 3 games.
  6. Yup. I have been to Canes Stanley Cup games, Panthers home / away playoff games and Panthers Superbowl. Home playoff games for both teams are electric. Both teams have a nucleus of fans that show up no matter what. However, the Carolinas are fair-weather ... when the team is good and in the playoffs, it's electric. When the team is not good, can't give away the seats. As for the Super Bowl, the few days leading up to it are better than the actual game. Still a great experience.
  7. Agree ... along with the tenacity to complete plays ... which are often completed downfield. Neal will never have that. I also like his football IQ ... which you either have or don't. If he struggles with pass protection initially, he can work with the coaches and figure it out. He has the potential to be special.
  8. If Hurney was still GM, we would likely give up the farm today. Always had a knot in stomach for day 2 of his drafts.
  9. Can't be upset with this pick. IMO, Neal was the safer pick of an OT that will keep our QB vertical and do his job with the run game. However, we wouldn't see him at level 2 or 3 making downfield blocks or moving DTs off the line of scrimmage. What Icky lacks in pass protection can be taught. Icky has the greatest potential to be special ... which is what we want from #6 pick. Put Brown next to Icky on goal line and run left all day.
  10. Yep ... I fear the same. 2 nickels does not equal a dime ... draft a stud LT and stop the bleeding.
  11. Is Hurney the GM for Miami? That's a haul of draft picks. Not sure who is happier .... Bills fans or Hill thinking of the move to South Beach.
  12. Watson ... oh wait, just a reflex from months of speculation.
  13. Yes, Brady can play guard or tackle. However, Brown still needs a legitimate look. He may be the better player for that position. Would be happy if either worked out well.
  14. Perhaps ... but I am not convinced yet. He never really had more time ... we just played inferior teams. Hard to read defenses when you never stop moving ... whether backpeddling or moving out of the pocket that never formed. I'd like to see Sam behind this new line that is being put together.
  15. Still hoping for an LT at #6 who will be on a rookie contract for the next few years. That said ... I would be happy with either Arm or Brown. Put him next to Brown and we are solid across the line. Still think Brown is our LG. If it weren't for Rhule wanting his OL to be track stars and capable of playing several positions, he would have been the starter already. We need an IOL that is the best at playing IOL. Save the flexibility for backups.
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