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  1. Honestly ... was thinking Bunt would square up with Chuk ... but glad Svech showed there is more than one that can take care of business. I go back to when Svech got into it with Ovechkin. The kid has an edge that is good for this team.
  2. I get the impression our GM / owner doesn't see big holes and is OK with incremental improvements VS taking risk to fill a need for a run. Not being able to keep puck out of net OR put puck into net are pretty big holes. We sure can pass good around the net though!
  3. Chet still making himself small in goal. Needs to trust his eqpt and cover space. Style works in lower leagues but not nhl. Announcers nailed it tonight ... solid goaltending would change a lot for Canes ... and goals are still hard to come by. We have skill but not a sniper.
  4. Nothing wrong with a $12 bottle of Cab (maybe not $8). I have the big dollar ones but pride myself on finding the cheaper gems, especially for a mid-week bottle.. Otherwise ... brilliant post SCP. Lol
  5. Bunch of Jerks finally got a jerk. Love it.
  6. Another clean look on a shot from top of the circle. Need chaos in front.
  7. Pk needs to come up big. Can't give them another.
  8. Eric Lindros would agree with that. Someone still needs to find the angle with Bennett and catch him not looking ... just saying.
  9. Technically yes but he pushed the pedal when he saw Slavin's head down. Hit was intended to lay him out.
  10. Holy cow. 2 Canes in front of net and we score.
  11. If anybody, which Cane will drop the gloves. Tonight, I say Aho or Noesen if he is back. Aho has an edge.
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