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  1. Great player but maybe not the best judge of talent when it involves family or Alma mater.
  2. Matt was a liability as a tackle ... But a good dude. Glad his acting career continues on.
  3. 89 could get into a CBs head like few others. Loved watching DBs come unraveled. Would love to have him and Norman back in their prime ... For their play and attitude.
  4. Great pics as usual Jeremy ... thanks for sharing. Kudos to you and everything that you have done with the huddle. Wasn't too long ago that you were taking pictures from the stands. Now, you are on the sidelines of the SuperBowl. Pretty cool. Lots of great pics but my favorite was Ealy. I went from 'Whooo! He picked it off!' ... to 'just fall down, please don't fumble' in about half-a-second. The INT was great but his run back seemed like slow motion as he kept running with the ball away from his body.
  5. Great job as usual Jeremy. Thanks for sharing. The pic of JR and Cam speaks volumes about this organization. I truly believe JR has a paternal bond with his players in that he genuinely cares, unlike other owners. It's deeper than just 'having played the game' before. I saw it with Smitty and now others.
  6. Great work as usual ... both here and Along the Sidelines. Thanks. Please tell me you are spending Thanksgiving in Dallas. Looking forward to Victory Monday and exclusives of Hardy's meltdown when his old team gives them a beat-down.
  7. I knew it! One of the kids said "Look! Even the camera guy wants the Panthers to win." Thought it was funny and hit rewind to watch again. Great job Jeremy!
  8. How can you not like this move? Giving up practically nothing, paying him practically nothing (Bears covered most of that) and bringing him back to his natural position where he was very productive. With CJ out, we have very little at DE. With all his bonehead penalties, Ealy seems closer to being in the doghouse and riding the bench. If Allen returns to being half the DE he was before becoming an OLB for the Bears, we just upgraded an area that was a glaring weakness. Personally, can't wait to see him in a Panthers uniform.
  9. Didn't say that he didn't do it ... just said that he should. However, I agree with your point. Need to deliver when it is time. For his sake ... it's good that game 1 is not at BOA. A couple more drops and the boo-birds might storm the field.
  10. Seriously ... glad others feel this way too. After first game ... talked about it being a quick fix and just needs to get back to doing what he used to do. Second game ... same thing, almost as if his ego was shrugging it off. If it's that easy, then fix it and start consistently catching the ball. Until then ... get off twitter and wake up every day being thankful that you are even on an NFL roster.
  11. Hope he gets a long, hard look during preseason. Looking forward to the Bills game. DG didn't have many options during FA or the draft to address the position. Hopefully, we got a steal with Williams and he can step in as an upgrade ...OR ... we get lucky with a vet that doesn't make a final roster.
  12. 'The Panthers offense struggled again overall today. Cam Newton was either sacked or forced to scramble on a good number of snaps. This is starting to be a concern and brings back memories of last season. The offense needs better play selection with quicker developing routes along with better protection if it hopes to improve this season. ' Wow ... sounds familiar. A porous OL and Shula's offense. SSDD. Please let there be hope.
  13. Jeremy ... how do you keep track of which huddler made purchases and how much? I use Amazon and will use your link ... but how do you know it is for me vs. anyone else that uses the link.?.
  14. Seriously ... not a cowherd fan but thought he gave Harbaugh props and tried to carry him through the interview. Now my question is ... did Harbaugh not take his meds this morning or is he always that way.?. Thought he might be getting too much negative PR from leaving the 49ers, now I think he is not getting enough.
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