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  1. Can't be too hard on Sam. After all, he will make a great back up to Penix next year.
  2. He has had a couple of torn ACL's but has come back from them nicely. I think Thomas Davis had 3 in his young career and never looked back so it's possible he can stay healthy from here on out. I stayed up late to watch the game last night (this morning) to watch him and Cam Ward play. Penix has great touch on the ball and reminds me a little of Warren Moon.
  3. Michael Penix Jr. threw for 485 yards and had five total touchdowns in a 51-33 win over WSU
  4. Rams should have kept Goff. Given better coaching, he's turned out pretty decent.
  5. Even though I like Corral, I would be disappointed if they don't take a QB early. But I doubt it's a top 2 pick.
  6. I doubt we pick in the top 2. If we do, I'd take the best QB available. But my favorite college QB to watch is Cam Ward of Washington state. Before that his junior college was Incarnate Word, where for 2 years, he was coached by Patrick Mahomes former offensive coordinator at Texas Tech. He is extremely talented just raw. He would need to sit for a year, IMO. Being on the West Coast, he is not very well known to fans in NC but is rising up draft boards and could go late 1st.
  7. I think Cam Ward is Justin Fields, just WSU has less talent around him
  8. Just tuned in to the Kentucky game, the play calling for Kentucky is a$$
  9. Games at half, he has 2 TD's, 1 rushing
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