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  1. Love the pick. Can't wait to see how he is used in this system!
  2. Great, unless there is a good long snapper available at 33...
  3. Panthers may have to wait till after the superbowl if it's Lions vs Ravens
  4. Let's see how they do against Wilkes defense next week
  5. Stop using stupid PFF grades when selecting players and actually watch their college games. Some of the best college games this year had no Panther scouts in attendance. Analytics is just a bunch of statisticians who never actually played the game. Nerds don't belong in football.
  6. This is a result of the new NFL interview rules in which they make teams wait until after the divisional round to interview in person candidates currently with teams. It's not the Panthers fault.
  7. Tepper doesn't want a GM, he wants a puppet
  8. Likely never even played any team sport. He was probably the kid that always got picked last at kickball and just rode his bike home crying to his moms basement.
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