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  1. Yeah Johnson isn't coming here, lol
  2. Meh. Personally I think Slowik of Houston or Brian Johnson of Phily have offenses more geared to Bryce's strengths.
  3. I think there is more to see here than you may think. He never mentions Scott Fitterer by name at all and Fitt wasn't even present. Anyone else find it odd that the GM wasn't at his bosses press conference. Can we assume he may be fired at seasons end? I hope so. I would love to see us get Slowik as HC paired with Adam Peters as GM.
  4. Maybe the Panthers most exciting television event all year
  5. Playing devils advocate... how can you evaluate a head coach or OC given this team's lack of talent across the board but especially oline and wr. That being said... fire everyone after the season.
  6. I guess Tepper is better at something than anyone else: LOSING
  7. Zavala shouldn't be in the NFL, or CFL, or XFL. Dude is REALLY bad!
  8. Analytics will do that to your teams talent level. It took the Browns nearly a decade to figure that out and for Haslem to get over his ego and get rid of that dept
  9. They can fire who they want...won't change the fact that this team lacks talent
  10. This game isn't even going to be close, like entering a donkey(Tepper) in the Kentucky Derby. Bet the Cowboys at -11 and at least make some money off of it.
  11. The issue is about talent, the offense lacks it. Doesn't matter who calls the plays, you can't squeeze blood from a turnip.
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