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  1. This news sucks. I was indifferent about our seeming lack of direction on this search. But it certainly feels like the worst feels are firmed up.
  2. Wilks HC. New OC & Al stays on at DC - Wilks ace up the sleeve is Luke agrees to LB coach. Other decent defensive position coaches brought in. Restructure Shaq, DJ & others for cap space. Burns, Boze & Foreman get new deals in FA. Sam gets a team/player friendly 1-2 year deal. Free agents at LB, DE, DT, CB, TE & IOL Draft best player available round 1 - eye moving back into 1st with 2 & 3 (future pick if needed) grab a qb that falls. Best players the rest of the way. Chinn back to 1st year hybrid safety backer.
  3. maybe not this year. dysfunction probably good for the ratings. ha.
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