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  2. Not quite. Takeaways!
  3. Not surprised at all. He always leads by example
  4. Jaguars run a fake punt up 37-0 for a 58 yard gain. Rivera needs to take notes. Step on the throat of your opponent and don't let up.
  5. i don't have to defend my position, they made sure of that when they wrote my position down in the constitution. if you disagree with it, you're welcome to get out. bye bitch!
  6. thanks, forgot about that...
  7. My OFFICIAL prediction for today's game: Panthers 27 - Saints 13 KB TD, Stew TD, CMC TD Ted Ginn TD just for fun... I really want to see Panthers offense put up high numbers, but I just don't see it... Hope I'm wrong. Edit: A pick 6 could push us over 30 though. Let's predict a Worley Pick 6. Panthers 34 - Saints 13. The score I'd really LIKE to see: Panthers 42 - Saints 3
  8. Hope our defense doesnt have a letdown today ... hopefully everyone on Panthers arent underestimating the saints b/c they did terrible their first two games
  9. Now, I totally agree with this move...does not make players have to choose sides and the customers do not have to see that silly circus...
  10. then maybe your little ineffectual piece of turd president should keep his mouth shut and stay in his lane
  11. Gameday Menu

    Evidently the Jags had the Ravens on the menu today. Good lord, the Ravens absolutely did not show up today.
  12. you sound like you are the "bitch"...true lib...name call when you can not really defend your position...
  13. Mike Tomlin has been a real one. I've always admired the Steeler organization, and that admiration went up after today
  14. LoL Freedom fries? French boycott? Hamilton? Starbucks? Star wars? Wonder woman? fug your feelings, snowflake
  15. White people get in here

    I honestly can't tell if this is a schtick or you are that overtly racist.
  16. hell yeah. major respect to their coach for that.
  17. well if its any relief, Fournettes been getting absolutely stuffed most of the game.
  18. The organization we "model" ourselves after...
  19. Trump calls black NFL players son of a bitch

    sadly, he didn't start this sorry situation...the owners should have nipped that in bud as PRIVATE company and not allow half the customer base to be alienated...
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