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  2. He led the league in sacks in a down year in the league last year yes, but most of those sacks came in like 2 games against terrible tackles. And the biggest thing is he plays zero run defense, and over-pursues half the time. And yes he had a lot of sacks but essentially zero pressure outside of those sacks. He gets sacks and then disappears on every other play that he's not getting a sack. He makes the most out of his sacks with a fair amount of strips but players who help you for 15-16 plays out of the year and disappear the rest are not even close to elite. The Panthers shut him the f*ck down last year and Wilson the other night made him look like a fool all night. Beasley just isn't very good.
  3. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    and now the internet as you know it is going bye bye because you wanted to be cute. learn from this that sometimes you have to be a grown up, even when you don't want to.
  4. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Need quick fantasy help Which 2 RBs should I start McCoy vs KC Hunt vs Buffalo Gordon vs Dallas
  5. I would argue that CMC, while not a future HOFer, was probably the safest pick at #8. You know he's athletic, hardworking, and has great hands. I don't think anyone with a brain expected him to produce like he did in college. He is a solid player who will force defenses to consider him in game planning. He causes matchup problems, which is a big part of NFL offenses these days. The most important thing to remember is that hindsight is 50/50 and no one lets the cat out of the hat before the Titanic sails.
  6. The Benching of Monk if very frustrating

    Monk doesn't really do anything else but scoring so if his shot is off and he's taking bad shots all your left with is bad defense... Bacon is playing still because of defense... they play for a defensive minded coach so playing defense is a must..
  7. Justice League

    We've had enough Batman films. The problem with Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman is that they couldn't carry a solo film without Justice League first, I think.
  8. Damn...lost another dog

    Great looking dog. Sorry to hear. Nice of you to give her that gift 8 yrs ago.
  9. Explanation on Cam's thumb injury from Dr. David Chao. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/profootballdoc/sd-sp-pfd-cam-netwon-thumb-1122-story,amp.html
  10. Camera advice

    Pawn shop homie
  11. Today
  12. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Ah, so you’re just calling people idiots just because. Let your feelings shine through
  13. Justice League

    Saw it yesterday and liked it. It's not perfect, but it's nowhere near as bad as the critics and some reviews are making it out to be.
  14. Indeed, that game was so much fun. I don't really mind Panthers not playing on Thanksgiving... Usually too much going on for me on Thanksgiving to do more than glance at any game occasionally. But that 2015 Thanksgiving game was worth waiting 20 seasons for! Great memories!
  15. It's all about what staff/scheme he is in. Andy Reid and Sean Payton would have made him look better early. The good news is we are 7-3 and Shula might be actually figuring out how to use him. That combined with Cam Newton's late November/December playing in the past should make for a great finish!!
  16. One of my fav Panthers memories is when Luke intercepted 2 passes vs the cowgirls and we stomped them on Thanksgiving Day one of my favorite all time Panther wins
  17. The Last Jedi

    lol @ people saying the phantom menace is better than anything
  18. Section 213... heading out to MetLife by myself. Will share a beer with any and all Panthers fans.
  19. There ability is limited by Shula and the WRs around them. If Hurney wants to redeem himself get us a really good WR in FA. Then this duo will be exciting.
  20. Yeah, there are over 210 players drafted each year, and only 1500 total roster spots available in the NFL, with undrafted guys making squads all the time. It's a numbers game and eventually the lifestyles of these young kids will get in the way of their success. The other thing to consider when looking back at any 10 year time frame is the benefit of time itself. In 7 more years, we might be calling Tannehill, Beasley, etc all busts too because maybe they run into injury/drug/concussion problems and are out of the league too. Then when we look back at them we say, dang those guys were busts weren't they? What a waste of a pick at number 8. Out of the league in less than 10 years? Couldn't even be a franchise changing player for 10 years? The better question would be how many total players picked in the top 10 over the past 10 years are considered franchise guys who change the game and have been stable pieces to their team for 10 straight years? I would bet that percentage is pretty low.
  21. positional value really screws up the ranking list. it would be more fair to compare CMC to the 2nd RB taken in every draft the past ten years or so than to make a list like this. 2016 - Derrick Henry 2015 - Melvin Gordon 2014 - Jeremy Hill 2013 - Le'Veon Bell 2012 - Doug Martin 2011 - Ryan Williams 2010 - Ryan Matthews 2009 - Donald Brown 2008 - Jonathan Stewart 2007 - Marshawn Lynch
  22. I think what this indicates more than anything, is the total crap shoot nature of the draft. You can look at pretty much any top 10 slot over the last 10 years and be pretty underwhelmed at the performance of those who were picked. And, of course, the same applies even more so to those picked anywhere outside the top 10.
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