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  2. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Hurney has a terrible record drafting receivers. Hopefully for the (hopefully) short amount of time he will be here he will lean on people like Turner, Taylor, and Cotchery (and obviously the scouts) for such direction here.
  3. He didn't want 16 here .. He would have taken less to stay home... this is already a know fact.. Even if it wasn't you had him on the tag for 12mil.. He had to play for 12mil that year... So instead of us getting ass raped all 2016 by passing games we would have had Bradbarry and Worly learning and playing with Norman .. How is that not better than getting washed every week for 300+ yards passing??
  4. Bradberry, Norman, cap, elder, Worley Coleman and trade up for derwin James. Yes please.
  5. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Are you being intentionally dense or what? I assumed you meant exactly what you typed. You asked for a player drafted after Hardy who was better. I provided one. You didn't expect that to happen. Now you're trying to move the goal posts... again.
  6. I told my wife when we won the nfc championship game that it was almost a little depressing because I could probably go to a thousand more games at that stadium and no other game will ever top that one. Such an awesome experience.
  7. It would've been better to let Norman play out the season under the tag instead of being forced to throw a bunch of rookies out there and hope for the best (the best turned out to not be very good).
  8. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Get off that fug poo dude.. You knew what I meant.. For this to be a valid argument you need better % of success than picking 1 player out of 66 that was better than your actual pick.. Reality Check Hardy in the 6th round produced more than what 75 80% of that draft ... How the fug is that a bad pick..
  9. honestly dont think we know 100% of the Norman situation. it may have been DG swinging his dick around, maybe Norman's agent went rogue and DG called his bluff, maybe Norman made it apparent he would be a detriment to team chemistry after a painful SB loss and a crucial follow-up period in our championship window... but i agree, i actually suggested that we tag him in back-to-back years and then let him walk
  10. Only right because it was his downfall...
  11. it would have been better paying JNo 16 mill/year for his performance the past couple years? especially since we wouldnt have been able to extend other key pieces on offense and defense? our secondary has been below average because of scheme, lack of consistent pressure from the DL since CJ has declined at DE, and starting 2 young CBs in the secondary. hopefully Bradberry and Worley after being thrown directly into the fire will continue to develop into solid CBs and we can keep our financial flexibility to surround Cam with weapons and shore up other positions-- but with Hurney back thats unlikely
  12. No way I’d take on that contract but if he is released we dang well better be in the mix for him. Bradberry is completely overrated here and Worley isn’t good enough yet for us to get over the hump. Bringing Norman back gives us a proven answer for Julio, Evans, and Thomas.
  13. I think most of us expected him to underperform in Washington, but that doesn't mean we didn't botch that situation. We should've had Norman play out 2016 under the tag. Norman and rookie Bradberry would've been a damn fine pair of CBs.
  14. How did that help us again?? Because our Secondary has been trash since he's been gone..
  15. I called this poo the day after they signed him. Although I thought it would be to have room to keep cousins.
  16. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Jesus Christ man, you're being dense as hell tonight. YOU ASKED FOR ONE PLAYER. It's very easy to say that arguably the best WR in football would've been a better pick than a guy who's been out of the league for two years now. You just didn't realize that Brown was in that same draft and you feel dumb for confidently asking someone to name a better player drafted after Hardy when there actually was an obviously better player drafted after Hardy that year.
  17. Hurney and drafting receivers

    The GM cause that not the player try again..
  18. fuging called it, like many others on this forum. he got overpaid for having his best season as part of a great defense in his contract year. i dont begrudge him getting his money but letting him leave was the right move long-term. wouldn't mind bringing him back for 8-10 mill/year as he is still a top 10 CB in the right system.
  19. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Anyone that didn’t cause 13.6 million to vanish from our salary cap. Especially when cap room can roll over. Had he played that year, then he earns it and it wasn’t wasted
  20. Hurney and drafting receivers

    That's one player.. For this to be such a easy move you need to add 20 to 30 more players to that list..
  21. We as a society are at a point where it's OK to kick and keep kicking a person when they are down. We relish in it and can't get enough. We have forgotten what it means to be decent, and care for our fellow man/woman. There have always been ass holes who take stuff too far, but in fewer numbers so it wasn't so overwhelming. All these people needed someone to reach down and help them up. It doesn't matter how big you are, if you keep getting put down over and over again it can and in most cases make you feel helpless, hopeless. Those feeling can lead to serious depression which fuels the helpless and hopeless feeling. One person probably could have made a huge difference in his life simply by reaching down to help him up before it got that bad.
  22. Hurney and drafting receivers

    1. He wasn't suspended indefinitely and breaking team rules could be smoking weed, missing practice, cheating on a test, cutting class.. None of this says he was a future violent offender... 2. Yes he was a prototype but he was also Injuried alot.. 3. A lot of players get past over for different reason.. That don't mean poo.. Team could have passed over him due to injury history as well as missing practise .. Which could mean he doesn't love football..But none of that say women beating gun nut.. 4. Do you really want to go thru the history of players who were passed up for all sorts of reason.. Again he was injured A lot. 5. You can't blame a GM for using a late pick on talent with some question marks.. He got 5 years of little to no problem out of the guy.. Hurney nor Gman can be blame for him losing his mind after 5 years of good behaviour .. Prison inmates get released in less time with good behaviour...
  23. Newborn/infant panther gear

    A game worn McCaffery jersey may work.
  24. I still regret missing that one.
  25. Newborn/infant panther gear

    Target has decent onesies with their sports team section.
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