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  2. While we are at it.. Mike Mitchell?

    I wouldn't mind having them both.
  3. There was also a report that the video they were watching was 20 mins behind. Not sure what all is true or not, but when not dealing in real time on something that took like 3 mins, I figure they are gonna find all kinds of failures
  4. I have a decent source that tells me he wants to come back to Carolina.
  5. Today
  6. Being on the field for the NFC championship January 2016. Best football experience of my life. Superbowl would have been better.... But....
  7. Monsoon game vs the Jacksonville...2011.
  8. I would be happy to see Norman back in Carolina, but I can't recall him ever acting selfless and mature while he was here and that is what it would take for him to sign a reasonable contract to come home. Then again, with Hurney as GM, it would not surprise me if the Panthers budget was busted to create yet another feel good moment at the expense of this team's future.
  9. Ron Rivera trying a new sport

    We win the Gold Medal. Which one of those words are you having trouble with, son? "Olimpicks azre stoopid and stuff, I need to no the Twitter and Face book stuff" For the quotes, Mmmmkay?
  10. Cho OUT......NOW

    Yay... One down one to go.. Cliff come to my office please..
  11. That would be a nice edition.. He has a NBA body now...
  12. He was a man corner switching to some.....and ageing
  13. Hornets vs Wiz

    Maybe things are coming together a little bit... I still wish Batum would stop being so passive and lazy..
  14. I feel like Asomugha was considered one for the Raiders. Idk wtf happened when he got traded.
  15. Hmmmm, very interesting overall. I'd say for the right price by all means bring him back if he gets cut. I was fine with letting him go to the Redskins considering how much money he wanted (though I'd rather it have been after the tag ran out) but I'd be glad to have him back if he is willing to take a lower price contract to come home. Now if he doesn't get cut, I say no thanks since I don't know about taking on the remaining contract that the Skin's got robbed on.
  16. Another vote for the NFC Championship. Just the entire day, tailgating with snow on the ground, night game, all the media and coverage surrounding BOA, confetti after the game with Terry Bradshaw on the field presenting the trophy to the team. One of the highlights of my life as a sports fan in general. 2003 playoff game against Dallas is up there as well.
  17. Ron Rivera trying a new sport

  18. AJ Klein wasn't re-signed because he is our third or fourth based linebacker in a league where you are in nickel most of the time. Allen Hurns and Robinson have only two 1000 yard seasons in between them. If Lee was capable of getting 1000 yards every year, he would be the one they would keep.
  19. You know sure well that he isn't being re-signed for non-football reasons.
  20. Political Compass Quiz

    i don't know what right wing bullshit i clicked that sent me a notch to the economic right
  21. Might as well if we are not going to protect him.
  22. Jaguars cut Chris Ivory

    But does he play left tackle?
  23. Forget the game This is curling hotness level. Look at those elbows gents.
  24. Hornets beat Nets

    We didn't have a thread for this game but the Hornets won in spite of some pretty bad officiating. The refs waved off three three-pointers that we made in the first half, and it took a big run to end up winning 111-96. Kemba had 31 and Dwight had 15 and 24 (!!), one rebound shy of the team record. After the win tonight against the Wizards, we are four games out of the 8 seed.
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