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  2. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    God that would be dumb but so the Vikings. Defense has totally failed this game.
  3. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    God I wish we had a crappy division like the North. The South is basically bringing 3 playoff teams this year.
  4. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    If the Vikes blow this I’m thinking they roll with Teddy B next week
  5. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    I know it’s been like 20 minutes and you’re older than water but you quoted me first and I’m just trying to help you out here If you were loyal you would have never become a Panthers fan and just stayed with Detroit
  6. To you and @Hoenheim If you have problems not taking DJax, take it up with ownership There's absolutely no way DJax would've been signed by us. Absolutely None. Steve has a better chance of resigning with us. We're also 7-3 while the Bucs are 4-6 so I don't. Really understand why we're looking at their roster with Envy.
  7. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Um? Ok. Why do you keep quoting me?
  8. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    That blitz was untouched ... Keenum made him look like a fool
  9. Justice League

    Other than Batman, none of the Justice League members have been great solo sells, I don't think. I know Aquaman took off when they started making him act like Lobo.
  10. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Keenum the GOAT
  11. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    You missed his point...
  12. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    4 point game. 12 men on the field, and still couldn't stop it. lol
  13. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Terrible terrible defense by the Vikings there. Great catch and run by Jones but even while interfering with him the two DBs draped all over him couldn't bat it away AND couldn't even tackle him.
  14. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    damn hope stafford is ok. surprised he walked off under his own power
  15. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Another one? I was a Lions fan 30+ years before the Panthers were a glimmer in your daddies eyes. I have met Mr. Richardson a few times, and I live within 60 miles of Charlotte. So when the Panthers came into existence. I was thrilled to adopt them. I have been a Panther fan since the day we got the franchise. And I could give two whitts that you, and some others, feel I should have abandoned my Lions. Like I said. Loyalty means something to a lot of people.
  16. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    That was a heck of a catch and throw.
  17. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Griffen and Hunter are one hell of a DE combo
  18. Ding. Ding. Ding. . Don't get me wrong, im rooting for the kid, but RBs in the 1st continue to be a no go for me. That' McCaffery, Zeke, or Fournette. But I admit I'm a tad extreme.
  19. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    He is the first ever person I had to put on ignore just because I was tired of seeing notifications pop up
  20. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Cam got flagged for taunting after he took another one of those head to head hits that weren't flagged
  21. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    I think you’re the one who gets rattled here the most
  22. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Yep. And @TheCableGuy needs the poop button disabled. He is too young for it
  23. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    I couldn't make it all the way through them.
  24. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Taunting on the QB after getting sacked? Don't think I have seen that one before.
  25. When your aunt is a failcon fan

    Football... Family... Great times
  26. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    I've lived in Colorado for over a decade now. Fug the Broncos. Loyalty is staying loyal, period. It isn't keeping a little sentimentality toward your old hometown team while claiming to be a fan of your new hometown. Fug that noise. If you were actually loyal, you wouldn't be claiming to be a Panthers fan.
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