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  2. There's no way he can be worse than the dude they had last week that gave up 5 of Clayborn's six sacks.
  3. She was going to wait until he made it to a Superbowl, but realized it would never happen
  4. Something Is Up With Dwight...

    yeah that timeout when dwight brought the ball up again was telling. hopefully dwight responds to clifford going at him like that but im not counting on it
  5. Big Ben

    he said willy nilly, not dilly dilly
  6. Saints game Dec 3

    Its actually 4:25, but I pied u anyways
  7. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    Milo is lookin rough these days
  8. I mentioned earlier in the season that I noticed Dwight kept ignoring Kemba when he grabbed a board instead of starting the break. Often times he would dribble it up court while Kemba called for the outlet. I sensed that there was some kind of alpha-beef Dwight was trying to initiate. Then, more recently, I've just felt Dwight has checked out mentally. Some games, it just seemed like he would get frustrated early and instead of fighting through it, he chose the easy way out and would try to foul out... he was racking up 3 AVOIDABLE fouls in a qtr, but it looked like he was purposely seeking them out and then would almodt gloat once they were called... like he was playing the heel in a wrestling match. Now, tonight against the Bulls, I had the game on but wasnt paying super close attention... until about the 2:30 mark in the 2nd qtr. We had a lead and then lost it right before that mark. Dwight grabbed a board, then Kemba turned and called for the ball, but instead, Dwight ignored him like he wasnt there and dribbled it up past halfcourt, when suddenly Clifford abruptly calls for a timeout. Almost like he was doing it to spite Dwight. They showed the bench and Clifford pulled his chair up and all the guys on the floor were sitting on the bench, as they were ready to hear Clifford strategy for the remainder of the qtr. When suddenly, demonstratively, Dwight gets up and walks off. MKG, Kemba, and Clifford all looked at him surprised. MKG comtinued to look in Dwight's direction throughout the rest of the timeout, almost like he was gesturing him to come back. Clifford finished going over things with the players, then when the timeout is over, Dwight is left sitting on the bench and hasn't ut his warmups on, which suggests it wasnt planned. Then they went to Stephanie Ready for an unrelated sideline report, and in the background, you could see Clifford and Dwight arguing... Clifford went to walk off several times, and then when Dwight said something else, Clifford walked back again and went back at him. Kemba has also seemed pissed lately in interviews... reminds me a lot of his demeanor when Lance was pissing him off. Just something to keep an eye on...
  9. The threat of the Saints run game

  10. The threat of the Saints run game

    If we can manage to ring Kamara and Ingrams bells then we could maintain control as long prevent giving Brees a chance get the ball off and hit his other targets.
  11. RIP Robert D Raiford

  12. Hornets vs Bulls

    Since nobody else is watching.. A few observations.. 1. Stop having Malik bring up the ball.. I don't care what dumbass Cliford thinks he is not and will never have the handles to be that.. He should always be on the floor with Lamb or Nic.. bringing up the ball.. 2. Frank the Tank sucks what a fuging horrible draft pick.. MARKADEN IS ALREADY BETTER THAN HIM... 3. Clifford still sucks as a coach.. 4. Looking at both teams roster this shouldn't be as close as it is..
  13. The threat of the Saints run game

    A Seaturds fan was trying to argue with me about how terrible the whole NFL South was. I mentioned the Saints to him and all I got was "They haven't played anyone...they suck" in response. After all the wins they have racked up in a row...still..."Your logic is stupid and I am having fun just seeing how little you know about football". While I admit, I do not know as much as some, I do know enough about the Saints putting a hurting on pretty much everyone they play. They are winning without Bree's right now and that is scary.
  14. Wonder if he still sees the poo I fling haha
  15. WOnder if he still gets rep for the pie I️ give him
  16. The threat of the Saints run game

    ...Cam will be running against them next game...trust and baleeed that sht....
  17. Today
  18. The Nazi challenge

    Imagine being someone that has made nine posts in two years but the fact that someone ignored Saha gets you so riled up that your asshole's too tight to play fartbox tongue tag so you just have to make a comment to release the pressure.
  19. He won't respond cuz he's ignoring us :(
  20. Saints game Dec 3

    Now pie me everyone
  21. Saints game Dec 3

    Nah. They forfeited
  22. Saints game Dec 3

    Yeah 4:30
  23. Hurney scouting?

    Vern looks like a 4th rounder and KB is gonna net us a 3rd rounder there’s you 2 that were lousy
  24. Big Ben

    I don’t mind the dilly dilly and don’t see the marketing side...I’ve heard guys say it who would never buy bud light. I’ve said it and wouldn’t touch bud light. It was an enjoyable commercial but doesn’t mean bud light isn’t water piss. The product will always mean more than the appealing advertising millions of examples.
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